Islam in the UK

Enza Ferreri’s latest essay concerns the Islamization of Britain, as observed from where she lives in West London.

Islam in the UK
by Enza Ferreri

This is the view from Londonistan, Absurd Britannia, Eurabia.

Raymond Ibrahim, a scholar of Arab and Islam history born in the USA of Egyptian Coptic parents, often writes about the condition of Christians in Muslim-majority countries, where they are subjugated and oppressed, even when they are a sizeable minority in places like Egypt, Syria and, before the “ethnic cleansing”, Iraq.

This is the complementary view, the one from historically Christian Western Europe, where Muslims are still (although not for long) a small minority, smaller than the Christians in the aforementioned countries. Even in these entirely different situations Muslims, aided by the Left and coward governments, are still acting like masters, thinking that everything is due to them and trying to impose their ideology on everybody else.

I came to live in London from Italy in 1984, and the changes I witnessed since then are earth-shattering.

When I first arrived here, the word “halal” was unknown to everybody except the people involved in animal welfare, who knew that the Islamic method of slaughter was bad news indeed for the animals. Now you only have to take a 30-minute drive around London (any part) and you’ll see dozens of Halal signs in shops and restaurants. In the area where I live in West London, which is by no means a Muslim ghetto because many non-Muslim whites and blacks reside here, in the street you see women whose attire would make the strictest Taliban happy — or at least you think they must be women, since all you can see is a walking robe with no eyes.

The following are some among the myriad examples of Muslim intolerance and lack of integration, stealth jihad and creeping sharia in the United Kingdom.

A few years ago a Muslim policeman refused to wear his uniform due to the presence of a cross on it.

The typical phenomenon of Muslim men grooming young white girls, for years denounced only by right-wing groups who as a result were accused of racism and Islamophobia, turned out to be real and now the mainstream media have started covering it.

There have been instances of Muslim girls rejecting their school uniform and demanding to wear Muslim clothing, sometimes even suing the school using the European Convention on Human Rights and winning the case.

Muslim bus and taxi drivers have not allowed blind people in their vehicles with their “unclean” guide dogs, and Muslim passengers have objected to them.

British legislation, bending over backwards to accommodate Sharia, has permitted conflicts and contradictions with long-established jurisprudence. Polygamy, despite being forbidden by British law, is now de facto part of it due to a change in the inheritance law which lets multiple wives inherit from their husband.

Similarly, a loophole created by the previous Labour government allows Muslims to take a property mortgage without paying interest, which also makes it cheaper for them and has now been exploited by non-Muslims who discovered it, causing a minor uproar.

In the UK the police are afraid of Muslims. There have been cases caught on video of Muslim demonstrators pelting the police with sticks and traffic cones and taunting them with shouts of “kuffar” (Islamic epithet for infidels), as the police retreated in front of their tormentors.

And then there is the classical problem of halal meat, which is being served in British schools, hospitals and other institutions to both followers and non-followers of Islam, and brought to international attention when former President Sarkozy declared his intention to change this situation in France, which is in the same predicament as the UK, but maybe a bit less dhimmi. In addition, the meat of animals slaughtered with the halal method but still discarded for Muslim consumption because considered “haram” (forbidden) in some other way is being sold to unaware non-Muslims. To their credit British ministers, however, following Sarkozy’s example, said last year that they would change the law.

Practically, according to a familiar pattern of progression, Muslim populations in countries where they are a tiny minority or in a weak position act differently from their counterparts in countries where they are stronger or more numerous. Therefore Europe, with its policy of appeasement and its Muslim communities’ exponential growth, can expect in a few decades’ time to see the imposition of Sharia law and other effects of Islamic supremacy, unless something (hopefully, Europeans waking up from their sleep) intervenes to alter the current demographic, social and political trend.

Western Europe’s general readiness in recent years to discard Christianity may reveal itself to be a very dangerous experiment indeed for many different reasons, one of which has been to deprive itself of a solid bulwark against Islam, stronger than atheism, secularism or liberalism both in the American and traditional European sense.

It is no coincidence that the country that has perhaps conceded the most to Muslims and has renounced the most for the sake of Islam, the United Kingdom, possibly the only country in the free world where the media, with the exception of a Welsh student rag and a Welsh-language church newspaper, did not reprint the notorious Mohammed cartoons for fear of offending Muslim sensitivities, is also the country which is proudest of its secularism, the only country I know of where before his visit the Pope was threatened with arrest by various fanatical atheists, homosexual activists and assorted militant hotheads.

