Britain’s Liberal Death Wish

Paul Weston’s latest essay contemplates the swamp of insanity into which Modern Multicultural Britain has stumbled, paying special attention to the preoccupation of the police with “diversity” and “discrimination”.

Britain’s Liberal Death Wish
by Paul Weston

From the seemingly trivial, like the renaming of Sandhurst’s Mons Hall to the King Hamad Hall in exchange for a pimped mess of Bahraini pottage, to matters of supreme importance, Britain appears to have submitted to Islam. The double standards involved when it comes to protecting Muslims or prosecuting/persecuting non-Muslims are on stark display for all but the most ideologically blinkered to see. Britain is now a country which has lost its collective sanity.

Events over the last few weeks bear testament to this. One such apparently trivial issue is that of the dinner lady sacked for mistakenly serving non-halal food to Muslim students at a multi-faith school in Birmingham. The school in question is majority Muslim, but despite proclaiming its multi-faith credentials there seems little respect for the requirements of non-Muslims, all of whom are expected to eat halal meat whether they like it or not.

The total intransigence of mono-cultural Islam and the total capitulation to it by multicultural Britain could lead to only one thing when Muslim children were enriched in error by imbibing the vibrant diversity of infidel food. The local council and the headmaster have been forced to apologise, the dinner-lady has been sacked for failing to conform to sharia law, and still the Muslim parents seek further retribution, with one Muslim spokesman saying “It could not just be the error or one lady, there must be people at the top responsible too who also need to be sacked. It is an insult to our faith.”

Being a Muslim must be rather pleasant in some ways. Their ability to look at the world through the insular lens of supremacist Islam is startling to those reared on a diet of multiculturalism who try so hard to accept, adopt and conform to all religions and cultures save their own. How the liberal/left mentally survive the cranial confusion this causes is quite beyond me, but I suppose there is little evidence to suggest their mental balance is anything other than unstable.

But it is not just Islam which views itself as a supremacist ideology. The British police appear to be in awe of it as well. A recent story about anti-Muslim harassment in Bingham, Nottinghamshire, would appear to confirm this when Mr Murad Alam and his family were subjected to a rather unsavoury campaign against them. A cross wrapped in ham was left propped against their front door, they were shouted at in the street and one of the sons had smoke blown into his face by “an elderly local gentleman.”

All in all most unpleasant, but the reaction of the police to this was as though they still considered their primary job to be that of genuine law enforcement, not something usually associated with them when non-Muslims complain about Muslim harassment. Mr Alam described their multicultural zeal thus: “Nottinghamshire Police fitted secret cameras, security lighting and after the graffiti, they were literally parked at the end of the alley for days, 24/7.”

The BBC dutifully reported on this and thoughtfully included a link at the end of their article to the BBC Asian Network which was all set to interview Mr Alam about his unfortunate experiences. The BBC also included another link to an outfit called Tell Mama — where Mama is an abbreviation for Monitoring Anti-Muslim Attacks, which describes its role as follows:

“The TELL MAMA project is inspired by a need expressed by Muslim communities in the UK. The community support requirements for Muslim communities do extend to the need for support for the victims of anti-Muslim incidents in England and for the collection and mapping of anti-Muslim incidents in the country.”

All well and good, in fact highly admirable. It’s just the sort of reaction from the police, the BBC and anti-racist pressure groups I would like to see directed toward all victimised faiths, races and communities, but sadly this is no longer the case. Consider the somewhat more serious issue of young and vulnerable native British girls who had been murdered, gang raped, drugged, groomed and abused for decades by Muslim males whilst the police and the BBC turned a blind eye in the interest of “community cohesion” — which is multicultural shorthand for Thou Shalt Not Criticise Islam.

Whilst having smoke blown into your face by elderly local gentlemen in Nottinghamshire must indeed be a harrowing experience for any self-respecting young Muslim male, it is not really on a par with the quite unbelievable abuse meted out to underage girls in Oxford by Muslim gang rapists Kamar Jamil, Akhtar Dogar, Anjun Dogar, Assad Hussain, Mohammed Karrar, Bassan A Karra and Mohammed T Hussain. The Daily Mail reported some of the following inhumane (by Christian standards) behaviour of these men:

One victim became pregnant by one of her attackers when she was 11 or 12. When gang member Mohammed Karrar discovered she was pregnant he used an instrument to perform an abortion on her…the attackers used knives, meat cleavers and baseball bats to inflict severe pain on the girls for their twisted pleasure…. the girls were bitten, scratched, suffocated, tied up, beaten and burnt with cigarettes.

The men are said to have fed the girls copious amounts of drugs so that they became more complicit to their depraved demands….men would travel to Oxford ‘often by appointment’ from as far afield as Bradford, Leeds, London and Slough ‘specifically to abuse young girls’ in hotels and private houses. Sometimes the girls were taken to towns and cities such as London and Bournemouth where they were sold for sex.

