Kurds vs. Turks in Genk

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The following enricher-on-enricher violence took place in the Belgian town of Genk, pitting Kurdish youths against their Turkish counterparts. Notice how well-integrated the Turkish kids are: they consider the Turkish flag to be “our pride, our honor, and our blood.”

Many thanks to Hermes for the translation from 7 sur 7:

Two students attacked in Genk amidst community tensions

Two final-year Turkish students from the technical institute of Sint-Lodewijk in Genk (Belgium) were taken to hospital on Monday after receiving knife injuries during a brawl, the brother of one of the injured students reported. The public prosecutor’s office of Tongres announced that two suspects had been arrested, one of them 18 years old.

The facts are linked to a tense mood between the Turkish and Kurd communities in Genk after a Kurd cultural center was burned down last Wednesday. “My brother is in stable condition,” Osman, the brother of one of the victims says. “He was stabbed in his right shoulder blade. His mate was more seriously injured; he has wounds in his lower back. They were attacked from behind,” he explained.

Osman said that “during the Kurdish demonstration on Saturday to protest against the burning of the community’s cultural center, a Turkish flag, which is our pride, our honor, and our blood, was burned.” This fact created tensions at school. “My brother and his mate were attacked by two older Kurdish youngsters. This is not normal, this has to stop. We will take legal action instead of answering with violence. We are trying to calm the burning mood of the youngsters from the Turkish community in order for the situation not to escalate.”

The lessons continued on Monday afternoon, but students were shocked. Some worried parents went (to the school and) took away their children.

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  1. Love the new site guys! Best of luck out here on your own and say a prayer for the rest of over at the Kingdom of Blogger.

    Great to have you back doing what you do for all of us.


  2. In Turkey there is stealth kurd-had going on. The Kurdish population is increasing inside Turkey. One day there will be a Kurdistan applying for U.N. recognition on Turkey’s border.

  3. It happens in the Netherlands also. It’s usually just a nuisance, but it became extremely offensive to me when Turks staged a protest in the middle of The Hague to show their support for the Turkish government, dressed in Turkish flags and introducing some lovely ethnic slurs for the Kurds.

    Though, in their defense, the Kurds have taken to setting on fire community centres and attacking Turks. Another prime example of the idea that you can transplant people into Europe, but you can’t expect them to subscribe to any values but those of the country their allegiance is with – and that’s Turkey.

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