Did Christian Action Network Defame the Muslims of America?

Long-time readers are familiar with Jamaat ul-Fuqra, an organization that was listed as a domestic terror group by the State Department. Its name means “Community of the Impoverished”; it is also known as “Muslims of America”, and sometimes calls itself “Muslims of the Americas”, since it claims franchises in Canada and the Caribbean. It was founded by a known terrorist, a Pakistani Sufi named Sheikh Mubarik Ali Hasmi Shah Gilani. Over the past thirty years it has established a network of dozens of rural training compounds across the United States and Canada. It recruits new members primarily by proselytizing in the prison system.

Martin Mawyer of the Christian Action Network published a book last fall about JuF entitled Twilight in America: the Untold Story of Islamic Terrorist Training Camps in America. He seems to have touched a nerve, because now the Muslims of America are filing a federal defamation lawsuit against Marty and CAN.

Before we get into the news story itself, here’s a promotional video about Marty’s book with footage of Jamaat ul-Fuqra:

The Courthouse News Service has the story of MOA’s lawsuit:

Muslims Claim Christian Group Defamed Them

BINGHAMTON, N.Y. (CN) – The Muslims of America asked a federal judge to silence and punish the Christian Action Network and its founder, who allegedly defamed the group as terrorists, and their close-knit communities as Islamic training camps.

The Muslims of America Inc. sued Martin Mawyer and his Christian Action Network in Federal Court. It also sued Patti Pierucci, whom it describes as a ghostwriter and co-author with Mawyer of the book “Twilight in America: the Untold Story of Islamic Terrorist Training Camps in America.”

The group claims that the “provocative and defamatory statements” were made in the book, and “uttered by Mawyer on various media outlets including Fox News (October 2012) and posted on CAN’s website”.

Muslims of America claims the defendants’ libels and defamation “have served to cause fear and hatred to flourish against plaintiff while inciting violence and putting the lives of plaintiff’s members in danger for the purpose of monetary enrichment.”

The Muslims of America demands retractions and a gag order against further defamation. It also wants sales of the book “Twilight in America” enjoined.

The book was published in October 2012.

“Defendants repeatedly refer to plaintiff as a terrorist organization engaging in terrorist acts and running terrorist training camps in the United States,” the complaint states. “Defendants bolster their claims through the use of intentionally misleading documents and sources in order to deceive and mislead the public about plaintiff. … In committing the acts herein alleged, the defendants acted willfully with malice in conscious disregard of the plaintiff’s rights and with intent to cause injury to plaintiff.”

Mawyer, who founded the nonprofit Christian Action Network in 1990, once worked as editor-in-chief of the Moral Majority Report, published by the evangelical fundamentalist Rev. Jerry Falwell, according to CAN’s website.

Based in Lynchburg, Va., CAN describes itself as a public advocacy and education organization “based on biblical principles, values, traditions and American ideals.” The website says it uses documentaries, radio and TV interviews, books and alliances with other organizations “to impact change.”

The lawsuit claims that Mawyer has appeared on the Fox News shows “The O’Reilly Factor” and “Hannity” as well “Entertainment Tonight” and NBC’s “Today” show, where “he continues spreading various sensational, erroneous theories and presents them as fact.”
The group claims that Mawyer and CAN have spent the past decade “waging excessive divisive and intolerable attacks against the plaintiff.”

I researched Jamaat ul-Fuqra extensively in the early years of this blog (see the archive for more information), and nothing that I’ve seen written by Marty is inaccurate. If anything, he sometimes understates his case — presumably out of fear of lawsuits exactly like this one.

The CAN sales page for the book has this summary:

In late 2010 Martin Mawyer was in the midst of writing his new book, Twilight in America: The Untold Story of Islamic Terrorist Training Camps Inside America. The book, exposing the existence of dozens of terrorist training camps inside America, was the result of years of research. One day, unexpectedly, there was a phone call that would wind up as the centerpiece of the book.

The caller was a young Egyptian man name Ali Aziz. He claimed to be an undercover agent with the NYPD who had lived for eight years with these terrorists in training. Mawyer knew, given the nature of the group that ran these compounds, that it could be a trap.

The group is known as Muslims of the Americas (MOA), and Mawyer and Christian Action Network were already in their crosshairs. MOA is a front group for a known terrorist group called Jamaat Al Fuqra (“community of the impoverished”). They have been convicted of numerous terrorist-related crimes in the United States going back to the 1980s, among them welfare fraud, white-collar crimes, gun running, firebombing, drug crimes, weapons crimes…and murder.

Ali told Mawyer that he knew about his work exposing the camps, and that he wanted to tell his story. Ali wanted to end his eight-year-long double life—as an undercover informant for the NYPD pretending to be an Islamic radical. Ali’s story checked out, and is revealed for the first time ever in Twilight in America.

“It’s very simple,” Ali told Mawyer. “MOA is asleep. They are asleep. They are a bomb.”

Twilight in America includes Ali’s shocking story, and the stern warning he gives to America: Time is running short; Muslims of the Americas has created a secret army of guerilla-trained jihadists, ready to strike at the heart of America “at one word” from their leader.

