First They Came…

Our English correspondent Seneca III returns with a meditation on what has happened to Britain, and what the near future is likely to hold.

First They Came…
by Seneca III

“First they came for the free housing, the free health care, for freedom from oppression, for the right to speak freely and most of all for the free money, and we welcomed them and helped them because freedom, democracy, multiculturalism and charity are good.

“Then they came for our books and burned them in our streets, and we helped them by doing nothing because they told us their books good, our books bad.

“Then they came for the girl children and we helped them by ignoring it as long as we could because it was a cultural thing and we didn’t want to appear to be anti their culture, and it was only the worthless children of the white underclass who were being taken, not ours.

“Then they came for the Racists, and we helped them by designating Islam a Race because white racism is bad and no other form exists.

“Then they came for the Islamophobes, and we helped them by calling Islam a religion because hatred of non-Judeo Christian religions is bad and, anyway, a phobia is an irrational fear and as we are sublimely rational and fully understand such things. Islamophobia is obviously evil and dangerous and must be eradicated.

“Then they came for the protestors, and we let them and helped them because freedom of speech, Euro-Culturalism, gender equality, Racism and Islamophobia are all bad things from our past and must be done away with so that there will be peace and harmony and nice times for all in one big, happy family.

“But we were wrong, how wrong we were! Now they have come for us because Islam is in reality a nihilistic, primitive, misogynous, totalitarian political system that tolerates neither deviation nor dissent, and we are just not nihilistic, primitive, misogynous and totalitarian enough for their requirements. Where, oh where is the justice we ask?


(A British Politician, a Senior British Social Worker, a British Judge and a British Chief Constable — Londonistan, 15 Rajab 1444 Al Hijra [6th February 2023 Extinct Gregorian].)

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5 thoughts on “First They Came…

  1. These prophetic posts are some of the best.

    Our megalomaniacal leaders use every little problem to grab a little more power: this they unabashedly remind us from time to time. I just heard Algore do it again. Imagine what our chest-pounding self-righteous governments will do on the advent of economic breakdown?

    We are the good guys, but here’s our weak spot: we have no counter-plan to their fully organization plan to takeover. In this we are idiots, unless there’s something I’m missing.

    We need and out-loud plan, a plan to be discussed with the common salt of life folk. (The megalomaniacs discuss and apply their takeover plan every day; can’t we discuss a counter-approach?) The general plan must be out loud, all may hear.
    Good people really need to know something useful is in the works or, out of nihilism, they will give in to the socialist movement pressure and become serfs.

    The specifics of the plans can be secret, just as are the specific plans of power-grabbing totalitarian movements. I don’t want to be no serf. I can’t dull myself down and just watch the show unfurl. Time to plan and organize, quick!

  2. Did anyone notice the placard carried by a demonstrator top left of centre in the picture?
    “Stop US Imperialism. Support a Caliphate”
    So, stop US imperialism, support islamic imperialism. Wonder if they’ve spotted the irony?

  3. Indeed WE ARE the good guys – but with Western leadership the way it is – pollies with mush for brains, no vision, always politically correct – WHO AMONG US WILL LIGHT THE WAY AND REDRESS THIS PLAGUE?? Where oh where is there a CHURCHILL OR A THATCHER TO SPEAK OUT AGAINST RABID ISLAM?

  4. 1683 – Islam poised to overrun Europe? Today -same nightmare – different day.

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