Enza Ferreri is an Italian-born Philosophy graduate and writer living in London. She blogs at

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57 thoughts on “Islam in the UK

  1. I’ve had little response to a suggestion that more of us are Islamognostic than Islamophobic. How about declaring one’s self to be Is-gnostic? I know Islam, have read the Koran and a gob of hadith and uncounted histories, and have no questions about the consequences of shining light in dark places. Just one of them is ridicule.

    • I like that: Islamognostic. Could someone answer my original question though – how did this begin? When did Muslims began pouring out of their countries – and why? Who let them in? Did anyone consider the law of unintended consequences? Kipling had it right: East is East and West is West, …………”
      The USA had quotas – only so many Irish allowed in, for example.

      • The EU passed a law I think in 2003 that allows just about anybody in North Africa except Libya to relocate to any EU country. It was slipped thru sort of quietly.

  2. The main drawback of giving up Christianity is that you can no longer use the threat of hell and damnation to keep your enemies in line.

    • Please consider reviewing’s Islam section, where you will find a point-by-point comparison between Jesus’ and Muhammad’s teachings and examples. The advantages of Christianity over many, many worldviews, not just Islam, is easy to see as one considers the whole list.

      I have been a Christian most of my life and have never once heard hell and damnation used to control one’s enemies, or, for that matter, one’s friends. If you have had a different experience, I am sorry for what you’ve been through.

      Christianity, as illustrated by Jesus’ example with respect to Judas, is not about controlling others. It is about trying of my own free choice to let Jesus through the Holy Spirit live in– not control– me.

      “I am the vine; you are the branches.” “Without me you can do nothing.” (both quotes from Jesus as per John’s gospel)

      “It is no longer I who live, but Christ lives in me.” “If anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation. Old things have passed away; behold, the new has come.” “If you live according to the flesh you will die, but if by the Spirit you put to death the deeds of the body, you will live.” (all quotes from the “Apostle Paul) I’m not much good at remembering references. I know the last one is from Romans 8, somewhere around verse 12 or so.

      It appears to me that these quotes illustrate the vertebral column around which the Christian life is fleshed out.

      The main problem I see regarding Christianity in Europe was its dilution and perversion into a servant of the social and economic order. Constantine may have been the worst thing ever to happen to Christianity, at least in Europe.

  3. “There have been instances of Muslim girls rejecting their school uniform and demanding to wear Muslim clothing”

    The high school near me in North London (area around 12% muslim) has at least 50% of the girls covered with Islamic dress of some type. And half of that amount are wearing niqabs, while non-Muslims wear the uniform. It’s disturbing. The hijab is bad enough, but teenage school students wearing niqabs with gloves? I await the first one wearing a full burka. It’s only a short step from the niqab. It will happen, and sooner rather than later.

    • i am unable to understand why niqab and hijab is disturbing for you ppl while you are very comfortable with tights and mini skirts. You double standards are pretty obvious when you defend being half naked in the name of freedom but forget the freedom of others when it comes to the condemnation of hijab and totally neglect the choice of others.

      • The freedom of others does include the right to leave if they do not feel comfortable in a Western society. Unfortunately I am not free to be free of niqabs, hijabs, etc.

        When in Rome do as the Romans do.

        • well yes it does include the right to leave and if other do not feel comfortable with hijab or naqab they can leave..who is enforcing them not to?

          • Let me get this right – you come into our societies and if we do not like you then we can leave? You are priceless (and deluded).

          • There are sharia patrols in London where Muslims are telling Brits: Get out! This is a Muslim area!

            Absolutely disgusting!

      • We don’t threaten anyone who refuses to wear mini-skirts, etc. THAT is the difference. Those middle-eastern costumes spell ISLAM and ISLAM spells threat to anyone who does not subscribe to totalitarianism.

        • you dont threaten?
          may be its what you think but its not true.
          And by the way Islam does not threaten anyone at all its the way how you want to see Islam but in reality there is no such thing. Do not judge Islam with the eyes of your biased media. If you really want to know about it, read Quran at least and read in with full context.

          • Islam does not threaten? What world are you living in? Perhaps you would like to ask Mr. Rushdie or the ‘cartoonists’. Ask gay people if they see Islam as non threatening. Islam is not compatible with western societies. Never will be while you have you head in the Quran oblivious to all others.

      • When you come to someone else’s country, you should have the decency to try at least to co-operate or fit in with your generous hosts. Somehow Moslems don’t seem to feel any sense of decency at all. You can do what you want in my country, but you cross a line when you predate our very young girls, and treat them like food at a party. Don’t be fooled by the sluggish response of native Britons to your retarded thuggery, just keep pushing us and eventually you will get a reaction. You might not like what happens when the whole country turns against you. But we will enjoy it.

