To Go Where Germans Live

The following video from German TV offers a glimpse into the lives of children who have to go to school where 96% of their fellow pupils are of non-German background. The school is in Neukölln, one of the most culturally enriched districts of Berlin.

Many thanks to Rita for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


00:03   During the break I get a call: in a primary school
00:07   a German boy was being chased through the school by Muslim students because he had said
00:15   that he didn’t believe in God. I want to talk to the boy
00:19   his name is Michael, his mother is German, his father is Turkish
00:23   I meet the 10 year old at a school friend’s home
00:37   So, when I arrived in school they all asked me: are you German, are you Turk, are you Arab,
00:41   Arab,
00:41   and they all said, “you look like a German”
00:47   and I said, “I am a German” and then they found
00:51   out that I don’t believe in God, and then they all
00:53   wanted to attack me, wanted to beat me up and so on
01:02   and then there are those class friends who tell
01:10   for example (name inaudible) he told others
01:10   and then they all run after me
01:14   I could do nothing
01:18   you mean they hunted you and wanted to bash you because you said
01:22   you don’t believe in god. Yup. Aha, does that happen often?
01:26   how is that,( inaudible)
01:30   that they say the students say you are a German?
01:34   or don’t they care? Well sometimes they say to me I am a German
01:39   and then
01:44   they sneer and insult me, as with Michael
01:48   and they ask me why I am not a Muslim, and I told them I’m a Christian
01:52   and now they have something against me being Christian
01:56   What do they say against this? You Shit Christian and so on
02:00   that’s what they say to you
02:04   the next day I want to speak with the teachers of Michael about this incident
02:08   First they are willing to speak with me
02:12   So that is now
02:16   the -name inaudible- school, 96% immigrants
02:20   we had an appointment to film here, but
02:24   it was just cancelled one day before
02:28   this seems to be a problem about which one does not like to speak openly
02:32   I am informed that some teachers do not want to talk about this incident
02:36   they feel it will incite hatred for foreigners, I am not accepting this
02:41   Arranged an appointment with school councillor Wolfgang Schimmern
02:45   Why is it such a taboo when
02:49   this xenophobia apparently or even blatantly also exists among immigrants
02:53   against Germans or smaller minority groups
02:57   Why is that a problem? It happens often
03:01   that one is under general suspicion
03:05   that one has something against foreigners, if one expresses it clearly
03:05   that one has something against foreigners, if one expresses it clearly
03:09   “your attitude is shit” to express it elegantly is not okay
03:13   and I forbid you this and that
03:20   Do you think that the teachers get all these mobbing incidents really or
03:24   or are there things that happen among the students where German children simply
03:28   don’t dare any more to go to the teacher, because they don’t know
03:32   what could be the consequences. There will always be single cases
03:36   for the most diverse reasons, where unfortunately also the teachers
03:40   don’t see it and the child does not have the courage or the
03:44   strength, or both, and this causes
03:48   real problems like academic failure and refusal to return to school
03:52   or the child becomes introvert and has
03:56   great difficulties to find the right way into life.
04:00   I collect Johnny from school and escort him home
04:04   Do his parents know what happens to him at school?
04:12   Yes I know that he has difficulties in school
04:16   with other students, but that it was that extreme
04:20   I didn’t know. Have you already thought about
04:24   moving away? Well from friends I know
04:28   that they moved away so that their child can go to another school
04:32   he goes to school here, I mean he has another 3 years there
04:36   No, I am born here ..and..
04:40   I am born in Neukölln, so..
04:44   of course, it would be the best to move away… but
04:48   really that would be like fleeing, if one moves away.
04:52   well…in fact fleeing is the only thing
04:56   when you get stressed like that, the only way is to move
05:01   And what are your plans for the future, have you any ideas?
05:05   Only go where
05:08   Germans live, where one is left in peace
05:12   Move away to where
05:16   there are only Germans. If that is the only solution, then the idea of integration
05:20   has failed in any case. Perhaps this is
05:24   a development which can still be avoided. To speak about this openly
05:28   would be a start.

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8 thoughts on “To Go Where Germans Live

  1. So let me see if I understand what is taking place here. Germany invites “foreigners,” who in most cases are muslims, into the country to work in its factories and pay taxes for their social programs and “enrich” its culture through ethnic and “religious” diversity? Germany expected muslims to integrate seamlessly and peacefully? Bist du krank? Where on earth have muslims ever integrated peacefully??? The muslims sure are expressing a lot of gratitude for your hospitality, aren’t they?!

    You have to clean out the muslims from your midst and “return to sender,” AND VOTE OUT THE POLITICIANS THAT ARE FORCING THEM UPON YOU!!! Or else you will have to keep moving, and moving and moving away from them, until you have been driven out of your country. Fight them or flee. Germans used to fight well…a looooong time ago.

  2. This is a heartbreaking scenario. You can see so much pain in the eyes of the young man at the end. I am sure that greater levels of mental illness, lower social outcomes and success in life are something that could be easily measurable amongst white minorities in such schools, but the social scientists have their agendas loaded against reality, in order to preserve their ideology with which they have a strong emotional attachment.

  3. Incredible to think that 80 years ago the exact same interview might have been conducted with Jewish children in Germany. The last line particularly struck me – “Only go where Germans live, where one is left in peace” – it sounds like a German incarnation of the Zionist idea.

  4. Off topic: I like the layout of your new website; there’s a silver lining to everything, I figure.

  5. One wonders how much worse it will have to get before the majority of Europeans wake up? When you see this [offensive substance] happening in England, the blogs are always filled with [people whose intelligence I find wanting] who lament the ‘lack of respect’ and ‘no social services’ or ‘lack of police’ (not sure why: they are useless at best). Few, if any note the [odious material] all comes from Muslims.

    The West is filled with cowards (those who wish to fight back are labelled ‘racists’ and they face the might of the judicial system). Pathetic. Still unclear as to the motives of those in power…

    • By those in power I take it you are assuming Prime Ministers, Presidents etc are the ones in power. Not exactly correct, the elected
      leaders of White countries are nearly all bought by the insidious
      Globalist Elites and therefore all operate under a conflict of interests.
      Cameron is the most obvious bought politician who cannot act or lie well. I have heard, admittedly without proof, that he was on £7 million per year, to do the bidding of specifically, the Rothschild Cartel, and the Wall Street/ City of London and Frankfurt banksters. That would be 50 times his ” part-time” job as leader of the country.

  6. Islam doesn’t come to assimilate they come to colonise-they have openly stated they don’t have to go to war they will overtake from within -which they are doing -with the help of the dhimmi’s and the politically correct ,this is a well thought out strategy by islam -when becoming citizens of a country they swear to abide by the laws of the land -they will as long as it doesn’t conflict with their own law-the law of sharia-God’s law.

    Stopping -immigration is the first step -which in turn stops many many babies from being born thus stopping them multyplying -it’s a chain reaction -no mosques-prayer rooms-segregation etc.applying blasphemy laws stops any criticism of islam and silences the media -we cannot have any discusion concerning islam as they have been silenced by fear of reprissals -this is how they take over by silencing the opposition and controlling by fear tactics -we are losing -have lost -our – freedom of speech-those who close their ears and believe islam is a religion of peace will one day live to regret they didn’t -open their eyes -read the qurán and the laws of sharia -this is no ordinary go to church on Sunday-it is a militant-political ideology that openly states they intend to convert us to their -barbaric -back wood –women hating religion.

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