These men also subjected them to ‘humiliating and degrading’ levels of abuse, leaving the girls with severe internal injuries….the gang often stood guard outside a room while girls were being abused and threatened to kill them and their families if they tried to escape…it took almost half an hour for all the charges to be read to the jury. The trial heard how there were many more alleged abusers in addition to those in the dock.

Now, the first thing to ask is: how on earth this sort of thing could be taking place in gentle old England, which has turned into a country I am thoroughly ashamed of?

And the second question is: how did this happen to one of the girls who was supposedly under police protection at the time?

The answer of course is that the police knew all about it, but senior officers were only too aware that to actually do something about it would bring accusations of racism, which would be detrimental to their career prospects. Local newspapers also knew what was going on, but the BBC, usually so quick to highlight inequality and racial violence, were too busy promoting stories bashing the EDL and other such organisations which had the racial temerity to complain about Muslim rapists.

The Oxford Police, who allow girls to be racially and sexually abused under their watchful eye, are part of the Thames Valley Police. I took a look at their website in order to try to understand their warped mentality, and unsurprisingly discovered the usual liberal/left policies which have wreaked such awful havoc within our once decent police force.

The Chief Constable is one Ms Sarah Thornton CBE, who has a Master of Studies degree (MSt) in Applied Criminology and Police Management from Cambridge University….yes, I know, I know. Her Thames Valley Police website has a section on Special Operations which I thought might include details of at least a couple of coppers tasked with investigating mass Muslim rape, but my thought was in vain.

Their Safer Streets (a sub-menu of Special Operations) makes no reference to taking due care and attention if you are an eleven year old child offered alcopops by a heavily bearded middle aged man in funny clothes, but they do have an interesting section on Stop and Search which rather sums up their attitude toward the favoured non-white minorities:

“In certain areas throughout England and Wales there are disproportianate (sic) amounts of Black and Asian people than White people stopped and searched. For officers within Thames Valley, their concerns are around the lawfulness of the search and the necessity of the search, and this is weighed against the impact upon the community.”

What this garbled liberal Newspeak means is that favoured classes can break the law with impunity if the police think that by actually enforcing the law, the “community” might then behave in a manner which could impinge upon the policemen’s career prospects. Which goes some way toward explaining their wilful blindness apropos the Muslim mass rape epidemic carried out on their watch.

Having ascertained that the well being of white girls was of a somewhat low priority for the Oxford police, it occurred to me that looking at their Safer Streets section was a mistake, considering the Muslim rapists exhibited both racial and religious and bias, so I took a look at their Equality and Diversity section instead.

Oh dear. The sheer insanity of their liberal guff was overwhelming. Here are a few choice bits:

At Thames Valley Police we are committed to delivering a high quality service to all members of our communities, irrespective of age, disability, gender, race, religion, belief or sexual orientation. We serve a large and diverse community in the Thames Valley, and it is absolutely vital that our officers and staff are able to engage with different sections of our community and deliver a police service that is truly citizen-focused.

We warmly welcome people into Thames Valley Police from black and minority ethnic groups. Recruiting people from black and minority ethnic groups is a high priority for the Force. We strive to be an employer of choice for all sections of the community.

We recognise that having a diverse organisation makes us more approachable and relevant to our communities. There are many ethnic groups across Thames Valley and it is important that we reflect the diversity of the communities that we serve and represent the six strands of diversity.

Community and Diversity officers (CaDOs) build links with the diverse communities in Thames Valley. They also address issues affecting those communities and advise the Force if there are community tensions in order that they can be resolved as soon as possible. CaDOs can advise you on the nine strands of diversity: age, disability, gender reassignment, marriage and civil partnership, pregnancy and maternity, race, religion or belief, sex (gender), and sexual orientation.

What do CaDOs do? Their role includes: Identifying communities who are at risk of discrimination and victimisation…understanding the fabric of individual communities…actively engaging with vulnerable communities…providing reassurance and promoting community cohesion…work to improve the treatment and consideration given to minority group.

Valuing a person’s religion is important to Thames Valley Police and religious hatred or discrimination is not tolerated. Religion is recognised as one our ‘six strands of diversity’. The Racial and Religious Hatred Act 2006 makes inciting others to religious hatred a criminal offence. Under the Act the criminal act of inciting others to religious hatred could be committed by the use of words or behaviour or display of written material…publishing or distributing written material… Possessing ‘inflammatory’ written or recorded material with a view to display, publish or distribute…

I am sitting here in a bit of daze now, typing only when I am not holding my head in my hands. I have to keep reminding myself that this is not some dystopian science fiction film being played out in my mind, it is real, it is happening, and God help me, it is happening in Britain.

What these mangled, perverse and utterly lunatic excerpts penned by the Thames Valley Police are actually saying is quite clear — ethnic minorities are a favoured class and any whites who protest about this, either in written or verbal form, will be prosecuted for inciting racial or religious crime. And this is why our girls could be murdered and raped for decades until street movements like the EDL highlighted what was happening to such an extent that the police had no option but to deal with it, albeit reluctantly.

