2 thoughts on “Geert Wilders: The SMH Report

  1. And the trumpeting, strobe-lit, neon-pink elephant stomping around the room is the presence in this report of phrases such as “Wilders’ press corps was held under tight security at a remote conference center” and “He’ll deliver a speech in Melbourne Tuesday night at a yet-to-be-disclosed location.”

    Yet Wilders is labelled as the one who “incites disharmony.” “Incites disharmony”? The man whose life is threatened every moment; the man whose would-be audience members are intimidated or even attacked physically, not to mention slandered and libelled, simply for wanting to hear what he has to say in a supposedly free society; the man whose daily suffering and restriction is irrefutable evidence of that which would be undeniable even without it: This man, Geert Wilders, supposedly “incites disharmony”?

    From what Orwellian mine was this gleaming gem of logic brought forth to dazzle the world? Where exactly is this harmony that Wilders supposedly disrupts? Would that be the harmony we see manifested against would-be audience members outside Wilders’ speaking engagements in an attempt to frighten, shame, or punish them into giving up the right to hear, interact with, and evaluate for themselves his ideas? Would it be the harmony against which teams of Dutch government agents lay their lives on the line around the clock along with Mr. Wilders and his poor family?

    Have I ever heard anything that sounded so much like a passage from the Stalinist Alice-In-Wonderland scenes recounted by Solzhenitsyn? (Oh wait, I forgot about Mr. Obama and Islam’s many contributions to the formation of America. And about most of what I’ve read in the European press in recent years. Never mind.) Enough is enough. As Douglas Murray said in his Feb. 18 article on the Gatestone Institute web site, this must stop.

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