A Message From Lars Hedegaard

Lars Hedegaard just sent out the following message:


Thank you for the hundreds of Facebook messages and mails I have received since a lunatic tried to bump me off two days ago.

I’m in fine shape and hope to return to a semblance of normal life and work pretty soon.

Meanwhile I can only repeat what I have already said to one of the Danish dailies: I would rather die than shut up.

They may kill us but there will always be people determined to stand up for our most precious right — the right of free expression.

Thank you to the hundreds who have joined our Free Press Society or taken out subscriptions to Dispatch International over the past 48 hours.

We are all in this together and if we stay together, they can never break us.


— Lars Hedegaard

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5 thoughts on “A Message From Lars Hedegaard

  1. Dear Mr. Hedegaard, my sincere sympathy and stay strong.
    Gods blessing for you and for your friends and your work.
    Louk Broug, Amsterdam

  2. As Douglas Murray has pointed out, Hope Not Hate, a communist organisation in the UK, has basically been inviting the Looney Left to assassinate people like Lars Hedegaard.

    I am informed that someone complained to the UK Guardian newspaper that they (as with the BBC) had basically reported on the assassination attempt by portraying Hedegaard as a criminal. The Guardian apparently contacted AP and informed them that their version of the story misrepresented Hedegaard, and that his conviction had been quashed. The BBC’s “correction” still manages to say twice that Hedegaard was fined (thus negating their “correction”).

    It is interesting how the Left — HNH, BBC, Guardian, even AP — are so prepared to justify such political assassinations, meanwhile the British media last week was full for days of the “horrific” story of islamophobia, where a muslim boy had some smoke blown in his direction.

  3. Im just saying: Maybe some folks should cut down on the open insults to islam, before one sleeper cell of the heavy boys (SIS/Iranians/Saudi) actually come and kill a lot of counterjihadists. There are some insults who demand answers in the islamic code of honour. Maybe we should stay away from those, and keep on critizing?

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