So this is Britain in 2013. The quite literal insanity that has taken over the British police is prevalent in all our institutions which have been subverted by the liberal/left. The church, the unions, the EU, the civil service, the teaching unions and teacher training, the mainstream media, local councils and indeed all political people of all mainstream political parties — they are all singing from the same Marxist-corrupted hymn sheet.

Pick up a newspaper or watch the TV news and view the endless retinue of Muslim violence around the world. Most of it is directed toward non-Muslims, but it also includes the ancient blood feud between the Sunni and Shia sects of Islam, carried out in places like Syria and bankrolled by the monstrous regime in Saudi Arabia.

European Islam is demographically booming whilst Europe’s native population is in decline. The British liberal elite have already prostrated themselves before Islam, because quite frankly it frightens the life out of them. As the years roll by and the Muslim population doubles every decade we can only look forward to more threats, more violence and more abuse from Islam and an ever increasing level of base appeasement from our ruling liberal/left elites.

One hundred years ago Europe was on the brink of earth-shattering events, starting with World War One in 1914. From that cataclysm were born Communism and Nazism and the murderous deaths of hundreds of millions of people. If history, the nature of man and tribal/religious wars are an accepted reality, and the notion of some fuzzy multicultural utopia where the lamb lies down with Islam an absolute fantasy, then the 21st-century West is in deep, deep trouble and needs to be defended with the utmost urgency.

Needless to say, a country that sacks dinner ladies for serving non-halal food and pulls out all the stops when a Muslim family suffers some minor harassment, but whose police force indulges itself in multiculti psycho-babble quackery whilst ignoring the murder and rape of its own children lest the Muslim community suffers a cohesion setback, is not a country with survival at the forefront of its mind. Just what will it take to make the liberal/left see the calamitous error it is making with regard to Islam, and what will it take to make Middle England stop watching X Factor and start thinking about their children’s future?

Paul Weston is a British-based writer who focuses on the damage done to Western Civilisation by the hard left’s ongoing cultural revolution, which seeks to destroy the Christian, capitalist and racial base of the West. His political facebook page can be found here.

For links to his previous essays, see the Paul Weston Archives.

54 thoughts on “Britain’s Liberal Death Wish

  1. Mr. Weston,
    At least print this on some imperishable paper and bury somewhere in an aluminum cylinder, so future archeologist may find it under the rubble. Perhaps it’s time to start using the W word: war. It may be the first time in history that the side the war was being waged against behaved –for decades while the war was going on — as though life was going on as usual.

  2. Britain is gone. It is replaced with a Dhimmi nation soon to be a Muslim one. The US is next and with Barack Hussein Obama in charge we will see rape gangs here too.

    How can one stop this when the authorities are in on it.

    • From the beautiful tapestry that was quite naturally evolving, the godless social engineers decided they could do better. Now comes the dark pc multicultural helter-skelter. A golden opportunity for the Islam house of war.

    • Britain hasn’t gone yet, though its demise cannot long be delayed and is to be welcomed. Britain is now an empty lifeless shell and Britishness absolutely meaningless except as a convenient label used by those who are not English, and may well hate us to the extent of wishing to kill us, who wish to live in and benefit from England as of right. Britain cannot be saved and the English people need to switch off the life support and bury the corpse. England, not Britain nor the ‘United’ Kingdom, is the English homeland and is our is our only hope. England has been in worse straits and triumphed. She can still be defended.

      The English people are stirring themselves: resistance is starting.

    • At least in the United States we’re armed. When these muslims get uppity, real Americans will correct them.

      • Mmmm…not if Obama and his Dhimmicrats get their way….First it’ll be the amount of ammo, then it’ll be the type of guns until, like us in the UK, you’ll be hard pressed to get a firearms certificate…

    • This is why I can’t take a lot of this seriously: it *always* ends up with some [person held in low esteem] bringing in Obama, insisting That It’s Going to Happen Here. Can’t anyone just drop that [offensive substance]?

  3. We the natives of Europe mainly see ”the problem ” as being the behaviour of Moslems, but really the problem is with us. We have gone soft is the short answer, and are so attuned to a threat-free and opulently comfortable lifestyle, that when a threat appears right on our doorstep, we are incapable of sorting it. Thirty years ago there would be dozens of able-bodied youth and males on the streets in minutes if even one local girl had been mistreated by ”Pakis”. Of course the traitor Cameron knows full well the permanent damage Islam is doing to British society, so why does he do nothing except calling EDL violent exremists? Because he doesn’t see himself as one of us, he sees himself as someone entitled to privilege, he doesn’t actually think of himself as British and has NO interst in this country whatsoever. He is undoubtedly an enabler for international big business, and hungers only for more and more money himself. Someone has already bought him lock, stock and barrel. Britain is in a very bad situation indeed. The only chance we will have is if a huge financial crisis befalls the West causing massive unemploymen and widespread starvation. Then and only then will the White Man throw the remote into the river and face up to his responsibilities.