        • generous hosts??
          you really think so??
          well i think i generour host should not interfere with the personal matters of others. what we wear, what we eat, how we live should not concern you?
          if i feel comfortable wearing hijab what problem does it creates for you. Just because you hate Islam you find illogical reasons to satisfy your insecure mind. In fact you are insecure because you are seeing many amongst you are now accepting the better standards of living that Islam provides.

          • Yes, generous hosts indeed.

            If only Islam was a private religious matter, no one would care very much at all.

            Unfortunately both for its adherents and the rest of the world, it is not.

            It is a full-blown political system which regulates all forms of human life.

            And everyone on this website knows it, I can assure you.

            Who do you think you are talking to? People who haven’t taken the time to study the foundational texts of your so-called religion?

            And we sure can see the standard of living which Islam provides in Islamic countries. If you genuinely believe that is the best humanity can do, then there is something very wrong with your thinking my friend.

          • Ordinary “uneducated kufar” everywhere are becoming increasingly aware that “islamist” and “muslim” are one and the same. Also by simple observation over time it is easy to see through your lies and mind games. You have lost all credibility with peace loving God fearing people.

          • Mohammed, how can your view of reality be so warped to tell you that Moslem countries are some sort of paradise? The fact that you reside outside Islamdom is proof that you know that you are infinitely better off here, why pretend otherwise? Very few Moslem males can see that Islam is a death cult because men are raised above the rest and live in privelege. It only concerns me what you eat,
            wear or do to others IN MY COUNTRY. What you do in any part of the World that Islam has already ruined, is of no interst to me.

      • Muslim, your arrogance offends me and my Western sensibilities,for that that very reason your very presence here in western lands is an abomination. Make no mistake, you will push us too far, and the consequences for your smug arrogance and supremacy towards us westerners will [redacted].

  4. “Europeans waking up from their sleep”

    You have to be kidding. Where is the evidence that this is even possible? I fully expect that Britain will either be in civil war in about 15 – 20 years or be a fully islamic country in 20 -25 years. Countries like Sweden and Denmark and possibly the Netherlands even sooner. Not sure about Germany but France will surrender if it hasn’t already.

    In short, Europe is gone-ski. No saving it now.

    • Europeans are waking up… that is why they are leaving Europe:

      A clear proof that Europeans have lost (given up?) their identity and have no intention to fight back. Perhaps the best step would be to give up any hope that all this mess can be reversed, and conveniently prepare for the upcoming chaos.

      Let us look at all this with realism in order to be able to take the right steps.

    • A civil war can’t really happen unless the economy goes down the pan
      bigtime, at least as bad as 1929 and for a long time. That is the only scenario that could lead to the British male dragging his fat backside off the couch and away from the zhombifying TV. Even then lots of organisation would be needed. The state will then be our exclusive
      enemy, you will have thinking British patriots facing non-thinking
      or non-caring government mercenaries. Of course we cannot fight
      treason with words or sticks alone.

    • The evidence you seek is beneath the surface, what will kick off the Balkans on steroids will be an incident. Europe right now is a powder keg, sitting on a stack of TNT, floating in a sea of jet fuel, once someone of either side throws the match, the rest as they say will be history, and it is a matter of a very short period of time, not years.

    • France will never surrender! And at the time of this forthcoming war against muslims, we will come and save you, as you did for us against the nazis. Just fair and because we are now forever friends and allied.

  5. London has lost its legitimacy to be the political capital of the United Kingdom, in any other history book (other than the multikulti project book) London would have been written-off as lost to predatory cultural influences and demographic conquest.

  6. [pejorative redacted] The UK is not a secular country and cannot be one until the C ofE is disestablished. France is far more proud of it’s secularism. You obviously don’t really understand what secularism is about.

  7. It appears that Protestant countries are more vulnerable to Islam than Catholic and Orthodox countries. Catholics and Orthodox Christians in Eurasia also have more experience with Islam. Muslims never conquered Britain or Sweden, thus those countries are more arrogant and careless towards Islam. Islam spreads very well in an Anglo-Saxon cultural environment.

