Death of an Unborn Child

A culturally enriched lovers’ quarrel in the town of Bretten in Baden-Württemberg ended with a knife attack and the death of the woman’s unborn child.

Many thanks to Hermes for translating this grim article from last week’s Pforzheimer Zeitung:

Pregnant 23-year-old stabbed — child is dead

Bretten — a 23-year-old pregnant woman suffered extremely serious injuries after being repeatedly stabbed. As a consequence of the attack, the woman lost her baby on Saturday morning.

After admission into the hospital, the child had to undergo a caesarean operation. However, the doctors could not save the baby’s life. The 23-year-old woman’s boyfriend is under strong suspicion; his whereabouts are unknown since the crime occurred.

According to an investigation conducted by the prosecutor’s office and detectives, a witness found the woman seriously injured on Saturday at about 7:25am in the stairwell of an apartment building in the residential area Hausertal in Bretten, and alerted the police. After first aid treatment had been given to the victim by the emergency team, and the admission into hospital, it was determined that the victim had multiple stab wounds on her upper body area, which according to initial findings, led to an oxygen deficiency, and ultimately to the death of the unborn baby. The child’s mother is also in grave danger. The alleged weapon was apparently a kitchen knife, which the authorities in charge have stored in a secure place.

While the exact sequence of events is still unclear, the possible motive could be related to disputes between the couple, who are of Turkish background. The authorities are currently investigating the reasons behind this crime, and meanwhile pressure is high in the search for the suspect, that is, the partner of the victim.

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  1. The mother has, tragically, died too. The cultural enrichter now has to deal with two murder charges, which will probably be dropped because he did not know that the law does not allow the stabbing of one’s pregnant girlfriend.

    • How reassuring it is to know your employer is looking after you.

      What harm might have befallen you if you’d clicked on Gates of Vienna while at work and a fellow employee – an immigrant and trueblue Swedish patri0t – had happened to see your computer screen w/its large iconic Canaletti painting at the top? What if this woman had gone into a righteous rage over your choice of hatespeech reading material and befittingly attacked you with the letter opener lying on her desk?

      What if your employer had to assign extra janitorial service to clean up the mess after they hauled what was left of you off to the morgue?

      Even worse, what if the employer were then forced to grant leave to the whole office so they might attend the ceremony honoring the valorous Rage Babe?

      Thus, you see the wisdom of your employer in blocking us and thereby saving your life. Not to mention saving employee hours…

      [If I knew how to get to those emoticons, a smiling devil would have been stuck on at the end of this comment. That’s the emoticon of choice for those nice Swedes and Norwegians…]

      • LOL!

        A few years ago, I rented a computer in a Honolulu hotel lobby for a half-hour, and tried to visit GOV. A screen came up saying this site was blocked due to being a hate-site. (insert an ‘eye-roll’ emoticon here)

        Norway and Sweden, sadly, have no monopoly on suicidal politically-correct idiocy.

        • But, but…Hawaii, the home of “I.Won”?? Of course the hotel must block. What if it became known GoV was permitted there??


          The danger to citizens.
          The degradation of the culture.
          The potential harm to innocent children should they stumble across Canaletti’s painting.

          It doesn’t bear thinking about.

      • I have posted information on this here.

        You can email Websense at Please let me know what happens. If you don’t get a positive response, please let me know. I’ll go ahead and post a request for other people to send email on your behalf.

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