  4. Stop writing against Muslims. They’re only doing what they’re allowed to get away with. Everybody else would behave likewise if given half a chance.

    Islam is an ideology – no two ways about it.

    But we have to stop beating Muslims up about it – because they can help it the least, they’re a captive clientele already.

    [Figuratively] Beat up every Englishman instead who aids & abetts this nonsense. Beat up Thames Valley Police. Beat up the social workers. Beat up Judges, clerks, the CPS, the BBC etc.

    Name & shame. Follow them. And their families. Go to their place of work. Ring on their door bells on a Saturday night in the home counties’ red wine belt.

    And it’s not just the lefties. It’s EVERYBODY.

    Beat them all up in your essays, tirelessly & relentlessly.

    Distribute flyers to their neighbors telling them about their traitorous actions.

    Tell the other parents at their kids’ school.

    Tell all attendees at the local councillors’ weekly meetings.

    Write emails to every single employee at the police, council, magistrate courts etc. informing them of these actions and that they’re next on the list.

    Bestow the same fear into these silent perpetraitors [sic intended] as has been experienced by all these current victims.

    It’s not a crime to do so – it’s our faith (can’t be discriminated against) – it’s an eye for an eye!

    Go to the council estates, to the poorest of the poor, who can’t look after their children in a responsible way, they’re weak…but tell them there’s a reward everytime they ring a certain number if they think their daughters are being [sexually exploited] by some of these Muslim [exploiters] as in the above article.

    Tell them to group up at night.

    Don’t use the internet. Use the streets. The internet follows the streets, not the other way round.

    • Deport them. I know how shocking this sounds by today’s feeble standards, but deporting undesirbales was often the solution, and a legal one, before mass immigration.

    • What solution is possible at this late stage? Anders Breivik of Norway thought that he should punish the politicians who are leading Norway down the same dreadful path.
      Geert Wilders wants to temporarily stop Islamic immigration to the Netherlands, to outlaw Islamic schools, and to ban the Koran. Most European Muslims were born in Europe, and so can’t be deported, and they are far too numerous to imprison.
      We have been disarmed, unlike Americans, and are no longer sufficiently religious to be organized during Sunday sermons. But how about bringing back the death penalty, for really serious hate crimes, such as gang rape, committed against our young girls. After all, Muslims would kill us for rather trivial offenses, such as telling the truth about Muhammad, (sohg), or for blasphemy.

  5. It is insanity that these criminals are not rounded up and shipped back to whereistan. If they were conceived in Britain, use DNA to uncover the country of origin and ship them back. This cannot be tolerated and the tolerators are as guilty as these animals and should be criminally prosecuted. I still ask when the first shipload arrived??? Was this part of the “EU” or was it blackmail by Saudi Arabia?

    • I’ll add my voice to the comments above. However heinous or otherwise incompatible their behavior, the Muslims are the Muslims; they can’t help it, they are just themselves. It’s the white traitors who brought them over who are the problem. If the people shipped those white traitors to Muslim countries instead of allowing them to ship Muslims in the other direction, to Europe, America, Australia, there would have been no Muslim problem no matter how bad the things they do.

  6. In a nutshell, what I’m trying to say is, fighting the Muslims – in this country – is fighting the symptom, not the cause.

    The cause, the real reason why this is happening here, are our very own people.

    They’re the ones that need to be reign in.

    The Muslims in the UK almost always come from totalitarian countries and, as such, are used to strict rules. The moment you tell them, this far, and not further, they will abide.

    It was/is our people that have let them to believe that they’re victims when, in reality, they’re already victors just for being here!

    What we need is centralised, concerted action. Not fragmented movements – however well intended.

    The EDL are on the streets only, they’re mostly reacting (to a new mosque or something) whereas they should be ahead of the game ie. acting.

    BF – and I still include Paul Weston in that – are more political, but they also just tell people how bad it is AFTER the fact. I have 2,000 likeminded “friends” on Facebook doing that for me every day (including GoV btw).

    In all, the current crop of Islam critics in the UK are preaching mostly to the converted – hence the little growth. People that join these movements are mostly doing so because they’ve learned about the problem elsewhere and are looking for likeminded.

    Targeting pointedly the perpertraitors and their immideate social network however, is not being done yet.

    Only 1 guy has employed this tactic with local precision, that’s Gavin Boby. Very effective. Let’s roll it out to all and everyone who’s to name & shame!

