A War Zone in the Banlieues

Hungarian TV reports on the “Sensitive Zones” (ZUS) of the suburbs of Paris, where police are forced use military-style armored vehicles to enter the culturally enriched no-go zones.

Many thanks to Hermes for the translation:

The most extreme district: the Célpont TV team was spat on, jostled, and there was also an attempt to run them over.

The largest of the Parisian districts is urging the deployment of the army due to the continuously increasing number of armed conflicts between drug dealers. There are districts in which (police) do not dare enter with normal police cars anymore. This was acknowledged even by police officials to Célpont.

Dealers, pickpockets, robbers. The footage was filmed with police cameras — in Paris.

“Apart from the images transmitted by the 1200 cameras installed by the police, here in this headquarters we also see those from public transport and the railway service cameras,” the spokesperson for the Paris police said. “This is a huge network — in this way we have almost 10,000 cameras to keep Paris and its surroundings under surveillance,” Régis Mongendre said.

Gang wars are an everyday issue in the suburbs of Paris. In these districts the camera is the enemy no. 1. “They sure want to show how Arabs, immigrants, Kosovars and others, how they cause troubles in the outer districts,” a social worker said, adding, “Why do you allow this to happen?”

“Delete it! Understand? Delete it so we can see that you really do it!” Nor was our TV team welcomed. They tried to snatch away our camera, they spat on us, jostled us, and they tried to run us over with a quad. The perpetrators are increasingly youngsters.

They use the burning cars as traps

By the way, 40,000 cars are set on fire every year — these are used as traps. This is how they decoy the police in order to attack them.

“If needed, we enter even the most dangerous zones, yet not with everyday police cars, but with full weaponry,” the police chief of district V said. “We must plan carefully how to withdraw before we enter (those zones). Neither do I deny that the police pay a huge price for this. Many of my colleagues were wounded during those operations, but this does not scare us,” Muriel Sobry added.

The largest of the suburban districts in Paris (from the Greens) already proposed in 2009 that “the army should be deployed; otherwise there will be no peace.” Brawls involving the settling of scores are a daily issue amongst dealers.

“Weapons which were used at the Balkan wars have now appeared here,” the major said. “There were also cases in which bullets went astray and hit the walls of a classroom — all this in broad daylight,” Stéphane Gatignon said.

France spends an average of 115 billion euros per year in order to secure public order — this is twice the budget of Hungary.

13 thoughts on “A War Zone in the Banlieues

    • Millions of pounds worth of armoured vehicles are to be left in Afghanistan as ISAF forces withdraw. Perhaps we need these vehicles back in Europe.

  1. No, GofV. You’ve got it wrong. This, les Banlieues, is enrichment in action. It’s one of the many many benefits of large scale third world immigration. This is what makes us strong – you know, in the ‘diversity makes us strong’ sense. Immigration is good for the West – remember? Surely you haven’t forgotten; we are reminded of it every second of every day. And les Banlieues? All together now: rejoice in diversity, celebrate difference, rejoice in diversity, celebrate difference, rejoice etc etc.

  2. Looks like Huntington’s ‘Clash of Civilisations’ is in its incipient stage in the banlieue de Paris.

  3. I just don’t understand why politicians in freedom loving countries aren’t telling the truth about Islamic Dawa in France, UK, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Canada and increasingly America.
    It’s not as if the information isn’t available, Patrick Sookhdeo wrote an excellent book
    2008 – Faith, Power and Territory: A Handbook of British Islam, Isaac Publishing, ISBN 978-0-9787141-3-0
    In which he clearly sets out the model the Islamists use.

    • Part of it is that most politicians don’t FULLY comprehend the
      entire reach of Islam into our societies and it’s destructive intent. An exact parallel is a woman finding a lump in her breast and making up various excuses not to go straight to a doctor. Islam is a cancer in ANY other system / country / people and must be dealt with accordingly. However it takes a long time for most people to recognise the urgency of the situation. If as you say, Ghandi did not understand the cancerous nature of Islam, and he lived his whole life surrounded by it, then it is not going to be understood by the hoi polloi.

    • It is easy to understand: they are [frightened to the point of soiling their undergarments], or bought, or both.

      • Well yes, I think they are bought and not naive. It is far easier to take an oil trade or an exhorbitant funding for a university than it is to speak out against the Islamitisation of the west. After all these power brokers are safely ensconsed behind their security details…
        I found this same hubris when I was required to have my 3rd grade son sit in a public classroom where the majority of students didn’t speak English. We bought our way out.

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