Violent Enrichment on the 6A Bus

Last November a group of culturally enriched “youths” on a bus in Copenhagen set upon an American student of Chinese descent and beat him up. The incident was caught on a surveillance camera, and Danish police are still looking for the perpetrators, who are said to be “of other ethnic origin”.

Many thanks to Steen for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for subtitling this news video from Danish TV:


0:00   Nov. 9 of last year the passengers on a full bus looked passively on
0:07   as 4 young boys unprovoked attacked and kicked the US exchange student Nick Townsell.
0:15   I understand completely that people are nervous and don’t want to be the next in trouble.
0:24   That being said, you have a duty as citizen
0:27   to do the right thing.
0:31   The photos show documents of what happened on bus 6A.
0:33   Townsell in the back of the bus suddenly becomes interesting to the boys sitting behind him.
0:40   Townsell is of Chinese origin, and the boys start to shout racist word at him,
0:44   such as “Chinese boy” and “Nihau”.
0:47   At the same time, the physical violence escalates.
0:49   He is increasingly kicked and hit.
0:55   Here from another angle. Note that no one helps him.
1:04   Lots of people in the bus, but no response.
1:06   Bus 6A runs from Buddinge through central Copenhagen.
1:14   The assault happened on Tagensvej; the boys get out at Nørreport.
1:20   The police now ask for help to find the violent boys,
1:24   all of ‘other ethnic origin’, and from 16-20 years old.
1:29   The bus now has been stopped for several minutes, because the driver has noticed the assault.
1:34   The woman has watched passively through the whole assault; she will not get involved.
1:41   At last it becomes too much for her; she takes her bag and leaves.

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4 thoughts on “Violent Enrichment on the 6A Bus

  1. Should any such thing ever on a bus I’m riding, there will be innards in the aisle … and they won’t be mine.

  2. I feel so ashamed being Danish when I read this article. I wish the police could/would do more. I wish that the danish society would wake up. I wish the politicians would act more intelligent and take responsibility. Bad karma to those racial guys who did this to Nick Townsell. I hope they wake up too somehow, even though you can’t expect that, there mind must be so extremely dulled and dark.

  3. What happened to and about American Nick Townsell? Was there ever any followup? It is odious to think No One helped him.

  4. This kind of thing ENRAGES me. The fact that no one tried to help him is shameful. Argue all you want about my being naive, but we must stand up to bullies. There are many ways to diffuse a situation.

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