  7. ‘ All in all most unpleasant, but the reaction of the police to this was as though they still considered their primary job to be that of genuine law enforcement, not something usually associated with them when non-Muslims complain about Muslim harassment. Mr Alam described their multicultural zeal thus: “Nottinghamshire Police fitted secret cameras, security lighting and after the graffiti, they were literally parked at the end of the alley for days, 24/7.” ‘

    When my family were attacked in our home night after night by a large gang of muslims, the police would not even come out to see the damage and issue a crime report. It took days of me badgering them, and eventually they did so. The next day when I opened my email, they had closed the crime already (without arresting anyone or charging anyone). They laughed when I said I wanted CCTV ( a neighbour who got into a dispute with a muslim gang had her house set on fire during the night).

    Finally after 6 months, the council fitted CCTV, which was left up for 2 months, then taken away.

    The racist violence we endured was by all accounts worse than what this muslim family in Nottingham suffered. Yet we got inaction from the police, inaction from the council. And we don’t have a Tell MAWA organisation (paid for by the government) to get us onto the national news.

    Here’s the list of racist murders/attempted murders by muslim gangs in Britain in the last decade. When I challenge muslims and their agents to produce a list 20x the size of that, showing muslims who were attacked by gangs of white racists, they can’t do it.

  8. And all of this has gotten out of hand because we, indigenous Europeans, lost the will and grit to bite the bullet and crack down with strength and confidence on those who abuse our kindness. We let ourselves become weak and intimidated trying to pacify the aliens among us because that is the path of least resistance. My God what has become of us?!

    • Well actually, that weakness is connected to the fact that Great Britain legalized abortion in 1967, but not euthanasia. That is the hallmark of a weak, soft society. I think it will be necessary for the Netherlands to increase its influence in Great Britain.

  9. What’s wrong in people’s approach to Islamization is whose they focus on. They all focus their hatred and frustration on Muslims, which can somewhat be right. But they are not the issue. The Western middleman is the issue. Without EU rules, without western politicians allowing this, without left leaning intellectuals supporting this, without people endorsing these practices with their vote, without leftists (and the rights too in UK) allowing even more immigration to gain even more consensus, all this wouldn’t have happened. I am not a UK citizens but i used to live there for a long time. I am not an US citizen either. However, what people should focus more on is on how to stop our politicians and institutions from letting them in and allowing this to happen. Once you’ll realize this, you’ll discover it wasn’t muslims only but rather your own politicians, your own courts, your own universities and schools (branwashing kids since early age with fairy tales of multiculturalism and multireligious societies and shaping the bases of their thoughts as they grow adults) etc. In my opinion, you all are focusing on the wrong target. Once your own country and your own people decide there is no room for Muslims and Islam in their country they will go simply because there won’t be a chance for them to spread their virus. Politicians work like marketing men. They go where votes are. Leftists have taken that to a whole new level. In lack of votes, they adopted a strategy based on “importing” votes through immigration and citizenship. Now the strategy is spreading also to the right. If no one does anything you’ll get to a point where you all rant in blogs but have no contractual power because your kids will grow educated to believe in utopy and there won’t be difference between left and right. They are buying your politicians, they subvention universities, they instil fears in those who can’t be bought. What it takes is starting to single out those amongst your country fellows who support them and show their faces and what they say. That is as important as revealing what Islam is.

  10. To support what i say, i randomly went to check the news in UK and found this.

    Now, this is not Islam related but it’s a typical case of what happens also when we need to send a Muslim back home.

    A politician promises stronger rules. Then his/her advisers tell him/her too harsh rules may affect his voter’s basis. In the meantime a left leaning judge says you can’t send that man back based on “human rights” and since most of those laws were created by left leaning people the international law is just full of barriers to that. EU reigns. What you change in your country, the EU denies stealing part of your sovereignty (This happens also in my country and with non Islam related topics. You stop GMOs and EU allows them for example, due to their lobbies and the corporations controlling it). This also happens because a) there is a pro islam trend in the EU b) we deal with these countries for business and we don’t need troubles with them. Immigration is also part of the deal. We buy oil and pay it but part of the deal is also allowing them to dump their people in our countries for a “better life”. The result is visible. Getting back to the article i submitted. How many of you blame the nigerian drug dealer and how many of you feel more bothered by the sense of impotence in simply sending him home but being stopped by WESTERN MADE LAWS and controlled by WESTERN PEOPLE? Now, this is the usual scenario. Put in front of a scenario where they are forced to go…they go. If they don’t go is only because part of us supports them, for a variety of reasons ranging from pure naiveness, to opportunistic interests.
    Now, you can vote Theresa May and she may even implement those laws. Past that, you’ll have EU stopping you, NGOs complaining that Theresa May is a racist, Left leaning courts supporting the EU decisions (as if it was the Law of God that can’t be changed), and then you’ll also have part of your brainwashed kids complaining because they don’t understand why you should oppose to the beauty of multiculturalism and its enriching effects.
    Again, you need to remove the middlemen helping them and THEN focus on the Muslims. And since they also finance universities and send their kids to study in your country (and many of those then use that education to fight democracy), i’d also begin to find new forms of financing and deny entry to those students. This also has huge economic implications. We also need to separate Oil and trade from immigration. I buy your stuff, but you keep your people in your country. It should be written in big bold characters in contracts. Instead it’s not. Not a chance globalization was started by elites and corporations to boost trade. But trade also means people’s movement. So, while big corporations/elites/politicians drop your the issue to tackle, they live in their insulated villas, dealing with the most civilized and almost secularized Muslims. They get the benefits, citizens get the troubles and the two worlds don’t communicate. Again, focus on the middlemen. The key is there.

