Disillusionment with “Europe”

The famed British novelist Frederick Forsyth has joined the growing chorus of Britons expressing their revulsion for “Europe” as represented by the EU, which they never desired to be a part of, and never voted to join.

Many thanks to Hermes for the translation from FOCUS Online:

Forsyth: The EU pseudo-parliament recalls the DDR

The British author Frederick Forsyth has joined Prime Minister David Cameron, who called for a referendum on the EU membership. Forsyth mercilessly lets loose about the EU in FOCUS.

“We want to be asked about the fate of our country. Yes, we insist on this,” Forsyth wrote in an article for FOCUS. It is not about an aversion towards Europe on the part of Britain, “because Europe is a continent we visit constantly, and we admire and are fond of its art, culture, music, literature, architecture, landscapes, cuisine and people,” Forsyth wrote. From this point of view, “the arguments about leaving Europe are utter nonsense.” But the EU is not Europe. Moreover, it is a project “about which we have become completely disillusioned in the last twenty years.”

“Pseudo-parliament with overpaid members”

British citizens value “honesty, sovereignty and democracy,” said Forsyth. But it is exactly these values which the EU bureaucracy of Brussels destroys. Curiously, it seems that the “German Establishment” is not bothered by the “80 percent of the rules, laws, regulations, prohibitions and prescriptions being formulated by unelected EU bureaucrats behind closed doors in Brussels, which are then being rubber-stamped by a pseudo-parliament with overpaid members. This reminds me of the old GDR”.

“Billions and billions of wasted money”

According to Forsyth, most of Britons “have simply had enough of the detachment and arrogance of the Eurocrats in Brussels, of our ongoing capitulation to them, of the billions and billions in wasted money, of the slow death of democracy.” The text concludes with some words addressed to the EU officials: “We believe that our country was stolen from us through lies and deceit. And ladies and gentlemen, we have no hostility towards you, but we want it back.”

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