Geert Wilders, Dutch Mosquebuster

As mentioned here last week, Geert Wilders’ party recently launched the “Mosque No!” project in the Netherlands to assist localities in resisting the building of new mosques.

At his appearance in Bonn yesterday, Mr. Wilders acknowledged that he was inspired by the efforts of the British lawyer Gavin Boby of Law and Freedom.

The following clip is part of the Q&A session after Wilders was awarded the “Hiltrud Schröter Freedom Prize”, given to him by the German citizens’ group Bürgerbewegung Pax Europa, at a ceremony yesterday at the Maritim Hotel in Bonn.

Many thanks to Henrik Ræder Clausen for the footage, and to Vlad Tepes for uploading the video:

Notice for people who live in Ontario or Quebec: Gavin Boby, the original Mosquebuster, will be speaking in Ottawa tomorrow (Monday February 4, 2013) at 7:00 PM at the main branch of the Ottawa Public Library.

Update: Here’s the same clip with French subtitles. Thanks to Bear for the translation.