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  13. Thankyou Paul for this excellent summary of our asylum. It will not be long before they arrest Catholic Churchmen like myself and ban Christianity. Being married to a coloured woman (yes married priests do exist in my denomination), will not save me. The elite are at the last before one stage of assimilation and conversion to Islam. One sees the same behaviour across history. Read the true history of Boudicca and later the court of King Canute prior to the arrival of William. All Islam has to do now is pluck the ripened fruit and the country is theirs. Indeed we are de facto Moslem already and our stupid lowly educated dumb Police, (deliberately recruited lowlife dregs) are already sharia religious Police. When I rook the cloth and rapid promotion, I knew that it was going to be dangerous to be a priest in such times but then you and I have no fear but contempt for these disgusting creatures. The Police and Social ‘Survises’ (illiterates) not only ignored the plight of these poor mites but actively colluded with the gangs to acquire and supply the girls concerned. They are hardly going to investigate their own criminality are they? Keep up hope Paul and I will pray that a miracle may yet come about to awaken us from this nightmare. It seems though that prayer may not be nearly enough to free our land and stronger methods may be required. I envisage a time should we survive, when a replay of the Nurenburg trials will ensue to bring these disgusting things to court and deserved punishment. Perhaps a New Inquisition- they thoroughly deserve it!

    • Well priest, remember an old Catholic saying, God helps those that help themselves, pray if you must, only the sword is going to save you in this life.

  14. Please, ladies and gentlemen; as far as the UK is concerned the problem is not only caused by Muslims, but by a mixed bag of immigrants from some of the most backward countries on the planet, who have been allowed to swarm into our nation without effective controls. The UK, not just England, but Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland has been subjected to what is rapidly becoming ethnic cleansing of the indigenous population. This outrage would not have been possible without the consent of the British government ( of all mainstream political parties ) and affiliated organisations. The people were not consulted about this change and any form of protest has been ruthlessly quashed. Where to now? The options available to the people are few.

    • That is why i submitted an apparently non related link. The issue is immigration at large, not just Muslims. Muslims only happen to be the most threatening and the most dangerous of them all because rather than committing only crimes they are overtly trying to subvert society with the help of politicians, mainstream left leaning intellectuals, NGOs and even universities and their underhand powers. But it’s clear that once you talk immigration you can’t skip on Muslims (then followed by other communities). However, while other communities will eventually manage to integrate due to the fact they are not hindered by a sick ideology, Muslims will consistently fail to do it, while trying to convert and subvert society. In this perspective we can say immigration as is now, is a threat, but Muslims are the highest threat. That’s my two cents and i could be wrong.

  15. I sometimes wonder in my wildest dreams if it would be remotely possible to mobilise, motivate, discipline, educate and train the feral children of the white underclass such that they became an effective force (a movement designed not to protest but to physically take our country back), one that was too large, too well co-ordinated and far too angry for the ideologically emasculated cultural traitors of the political, police and legal machines to contain.

    It would take some doing but it may be the only way to put a stop to and then reverse the process of our ethnic cleansing, messy and brutal though it would be; there is certainly no longer a solution via the ballot box and hence if ever enough of the native peoples chose to fight rather than be enslaved forever then I am of the opinion that despite the high blood price that will have to be paid it will be worth the sacrifice.

    Sauve qui peut, for the ruling classes and the chattering classes that sustain them will not save you, but do bear in mind that dreams can become dangerous things if enough people have the same one night after night after night.

    Seneca III

  16. I am somewhat a little more optimistic than the rest of you. The mere fact that the police have begun, albeit timidly, with these paedophile gangs after some public pressure shows the fightback against islamification is beginning to bear fruit. Another good sign is that British based islamist terrorists are so incompetant not one of their many terror plots has suceeded since 2005. I think the muslim radicals are also too stupid to wait for the right demographics to be attained before they launch an all out taleover bid. For them their impatience will be their undoing and we will after much bloodshed prevail.

    • We shouldn’t exaggerate the paedophilia of these gangs. The real problem is that they would never allow non-muslims to have their way with THEIR daughters. Don’t be shy, attack islam in its heart, the kafa’a. Who has sex with the women of whom. In Saudi-Arabia, Pakistani men cannot marry Saudi women.

      • VERY well put. And thanks for the mention of the new word “Kafa’a”. Judging by the amount of information on it, sounds like this is a big thing in Islamic circles.