  8. Do not confound secularism with anti-Catholicism.
    The English have hated the Catholics for 600+ years because they considered their own religious interests first and above those of Rome.
    During the Wars of Religion, Rome was seen as an imperialistic power in Europe and the Americas, even though the Pope has never had an army, all of these “Roman” conquests were carried out by secular authorities. The Holy League may have called itself holy, but it was secular in composition and in structure.
    The Holy Roman Empire was not the Pope’s empire.
    The English have always treated Rome as hostile.
    Now they are confronted with a genuinely hostile religion, one that is not hierarchical or coherent in its communications, an enemy with a thousand heads– and that is the Ummah.
    How is it they squandered all their time and historical energies seeing the Catholic church as a threat and refused to brace themselves for the genuine threat Islam posed?
    Stupid people know that the Pope wants to “rule” England and that he moves his oppressing hand through “Popery.”
    The more enlightened know that Islam was, is, and always an existential threat to the West.
    The stupid vilify Don John of Austria.
    The enlightened understand that he was the hero of Lepanto, and Catholic to boot.

  9. Jolie Rouge, there is much truth in what you say. If there is to be the much longed for and much awaited confrontation with muslims in England, together with their communist running dogs, I hope I am still fit enough to play a part. My fantasy is to see all muslims driven from my country and I care not where they find a new home.

    • The UK will at some point turn into Northern Ireland, but worse. Think non-Muslim terrorist groups bombing mosques, and doorstep shooting Muslims. Think Muslim terrorists doing worse, as they’re willing to commit suicide. And so it will go on. Both sides will make the IRA/UVF/UDA look amateurish. They’ll have to put the army on the streets, just like Ulster.

      I’ll be pleasantly surprised if this doesn’t happen.

      • It really is that obvious isn’t it? So why can’t the politicians see it? It’s got to be that they are suffering the effects of the mind virus – they are devoid of common sense..

        • The politicians CAN see it but so many of them are bought that we are stuck in the quicksand. Cameron is

    • I look around our cities and see what these Islamists and their foot soldiers are doing and I am baffled as to why we let a situation like this continue to develop. These fellows are telling us what their intentions are as they continue to build barracks to organize and indoctrinate the greatest fifth column ever.

    • It’s gone past the stage of wanting Moslems to leave, I now DON’T
      want them to leave, I want to sort them out on the island, as a lesson to Moslems worldwide.

  10. Hello,

    I used to be known as Britney British of God Help Britain blog. Maybe you remember it. I used to live in a muslim ghetto in Leicester.

    I’ve spent many years trying to wake people up to Islam, as you have done, but knew deep down I was wasting my time. You cannot beat Islam with might.

    What you can beat Islam on though is what we are better at than they are…..humour. What better way to humiliate them and make then cringe with regret is to let them know they worship a volcano god?

    Yes, the Abrahamic religions were all based on the very common human error of seeing the divine in volcanoes. The ancient Hebrews worshipped Yahweh, the imaginery volcano god inside Mount Sinai in Arabia, most likely NW Saudi. They camped at the base of it, they slit animals’ throat to appease it and they established a law to keep the clan inline so as to not upset their fire and brimstone spewing wrathful and vengefull volcano god.

    The ten plagues of Egypt were caused by the fallout from the Santorini eruption, the burning bush was a flaming gas leak on the slopes of Mt Sinai, angels were smoking vents, the lake of fire was the lava filled crater.

    So, we have in our hands a very real way to make Islam crumble in a day. Who would carry on their jihad knowing we were all laughing at them and making cartoons of ancient nomads bowing down to a volcano? The potential humour is endless.

    Unfortunately, this get-out-of-Islam comes at a dear price and this price will be too great to pay by a lot of the anti-Islam community. Take another look at the name of the blog I used to run……GOD HELP BRITAIN. I used to be a Christian until I realised god was a volcano. But how many Christians in this community do you know who would be prepared to accept the price… forever give up on their god? Not many…..only the very very honest ones who really, truly, deeply put liberty and freedom before all else.

    So, I leave it up to you to decide what is more important to you…..freedom or holding out hope for god?

    • So Jesus was a volcano?
      Clearly you believe what you want to believe.
      See you on the last day.

      • No-one has ever asked me that before!

        No, Jesus was not a volcano. The ancient Hebrews worshipped volcanoes. Yahweh was an imaginery volcano god, as were many gods in Arabia, which is where the real Mt Sinai was located.

        Yahweh became all-present/all-knowing long after Mt Sinai when the Hebrews left Arabia and moved up to the Levant. The volcanoes stopped erupting and news of more hospitable land tempted them to abandon their deity…..who appeared to have abandoned them anyway….no more brimstone, which was volcanic sulfur.

        What was a volcano cult to do? Totally reinvent itself? No….impossible…..people do not find it easy to give up their cultural heritage. They simply upgraded their deity to make him everywhere rather than site specific.

