Beware of Right-Extremists!

As mentioned here numerous times in the past, the Norwegian media keep a close eye on Gates of Vienna. They are always on the alert for “racism”, “xenophobia”, and “right-wing extremism” in this space.

The following paragraph from a major Norwegian daily is an indicator of all that sleepless Nordic vigilance. It appeared yesterday in an op-ed written by John Olav Egeland, an editor and political commentator for Dagbladet:

Ytre høyre er for tida et verksted hvor det eksperimenteres med fornyelse av ideologi og organisering. Forsøkene er ikke koordinert, og de har ulik form og radikalitet. De spenner fra en nokså forsiktig og demokratisk høyrepopulisme (type FrP) til personer og grupper med et klart høyreekstremistisk program (f.eks. Fjordman og bloggfellesskapet Gates of Vienna).

The English translation (thanks to The Observer):

The far right is currently a workshop where experimentation with the renewal of ideology and organizational work are taking place. The experiments are not coordinated, and they have different shapes and levels of radicalism. They range from a fairly cautious and democratic right-wing populism (FrP-type [the Progress Party]) to individuals and groups with a clear right-extremist program (such as Fjordman and the blog community at Gates of Vienna).

What’s interesting about this observation is the contrast between the members of Fremskrittspartiet (FrP) — who are grudgingly acknowledged to be not all that dangerously right-wing — and the Fjordman/GoV combo.

Why is it that these three are the only examples of the “far right” in Norway who merit a mention?

1.   The not-so-far-right FrP.
2.   An unknown (before 22-7) scholar and blogger who was driven out of the country by the collective madness of the Norwegian academy and media.
3.   A minor Counterjihad website located in the United States that happens to focus on European issues.

Are the mandarins of the MSM in Norway unable to find any other scapegoats to attack?

Are there really no other representatives of the “right wing” in Norway?

Because Fjordman is sure as heck no longer in Norway, thanks to the gentle ministrations of the Norwegian press in the wake of the Breivik massacre.

Once upon a time the FrP looked like a viable conservative alternative among Norwegian political parties. But after Anders Behring Breivik finished his grisly work on Utøya, the party was obliged to tack to the left in order to survive. They had to “repudiate”, “distance themselves”, and do all the other things that were necessary to erase all resemblance between their policies and anything Fjordman may have written.

In other words, they became the same kind of party the Republicans are in this country. They rebranded themselves as Multicultural Lite.

Their motto (like the RNC’s) is: “We don’t object to the destruction of our country — we just want it to happen a little more slowly.”

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

What this blog believes in and stands for was the same on July 23, 2011 as it had been on July 21, 2011. And it is the same now.

What is true and right and good remains true and right and good, even if Anders Behring Breivik happens to agree with some of it.

The fact that a mass-murdering psychopath believes in something that’s true does not alter its veracity one iota.

If Mr. Breivik thinks herring swim in the sea, must I assert that they fly through the air?

It’s a pity that the Progress Party was unable to maintain such a principled stance in the wake of the dreadful events of July 22. However, it may be impossible for any political party to be that principled and still continue to exist as a party.

The political establishment lays down the ground rules for anyone who wants to play the game. If a party fails to abide by the rules, it will soon find itself out of the game. Eventually, either Fremskrittspartiet will become indistinguishable from the other parties in Norway, or it will cease to be a party.

In either case, there will remain only two “far right” scapegoats for the Norwegian elites: Fjordman and Gates of Vienna.

9 thoughts on “Beware of Right-Extremists!

  1. Of course these fine fellows will have no trouble whatsoever defining what they actually MEAN when THEY use the mysterious term “right wing”.

    If they can’t define their own terms, then they quite literally don’t know what they’re talking about.

  2. If I’ve said it and once; I’ve said it a thousand times: It is no coincidence that Quisling was Norwegian.

  3. I know Norway well from my British Army days. Most people were grateful to UK for the defeat of the Nazi occupiers. My 91 years old father now wonder why he sacrificed 74% of his bomber crew to help these leftwing modern totalitarians. I saw him in tears after watching an old Bomber Command film just before Christmas.

    The Norweigian ‘intelligentsia’ has always been very leftwing. In my opinion they are as bad as the Nazis, if not worse. Breivik was their creation and sooner rather than later we will see something similar in the UK. People are being pushed to the limit.

    I have been called a ‘Nazi’ and ‘Breivik No2’ despite the fact I am priest. I loathe and despise these hypcrites and one day soon, I hope they all stand trial for ‘Crimes against humanity’ and spend their final years in jail as they fully deserve. I also hope they read this and realise that their crimes will one day be dealt with….

    Norway is a beautiful country but I will not visit it now!

    Father Dr Guy Leven-Torres MA(Hons), FSEFA.

  4. I’ve also seen Gates of Vienna described as “racist” and “extremist” in newspapers here in Poland… looks like GoV is getting notorious throughout Europe!

  5. Rejoice, for you suffer the Emanuel Goldstein treatment– the requisite five minutes of hate to immunize the serfs against rational thought and moral clarity.

  6. Realised long ago that the left – right mainstream political axis had become confalted, there are no extremes only absolute absurdities pretending to have a regard for reality.

  7. “Are there really no other representatives of the “right wing” in Norway?”
    well we/they can’t count Breivik as far right as he is plainly far left and therefore one of theirs.

    Nick on February 13, 2013 at 9:07 pm said:
    “Of course these fine fellows will have no trouble whatsoever defining what they actually MEAN when THEY use the mysterious term “right wing”.”
    any thing that does not tally with their world view is right wing and extremist.
    it’s the Goebbels effect.

  8. These extreme leftwing nordic idiots have no really idea of what they are dealing with. They don´t care and they would not dream of to try to listen just a second. They have their agenda. Destruction of their own countries and cultur. Lefties have never counted victims, just see to Stalin, Mao and you can go on. We are all expendable. Well I can tell these ignorants that I and many others are in fact moderate lefties and does not at all belong to the outmost right wing. But we cannot accept a violent, suppressive and brutal ideology taking over our countries, making the future dark without any hope of prosperity for coming generations. If that makes us to your enemies we will pic up the glove. You will not be able to tie our lips.

    • Leftards feel a connexion with Islam because both are in effect the
      ‘revenge of failure’. The difference is whereas Islam sees salvation in jihad, leftards see victory in societal mass-suicide. They attain equality in taking us all down. Both of these sick ideologies have to be defeated by the Right on behalf of continuity.

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