    • Also the black ones, be sure. Look at how Africa didn’t develop despite the billions we threw at them to develop and how many times we deleted their public debts to “help” them and you’ll have an idea. However, as i explained, once those corrupted politicians going hand in hand with muslims and financed by the same highly educated Arabs we deal with for oil, company participation and partnerships, know they are being exposed and begin to feel the heat as they, in the flesh, will be deemed responsible not by governments or police but by people (with all what this implies in terms of risks), you’ll see a sharp decrease of ProIslam politicians. It’s a warranty. You can’t spend bribes when you can’t even get out of your home without being despised for what you do.

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  18. Very well put. We are nearing a war situation, and have an elite filled with dhimmi- Quislings, to add to our difficulties. We have failed our own people, our own most vulnerable. We made the mistake of trusting the government, the courts and the police to protect us, and to do their job evenhandedly. Clearly they have not been doing that. If they continue to take sides against the interests of the native population, then we are going to have to start looking out for ourselves and our own.

  19. According to EU treaty, debt to GDP should not go over 60% of GDP. Deficit should not go over 3% year on year and so on. There are LIMITS on how much debt one country can take as well as in every aspect of social life. There is no need to be an expert to know that. It is human intuition out of experience, but somehow the leftoids want to convince everyone that regarding immigration an exception is possible, that we can and should take as much as possible for our own good, so that a newer and better society will emerge. They lie like a rug. Too much immigration like too much cholesterol will kill us all.

  20. Clearly there are far too many to deport and their countries would probably refuse to accept them, and anyway the cost would cripple us. My “solution” would be to cede them a sharia-ruled Islamic enclave (land-locked like Tatarstan in Russia) centred on Bradford and/or Leicester then declare Islam an illegal political organisation (on a par with Nazism, altho far more dangerous) everywhere else. All Muslims must then either move to Inglistan (capital: Bradabad) or emigrate (at their own expense) or apostase. (and surprisingly many might want to if they had no fear of retribution). Since there are not too many true Brits surviving in the Bradford area, those who want to move out (i.e., 99%) could be compensated by being given the houses of the Islamists who have moved to the Inglistan enclave. Rather give away 5% of the country now than have to lose 100% of it eventually.

    • They would never be content with 5%, no matter where it was based. They would no doubt take it at first but then start demanding more. The enclave would just become a training ground for terrorists and nearby indigenous areas would be targeted by them, as happened with Gaza following the Israeli withdrawal.

      Negotiating with these people is a bit like negotiating with Hitler, in that they will only observe any agreements while they perceive it to be in their interests. They cannot be trusted to keep their word, which means nothing to them when given to infidels. Their ultimate goal is quite clear; a world dominated by Islamic sharia law in which all non-Muslims accept subservient dhimmi status.

      Unless you wish to live as a second class dhimmi, a slave in all but name, then the only option is to fight them and defeat them. [redacted]

      • Firstly, if the British islamic enclave (BIE) is land-locked (unlike Gaza) they would find it difficult to bring in many weapons. You say we must fight and defeat them, and I agree this is what eventually it must come to. But at the moment they are dispersed and living amongst us – it is very difficult to fight such an enemy, they must be concentrated first. I agree that they cannot be negotiated with – its the duty of Muslims to lie when it suits their purposes – I believe the Koran states that. I think we might also discover that when the extremists are removed, and they come to realise what they might lose if Britain dies, many Muslims might apostase and join our side. We need to break the logjam by forcing them to choose – are you with us, or against us? If they are all against us, then fine..!

    • Utter madness, the words of someone fooled by islamic taqqiya, ignorant of islam or someone whose agenda is to advance islam,

      • If you have a better solution – and please not the “deport them all” impossibility – then speak up, genius.

  21. Yes, I’ve also noticed this tendency to wallow in X-factor, Big Brother, or similar while a crisis of historic proportions is building… The modern equivalent of Nero “fiddling while Rome burns”? Well, Britain may not be burning yet – at least not visibly. But the beginnings are certainly there. Far lesser symptoms – a slogan about mosques, or a pig’s head at someone’s door – are enough to have people alarmed about the EDL (even when the triggering actions have nothing to do with them), but something as systematic as the grooming and pimping of British girls – happening in towns across Britain, with different gangs, but the patterns always the same – is ignored for almost a decade and swept under the carpet. Don’t want to damage that wonderful “racial cohesion”, do we? Fortunately neither me nor my family have had the sort of experience Joe mentions, but I know of other such cases happening to friends. The police either don’t want to know or, when it’s a clear case of a BME-on-white attack, ask if “there was anything said which provoked them?”. (BME = “black/minority-ethnic”, the new buzzword for the Guardian-reading classes), Because a lone white will obviously be rushing to “say something” to 3 black youths in South London on a Friday night.