You’ll learn the history of MOA in the United States…how they began buying land in rural America decades ago to hide their terrorist training activities…how their leader, Sheikh Mubarik Ali Gilani, rules his American followers with an iron fist from Pakistan, with fantastical claims that he is omnipresent and watches their every move…how the Beltway Snipers were given refuge at MOA camps during their reign of terror in 2002…and how even today, these Islamic camps engage in illegal activity, including forced polygamous marriages, brutality against women and children, stockpiling illegal weapons, welfare fraud, and much more.

You’ll also read the incredible and tragic story of Wall street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl, who—while on his way to interview Sheikh Gilani in Pakistan—was kidnapped, beheaded and dismembered. Martin Mawyer’s research has uncovered never-before-revealed links between the murder of Daniel Pearl and the infamous Sheikh Gilani.

Undercover agent Ali insists that he has given law enforcement more than enough evidence to shut down these camps, but they have failed to take action. This is the decline that America is experiencing…this is Twilight in America.

The way to make this lawsuit backfire on the Muslims of America is to publicize it, publicize it, and publicize it. Write about it on your blogs and websites. Include a link to the book page. Help people learn about all the diligent research on JuF done by Marty, CP, and all the other people who spent time digging into it.

Let’s shine a bright light into this dark corner of rural America.

Hat tip: Vlad Tepes.

15 thoughts on “Did Christian Action Network Defame the Muslims of America?

  1. Islamic doctrines themselves defame the religion of Christianity, for Islam denies the divinity of Christ, denies the crucifixion and denies the resurrection.

    Hoisted by their own petard.

    • Have you read the Talmud? You should. Read what is said about Jesus and his mother, Mary. It will enrage you, I guarantee.

  2. OrianaFallaci: “In each one of our cities, there is a second city, a state within the state, a government within the government. A Muslim city, a city ruled by the Koran.”

  3. con’t – I guess for the time being, these so-called religious (tax-exempt) groups can freely prepare to conquer America because they are protected by our religious freedoms and are also protected against arbitrary actions by law enforcement agencies (Cdn. Charter and 4th Amendment), and so far are getting away with it. How is that? Is it because their acts do not (yet) constitute treason, but are considered “only” seditious – which, it seems, is rarely prosecuted in the US (despite the Patriot Act)?

    So if the OIC gets it way, then the ordinary citizen will be criminalized for merely speaking about islam when it offends muslims. WE will be considered the “dangerous” ones, while the soldiers of allah from these terror training camps remain unscathed to eventually defeat the infidel and take over America. Ah yes, it all makes so much sense now, afterall, “war is peace, freedom is slavery, ignorance is strength”.

  4. The only mild demurrer I have about this book’s thesis is that it tends to convey the impression that this particular network of Islamic training camps is singularly unicellular and more or less exclusively beholden to the eccentric obsession of one Sheikh; whereas, surely, this cannot be but the tip of an Arctic shelf of icebergs.

  5. Muslims Of America is recruiting scum in our prisons and apparently training them with automatic weapons and explosives to war against us when they choose to strike. Meanwhile, their guy in our White House is working to disarm us, weaken our military, and collapse our economy. And their legal jihadists are waging lawfare against whistleblowers such as the Christian Action Network (God bless Martin Mawyer and the CAN).

    Along with other preparations, pray.

  6. Several years ago CAIR sued Anti-CAIR for defemation and slander. This provided an interesting case study for lawsuits against people and organizations who are denouncing Islamic ideology and associated nefarious activities. The lawsuit was finally dropped, because in the required “discovery” phase of the lawsuit, CAIR was required to reveal documents and records that would absolutely prove the claims of Anti-CAIR were true. Truth always wins over self-righteous threats.

  7. If it is the belief that Islam is a religion opposed to the doctrine of Christianity, then so be it. But I find it very hard to believe that any educated, intelligent human being (Christian, Muslim, Atheist) could possibly be swayed by such [material to which I object strongly] as Mawyers “Twilight in America.” A book as fictions as the popular “Twilight”, it contains no credible sources and is filled with single-minded hate under the banner of Christianity. Any Christian worth his rosary would see that this is the personal agenda of a man who is an agent of hate. When Jesus Christ (peace be upon him) comes, he won’t even glance in this mans direction nor count among his followers.

    • Aminah,
      you yourself are a blasphemer of Jesus. I think you should be tried for blasphemy and have your head laboriously sawed off for blaspheming Jesus. Now do you get it? Christians believe you are just as wrong as you think they are but they don’t think you should be forced to adhere to Christianity or live a persecuted life in constant danger.

      You and your lot are killers to the bone.

    • Islam is profane.
      Mohammed is a false prophet.
      Your “allah” is a demon.
      Jesus Christ is the Son of God.
      The second person of the Blessed Trinity.

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  9. I have been waiting and looking for a place to get to this news. I am an avid Fox news viewer and must have missed a night with Marvin on. How can the people of America stand by and watch us fall apart? The shock when it happens will be to late. Please put me on your news letter list and any other info. you can. I lead in men’s ministry, live in San Diego a mile from the Ocean and the Border. Tell me how I can help.

    • Rev. Snider,

      The best way to help that I know of is to become part of ACT! for America. Look on their web page for CA chapters, and you can find a contact for the one nearest you.

      They are very active in California — I’ve met some of the people, and they’re doing effective work.

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