        Genesis was written after Exodus to wrap everything up nicely.

        The only reason the Yahweh cult survived to this day is because the deity can no longer be seen. If Jews still lived at the base of Mt Sinai, we would be in no doubt as to the origins of their religion. It has been so successful due to this relocation away from the give-away evidence that it spurned off-shoot religions.

        Jesus was just a nice guy. He was very supersticious, but they all were then. There was no such thing as an atheist. Everyone was spooked.

    • Liberty and freedom are great political ideals. But putting them “before all else” tends to slight various ethical and social values that make human society bearable and life beautiful. Many of those values have historically been attached to a concept of the Supreme Being. And the moral/social values that have attached to the Jewish and Christian views of God have produced vastly more congenial societies than the (diametrically opposite) values attached to Islam.

      When the concept of God is thrown out, some of those other values may be endangered. I’m not saying that the concept of God is a necessary foundation for those other values, only that it’s been a traditional foundation. And from one perspective, that association may itself be a problem.

      There is a strong case for the view that belief in certain doctrines about the deity has helped sustain and propagate positive ethical values. On the other hand, insisting that those values are inseparable from that theology has its perils: it suggests that as soon as people find they cannot believe in certain theological doctrines, they are free to ignore the associated ethics. It means that some moral values that used to be regarded as self-evidently good are now often considered deeply tainted by their association with (cue scary music) religion. And suggesting that certain moral values are important to maintaining a healthy society becomes “imposing your religion on others.”

      When people say, “We need to promote this particular religion in order to revive and sustain healthy social values,” I think: How about finding a way to promote and sustain those values that doesn’t demand belief in theological doctrines that are not plausible to many people, including many who sincerely want to be good and decent?

      • I am sorry but I do not see a reason for the term ‘Judeo-Christian’.

        Judiasm is far more like Islam than it is like Christianity.

        Please read Judges 1 and see extensive genocide, forced marriage of war booty, the cutting off of toes and fingers, etc. Is that like Christianity? Is that more like Jesus or more like Mohammad?

        Who came up with the term ‘Judeo-Christian’?

        I think the world would be far better off if books that call people derrogatory names like ‘infidel’ and ‘goy’ were finally dumped in the ‘Debunked gods’ pile.

  11. The selection of the new Pope needs to be one who really understands what is on the line for the Catholic Church and Western civilization generally, vis a vis the mos-slum hoards……

    • What mine eyes see looming on the horizen is a clear choice – stand and fight or become extinct – these backward people rely on sheer numbers to overpower, intimidate and ultimately destroy all non-muslim. They have delusions of grandeur and no living thing outside their belief system is safe, not animals nor human beings. To make a statement of truth is considered “hate” speech?

  12. “[A]t least you think they must be women, since all you can see is a walking robe with no eyes.”
    Touché. They could be 2 midgets under the garb. They could be Jar-Jar Binks for all I care.

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  15. I notice a rather regular theme among the “civilians” of the Counter-Jihad:

    1) they are “baffled” why our Western societies are allowing Muslims to aggrandize their crypto-supremacism

    2) they then leap to conspiracy theories about some “Leftist” cabal really controlling everything.

    Concerning #1, there is nothing baffling about this. MUSLIMS ARE BROWN PEOPLE, THEREFORE THEY MUST BE PROTECTED, even past the point of reason, for to fail to do this would incur the crime of “racism” which under PC MC is the worst crime of all — according to the dominant meme of our Western PC MC society. Why is that so hard to understand?

    Concerning #2: The failure to appreciate #1, and to appreciate how deeply, and broadly, that meme has spread into the hearts and minds of the majority of Westerners — where Muslims have become the #1 Ethnic Minority to be placated — leads then logically to conspiracy theories as the only way to explain away this “baffling” situation.

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  17. I guess when Islam finally reigns supreme in Britain, the liberals are finally going to find out what being a liberal was worth to them. After all, as they say, once the treason has passed the traitor is no longer necessary. They may be liberals, but for the most part the only thing a Muslim sees is yet another infidel.

  18. I have watched the video of triumphant, arrogant Muslims humiliating the police; chasing after the police whilst calling the police, “cowards”. I am quite sure that orders come from the top that the police are to allow Muslims to pretty much do what they want and NEVER use any kind of force on their top FAVORITE Muslims.

    If non-Muslims had behaved in such an insulting, aggressive, anti-social manner, I am positive that the police would have called for immediate back-up, SEVERELY beaten the Brits with batons; prevented the wounded from getting to the hospital and jailed them.

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