    Meanwhile, any mention of “sensitive topics” will be preceded by hours of insisting that “I’m not racist”, “Islamic culture is wonderful” etc etc, as I have come across when speaking to Britons in the past. The concerned ones. The ones embracing the “Brave New World” and having no issue with Brits disappearing will simply say “you don’t discuss things like that”. When you can’t even discuss things, how can you even begin to counteract them? Surely communication is the key – it’s why Western militaries invest billions in secure and reliable communications systems on the battlefield. Yet here we are in the Battlefield of Ideas, surrounded by people who may well share our opinions – but we don’t even know it. Because one or both of us will not let slip their views, lest it be suspected that they are “racist”… The PC brigade really have us by the [male generative organs] on this one.

    Meanwhile, here in Poland, on a bus once to a rock concert, the loudest guy on the bus was talking to a stranger about his time living in France. One of his first comments – that “all the problems were caused by blacks”. He could say this, because he knew almost everyone would agree. Or at least not draw a big gasp of “shock” and “horror”, in the style that might be expected in Britain today … I hope and pray the PC virus never arrives here in the way it has in Western Europe.

  22. Joe, if you are still following this thread, I think it might be helpful for many of us if you would tell us how you changed your political views. You mentioned in one of your posts that you were previously a man of the left. You are obviously a person of intelligence and education and we need to learn how to appeal to our “educated elite.”


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  25. TITLE – All-Party Parliamentary Group on Islamophobia
    PURPOSE To investigate the forms, manifestations and extent of prejudice and discrimination against Muslims in the UK today. To review the effectiveness of all legislation with a view to improving the rate of success in the prosecution of hate crimes. To review existing mechanisms for the recording of anti-Muslim hate crimes both through police forces across the country and through third party reporting sites with a view to improving data quality and comprehensiveness. To investigate and review the role of the media in fostering mutual respect and tolerance and guarding against misrepresentations of Islam and intolerance towards Muslims.

    Title Name Party
    Co-Chairs Khalid Mahmood Lab
    Simon Hughes LD
    Stuart Andrew Con
    Vice Chair Jack Straw Lab
    Treasurer Nigel Dodds DUP

    Government Party Main Opposition Party Other
    1 Eric Ollerenshaw – Con Julie Hilling Caroline Lucas Green
    2 Angie Bray – Con Mark Hendrick Jonathan Edwards PC
    3 Dr Julian Lewis – Con Stephen Timms Lord Ouseley CB
    4 Stuart Andrew – Con Jack Straw
    5 Lord Sheikh – Con Lord Mitchelll
    6 Simon Hughes – LD Simon Danczuk
    7 Tom Brake – LD David Anderson
    8 Sir Peter Bottomley – Con
    9 Gordon Birtwistle – LD
    10 Iain Stewart – Con


  26. This fundamental cultural transformation of the West has been long planned and is almost complete.

    I believe it will end in tears as the people will finally wake up and start to resist.

    I hope and pray that the people responsible for this multi-cultural disaster will be held accountable for their crimes and be punished accordingly.

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  28. A cross wrapped in ham was left propped against their front door — “Nottinghamshire Police fitted secret cameras, security lighting and after the graffiti, they were literally parked at the end of the alley for days, 24/7.”

    Outraged ruling elites and police regard leaving ham outside a Muslim home to be a HUGE crime. Modern technology and around the clock police protection was given to prevent another ham being left again. This makes me cry out to God in grief because Britain’s children are despised and regarded as worthless.

    Ruling elites and police are unbelievably CRUEL. They HATE Britain’s non-Muslim children. They ALLOW savage Muslim monsters who are no longer human to gang-rape, barbarically torture and force into prostitution Britain’s non-Muslim children.

    British Schoolgirl’s Testimony – Muslims Threaten Children With Violence & Rape Outside School Daily

    Muslim Gangs Drug & Rape Children All Over The UK – Britain Finally Starts To Wake Up

    Our leaders behave as if Britain has been conquered by Muslims in a military invasion and have no other choice but to allow Muslims to utterly DESTROY Britain’s children.

  29. It’s gone on too long, and now there are generations who think head-scarves and mosques are as British as Jane Austen and Ralph Vaughan Williams. Muslims in Britain consider themselves “British.” So what can you do?

    There was a time I looked at rap albums and said, “What are these things doing in a music store?” Now, a generation later… You get what I’m saying? It’s too late to complain. Muslims have metastasized their culture onto the British culture.

    Anyone here ever played the old board game “Risk”? It’s where you try to conquer the world by taking over one bit of the map at a time. I always hated that game as a kid because everyone could see who was going to win after two minutes, and then it was a boring process of watching him mop-up everyone else for the next half-hour. (“Monopoly” is kind of the same way.)

    Any group that says “Let’s make Britain British again!” is just going to be regarded as racist scumbags. All we can do is let it all collapse and then say “See, I told you so.”

    Yeah. I’m a defeatist.

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