How Much Did The PST Know, And When Did It Know It?

Here’s a brief follow-up on the previous post from The Observer, who translated the article:

There are a couple of things worth pointing out in connection with the revelations presented in the article:

Assuming the the claims made in this article are true, did Høibø notify the PST about Breivik’s radicalism?

Did the SOS Rasisme and Tjen Folket representatives involved in the NDL in any way influence Breivik ideologically — i.e. fire him up with anti-government/anti-Muslim rhetoric, the very thing that the Left has claimed that the conservative community in Norway were responsible for? And has this been investigated by the PST?

Håvar Krane was egged on to make the infamous death threats against leading Norwegian politicians by the same left-wing agitators within the NDL who then secretly recorded it and leaked it to the press.

If the PST was made aware of Breivik, then why did they claim that Breivik flew under the radar during the court case? There are now three known incidents that should have made the alarm bells go off at the PST in regards to Breivik, and they are as follows:

1.   A male person called the government office in early 2011 claiming in a very calm voice that he was going to shoot and kill young AUF members.
2.   Breivik was apparently kicked out of the NDL because he was too radical, but the PST wasn’t notified by the infiltrator whose job it was to notify the PST of potential radical elements within the organization, and who kicked Breivik out of the organization because of his radicalism.
3.   In Poland Breivik bought chemicals that were on the PST list of interest and which should have automatically triggered an investigation, but the PST failed to do so.

This doesn’t paint the PST in a very flattering light, and it does raise some very interesting questions about SOS Rasisme and Tjen Folket and their role in building up an organization that is now on the PST’s threat list.

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  1. i have always maintained that breivik was and is a tool of the left, the sole beneficiaries of his actions.

    • I agree with your assertion. Breivik was set up and used by the shadow side of those in power in Norway. And when the “sunny” side strives so hard to maintain innocence, the reaction formation will be all the more destructive.

      The kind of perverted (wink, wink, nudge, nudge) innocence maintained at all costs by those in charge in Norway is ruthless in the literal sense of that word. Their refusal to look at things as they are or even to own the possibility of their own evil is a fundamental kind of hubris.

      No one is following up on Breivik’s mis-steps in the beginning, when he said he knew he was part of a larger underground group and they were going to put him in charge. *That* little piece of info was ignored by the MSM until his handlers had time to cover it over…

  2. My understanding was that Breivik was visited by the police at his home, over the huge amounts of fertilizer he bought. They bought his cover story.

    And let’s not forget the antics of the Keystone Kops on the day of the massacre. If Breivik had been set up, you wouldn’t want the police getting there too soon.

    In connection with the recent assassination attempt on him, Lars Hedegaard asserted that he thought the Danish police to be the best in the world. Are the Norwegian police really at the other end of the scale?

    Remember all those stories of Breivik having a mentor? Perhaps his mentor was in the PST. Perhaps his “mentor” told him where to park the car with the explosives (apparently it was parked over a storm drain or subway tunnel, so most of the blast went down; if Brevik had parked it on a normal street the damage it caused would have been far, far greater).

    There are most certainly things that don’t make sense about the official Breivik story.

  3. My theory is that Breivik simply was a lonely blood-thirsty young man directed by Mossad. ABB was a zionist agent, although he may not be aware of it himself.

    The motivation for Mossad to issue these attacks, through ABB, on the Norwegian Government and its leading Labour Party is obviously a blunt retribution for Norway’s increasing political and economical support of Hamas.

    The timing of the attack summer of 2011 was to ensure a new government with the coming national election of Parliament in September 2013, enough time to allow sympathy for the victims and the Labour Party to diminish in favour of a growing discontent and distrust in the ability of the Government to protect its own people.

    Mossad will have reached its goal when the Conservatives, and much more Israel friendly opposition, enter the Norwegian Government with the forthcoming elections of 2013.

    • Oh, there we go folks. ZOG in Norway too!(Call it, if you will, “ZOG on Ice”); plus a ‘healthy’ rendition of the “Mossad wut dun it” — mass murder edition.
      Is it any surprise, therefore, that many in the counter-Islamic faction are rightly perceived as anti-Semitic Neo-Nazis?
      This very blog discussed(unless I’m very much mistaken) the malevolent nature of having anti-Semitic infiltration into the movement.
      Moreover, of this absurd idea that Israel/Jews/Mossad(what-have-you) are nefariously conducting world-events.
      What’s with this obsession?! Surely you can tell that for all Mossad’s alleged omnipotence, they’ve been unable to corral their own Islamists from ravaging Israelis?
      Ah, but I am not counting that any of this will register. To the average anti-Semite, life is filled with cognitive dissonances. It’s just one more to add to the list.

      • A couple of years back I tripped over a real neo-nazi group on Facebook. It was an extraordinary experience to attempt to reason with them (the kind of extraordinary experience that makes you want to wash your entire body in carbolic soap afterwards).

        There is no reasoning with these people. There really are people who are mentally disturbed.

      • ‘Is it any surprise, therefore, that many in the counter-Islamic faction are rightly perceived as anti-Semitic Neo-Nazis?’

        There are many reasons for struggling against an -ism. History is probably full of examples when two or more parties allied to combat a bigger and more immediate threat. Nationalists in various countries and zionists both fight islam in order to protect their territory and inherited culture.

        • What exactly do mean?
          Are you trying to tell us that after you’ve crushed the “infamous thing”(Islamism), you’ll turn on the Jews(again)?
          And what exactly will that get you?
          This what I can’t understand about the resurgent Nazi movement; the Jews of the world are dwindling, and yet they’re still hell-bent on exterminating them.
          Wherefore? Heaven(and Rudolf Hess — for whose imminent resurrection they pray) only knows.

          • Keep it more simple: Being against moslems and their culture does not mean being in favour of the jews and their culture. One does not need be a nazist to have such a worldview. I am not for exterminating people who do not share my view, just telling those people off who are bent on occupying my territory and way of life. This is patriotism and it is a natural and healthy thing. If you want to understand the antagonism in the world against jews there are plenty of literature or websites that should be able to enlighten you – that is if you are willing to put your prejudice aside in order to honestly look in to it and understand it – not necessarily agreeing with it.

          • “Antagonism in the world against Jews”…
            So you harbour “antagonism” towards Nobel Prize laureates, inventors, scientists, musicians, and other cultural and intellectual giants, simply because they’re “Jews”?
            Tell me, what sort of “culture” do Jews have?
            Are all Jews the same?
            What Jews are trying to occupy your “territory”(I’m assuming your insane-asylum is owned by non-Jews)?
            And what have the Jews done to you, that you’ve grown so livid at them?
            This(whatever that is) is not “Patriotism” — Jews have always been loyal to their lands — this is good ol’ fashioned anti-Semitism, that is deferred until you will have managed your more “pressing” issue: Muslims. But it’s much the same irrational hatred, behind a seemingly novel veneer: [redacted]

          • Mods, am I not allowed to say that anti-Semitism is disgusting?
            Why did you elide that part, but nothing else?

        • Dan E. —

          You said more than that. You were pejorative.

          I edit out obscenities, vulgarities, direct insults, pejoratives, and similar things that ratchet up the anger level of the thread without adding anything to the debate.

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