7 thoughts on “The Turning Point

  1. Wellcome back. In the end Google did you a service by forsing you to do, what you long ago should have done ? I know the problem myself. All the best wishes for Gov from your friends in Denmark

    • How about using the ‘page’ function within wordpress to create a whole library of ‘stickies.’

  2. In both sieges of Vienna an unusual wet season kept the heavy cannons from being brought. Fate or an act of God, I tend to think it was an act of God. Youtube has several videos that go more into detail on this battle. Of course the Croissant was created after the Turks gave up the siege so it was an Austrian invention and not French. The French stole this but yet during the batttle they refused to aid the Austrians because they wanted to rid themselves of the Hapsburgs. Ironic – huh!

  3. We are engaged again, but this time on all fronts and our “leaders” are in the back, egging on those who would destroy Western civilization.

    Our perfidious State Dept and Obama are pushing through the “foreign aid” to Egypt, aid which includes F-16 fighter jets and tanks. That’ll feed a lot of Egyptians for sure.

    Another aphorism from the Obama Era’s worst debacle so far. Remember “bump in the road”? Now we have Clinton’s Gallic shrug “what difference does it make?”


  4. Almost 20 years ago I was a visiting scholar at the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis in Vienna. One evening my colleagues took me to a restaurant in town. They told me that because this restaurant had served as a canteen for the defenders of Vienna during the Ottoman siege, it was still granted tax-free status. Interesting tale.

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