Gang Rape of a Child in Trondheim

Our Norwegian correspondent The Observer has translated an article from Aftenposten concerning the sexual assaults on two little girls perpetrated by youthful culture-enrichers. He includes this introductory note:

Aftenposten has elegantly omitted the fact that these perverted animals are of foreign origin, as have Dagbladet and VG. But Adresseavisen, the newspaper where the original article was first published, included it.

The first thought that struck me when I was reading it was that the boys in question probably were involved in the rape of Eva Helgetun, the 14-year-old girl who committed suicide after being raped in 2011. The animals who raped Eva Helgetun were never caught, but she did tell the police before she took her own life that the rapists were young boys of foreign origin. There is no proof that these are the same boys, of course, but the idea isn’t that far-fetched. All the rapes occurred in the same city, Trondheim, which is not a big city by any means. It has a population of only about 160,000.

In every single case the perpetrators were young boys of foreign origin who targeted underage girls and forced/lured them into isolated areas before raping them.

The translated article:

Indictment: Gang rape of 12-year-old girl

Four boys have been charged with sexually assaulting a 12-year-old girl on several occasions

One of the assaults is reported to have taken place in a schoolyard. Two or more of the boys met the 12-year-old girl and had sex with her on more than one occasion, according to [regional newspaper].

The perpetrators were themselves very young at the time, respectively 15, 16, 17 and 18 years old.

The second-oldest perpetrator is also accused of attempting to have sexual intercourse with another 13-year-old girl.

Indictment issued by the Attorney General

The case is so unusual that the Attorney General has been involved in the process of writing the content of the indictment, which has been signed by the state prosecutor, Hans Vang.

“The case involves repeated and severe violations against a person under the age of 14. In criminal cases of such a serious nature it’s the Attorney General who decides the content of the indictment,” says Kaia Strandjord, who will lead the prosecution.

She did not wish to give any detailed comments about the case to Adresseavisen earlier this week, but she did however point out that things tend to become more complicated when the accused are children under the age of 18.

Nevertheless, amendments to the Criminal Code which came into effect last year allow for lengthy prison sentences when the court finds that it is of “particular importance.”

On the swing

The alleged crimes occurred some time ago. According to the indictment, the boys met the youngest girl on at least three occasions and sexually assaulted her. On one occasion the assault is reported to have occurred on the grounds of a primary school. Three of the accused had sexual intercourse with the girl near the school entrance and on a swing. Another one of the assaults took place in what is labeled a “cubby house”. The assault against the other girl is alleged to have occurred at the grounds of a school nearby. According to the indictment the then 17-year-old boy accused of assaulting her acted on his own on that particular occasion.

No Comment

Earlier this week Adresseavisen contacted all the defense attorneys of the alleged perpetrators, but none of them wished to comment on the indictment or how their clients will respond to the accusations.

“I am still waiting for relevant court documents; hence I am not going to make any statements,” says Camilla Ødegaard Letnes, the defense attorney representing the oldest boy.

Will ask for financial compensation

The indictment allows for financial compensation to be awarded to the girls. The amount of the compensation has so far not been determined, according to Camilla Elvevoll, who is representing the older girl, nor does Anders Kjøren, who is representing the younger girl, wish to comment on the amount of the compensation. Both lawyers are scheduled to meet with their clients and the girls’ parents next week.

“My client has been subjected to serious exploitation. This is one of the most grave cases that we’ve come across for a long time. There are several perpetrators, and the abuse is alleged to have occurred on more than one occasion. My client has been severely affected by the abuse,” says Kjøren.

Will show judges’ examination

Thus far there are no indications that the trial will be closed to the public. It could, however, be appropriate to close the courtroom to members of the public when the videotape of the judge’s examination of the girls is shown, says Kjøren.

One week has been set aside for the case in Namdal Court. The trial begins on February, 18.

For those who are interested, here’s the story of Eva Helgetun.

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13 thoughts on “Gang Rape of a Child in Trondheim

    • Does a dog ” understand ” not to do certain things` ? Of course not,
      so how can we expect Moslems to understand not to rape our children.
      If I was the girls father, I wouldn’t bother myself too much whether
      my daughter’s rapists were illiterates or went to Eton Public School. I
      would be out looking to buy a gun and 1000 rounds of soft-nose slugs.

    • They knew it was wrong by being human beings. You also make the mistake of assuming that every Muslim clings to every word in the Koran. Not true.

  1. Why is monetary compensation to the victims considered appropriate atonement for this disgusting crime? So you turn rape into prostitution or hush money?
    If white boys raped Muslim girls the racism industry would be outraged and we would never hear the end of it. Also, embassies would burn all over the Muslim world. Many would die……………but we love our children so little that muticultural fantasies trump crimes that should get, at a minimum, a life sentence without parole. Yes, even for “children” aged 17.

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  3. “Neighboring with muslim states we know how to deal with rapist… but we never tell”

    A comment to the rape and the tragic death of Eva.

    Was there ever any condolence by any member of the Norwegian government after Eva’s death? Prime minister? Any ensuring that this must never happen again? That Norwegian girls and women must be spared the same imported evilness in this country ruled by and “protected” by socialists? No? And why? Because she did have fair skin and blond hair? Is that reason enough to make Eva disappear in the statistics?

    RIP, Eva

    This tragic suicide happened just weeks before 22 July 2011…

  4. Forget compensation. Give the “boys” over to the girls families and let them administer “justice” upon them. I can assure you that these “boys” will never rape anyone again.

  5. Norway is very sympathetic to the rights of the “occupied”. They should do what Sharia custom dictates.
    Make the raped girl marry her rapist. The
    Then her “occupied” space rightly belongs to 1 man & the girl becomes “liberated” by
    submission (translation of Islam). Plus the rapist’s gets additional Norwegian social assistance for doing the right thing.

  6. Until muslims are more fearful of us, normal Western citizens; especially Christians; than they are of their imams, ayatollahs and mullahs, then this will occur with greater frequency.

  7. Sounds like HUSH money to me! The parentsought to be horse whipped IF they take this and allow their girls to be treated like prostitutes by the govt. and subjected to yet MORE rape…. this time by the court and the govt. system.

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