An Enriched Incident in Bodø

Our Norwegian correspondent The Observer has translated a news video and an accompanying article about the arrest of a suspected serial rapist in Norway.

The suspect is — wait for it — culturally enriched. A major Norwegian daily tried to make hay out of “police brutality” during the arrest. Was this another deliberate attempt to paint “persons of Norwegian background” as “racists”?

The translator includes this note:

The clip shows the arrest of a suspect after a sexual assault which occurred in Bodø over the weekend. The alleged perpetrator happens to be a culture enricher — surprise, surprise…

The arrest seems pretty straightforward to me, but VG obviously wants to make an issue out of it, and questions the integrity of the police officers carrying out the arrest.

It would be interesting to find out what VG thinks the officers should have done differently. Would they have preferred that the police officers ask the suspect politely to accompany them to the police station, perhaps wait for an interpreter?

The guy was quite clearly resisting arrest, and the police were well within their rights to use appropriate force to subdue him.

If the man in the clip is indeed the rapist, then I think the police were very gentle with him. I know that wouldn’t have been the case with me if I had caught someone raping a woman.

First, the video. Thanks to The Observer for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

The article from, also translated by The Observer:

Man charged with sexual assault

(VG Nett) A woman was raped by a man in his 30s while she was walking home from the city centre of Bodø (city in Northern Norway).

The police in Salten were notified of the incident at 04.32 on Sunday morning, and they immediately started looking for the perpetrator. Eleven minutes later a man of African origin was arrested.

“She was assaulted, subjected to violence and sexually abused, but she managed to cry for help. This alerted people in the area who quickly arrived at the scene,” says police inspector Heidi Kløkstad to Avisa Nordland (local newspaper).

The man in his 30s has been charged with the rape, but he has so far not been formally questioned by the police and has not been appointed a defense attorney.

Police tell VG Nett that the suspect will be appointed a defense attorney before the police start questioning him on Monday.

Video transcript:

0.00   It is early Sunday morning and the police in Bodø apprehend a man accused of sexual assault.
0.08   Some people in a car witness the arrest and record everything on a camera.
0.15   The video shows the dramatic arrest where it appears that the police are struggling to control the man.
0.24   In the clip one can hear the people in the car react strongly to the way in which the police execute the arrest.
0.31   As the individuals who recorded the incident want to remain anonymous, the sound has been removed.
0.51   The police eventually gain control of the situation, and one of the policemen sits quietly on top of the accused.
1.00   Here’s the situation again in slow motion.
1.21   The other policeman and his dog and walk over to the witnesses in the car.
1.25   Did you see anything?
1.27   We saw you jumping on him and beating him, the people in the vehicle say.
1.31   Yes, there has been a sexual assault.
1.33   The conversation continues and the people in the car mention that the arrest appeared quite brutal.
1.38   So we hit his arm because he refused to put it on his back.
1.42   We thumped him on the arm to get it on his back, so that’s how it is.
1.46   Eventually a police car arrives on the scene and several policemen place the accused in the back of the car.


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6 thoughts on “An Enriched Incident in Bodø

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  2. If the folks in the car thought this rapist was treated “brutally” (incidently, before we forget, let’s hear how was his victim treated again?), they should read Anne Holt’s “Blessed Are Those Who Thirst”.

    Ms. Holt was with the Oslo Police Dept for 2 years, founded her own law firm, and served as Norway’s justice minister in 1996-7, as well as writing crime fiction. In this novel, the perp is a blond, body-building Norwegian (white guy) cop working with immigrants. The immigrants, especially one Muslima, are portrayed as innocents. The lesbian police detective is also portrayed as very good and wise.

    (Spoiler alert here) -the rapist gets caught by the victim and her father before the police arrive and suffers what must be very uncomfortable knife wounds to his privates before ex-sanguinating to death. Brutal? For sure. A lesbian leftist revenge fantasy against white males? That too.

    To be fair, this book was published in 1994, before the evils of Islam were as widely known as they are today. It did have some good descriptions of nature in Norway. It had some humor: one cop whispers to another about some lesbians in a bar, “Carpet-munchers”, a term I’d never heard before. And at least the book’s title is Biblical (maybe that will inspire some to read the Gospel, repent and be saved? One can only pray), and also at least, the heroine drives an American-made motorcycle.

    Norwegians siding against Western police and culture in favor of truly brutal totalitarian rapist invaders need to wake up post haste.

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  4. Police need to use more force and a non-tolerance approach applied. The problem all across Europe is that no one – not a single soul – has any respect or fear for police. They feel they can get away with anything. Thus crime is escalating and I have seen EU stats that shows EU crimes over 800% higher than in all of the U.S.

  5. Its no Tea Party arresting someone, you really need to dominate the suspect, especially if they resist.
    That looks really tame, a lot of guys wouldnt have that patience.

  6. Brutality? I’m sorry, but I didn’t see ANY brutality… I saw a suspect who physically resisted an arrested by the police and then thrashed about as the police tried to restrain him…

    Police are obliged to compel a suspect into custody! If a suspect resists, whether they are drunk, under the influence of alcohol, or otherwise resisting their being taken into custody, the police are obligated to use “necessary force” to compel the suspect to comply with the orders of the officers on the scene acting with “probable cause”…

    The suspect refused to comply with a police order, he physically impeded the order of arrest and his being taken into custody, thus, the officers on the scene were forced to use physical means to compel his “surrender” to the authorities…

    This is NOT “Rodney King”, it is a suspect physically resisting an arrest made by the police. This is NOT police abuse, I admire the restraint used by the arresting officers, they did their job and did not resort to physically abusing the man!

    To make the police out to be the agressors in this instance is simply ludicrous…

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