Bringing the Jihad Home from Mali to Europe

The following article, published yesterday in Bild, describes the danger of terror attacks from “Germans” who return home from Mali to wage jihad against their adopted country in revenge for Western intervention in Africa.

Many thanks to Oz-Rita for the translation:

Because of War in Mali: New Terror Danger in Germany

By F. Solms-Laubach

Berlin – Fighter jets thunder over Timbuktu (North Mali, 50,000 inhabitants). French special forces have chased Islamist terrorists from the town. Thus, the takeover of Mali by Al Qaeda Islamists has been stopped for the time being.

But as a consequence, the danger of terrorism in Europe, in Germany is growing.

In 2012 alone, according to BILD reports, there were about 50 persons from the Islamist-terrorist milieu (scene) in Germany who have travelled to terror-camps worldwide. There they were schooled by members of the terror network Al Qaeda: in close combat techniques, in small arms as well as in the making of bombs. This is revealed in secret documents of the German security services. (BILD is in possession of these papers.)

Assignment for the terrorists: to form “autonomous terror cells” in Germany and then attack prominent targets.

To the 50 Islamists who received training in 2012, add 100 German Islamists who already have a paramilitary training behind them. More than half of them (among them many Germans of migrant background, but also converts) are back in Germany. They have been classified as “dangerous” and are under surveillance by the security services. 10 Islamists are in prison.

Now there is increased concern that the conflict in Mali could make the situation worse! In the secret documents we read: fanatic loners or small groups could use the engagement of the German Army (the German army is contributing logistically with two Transall airplanes) as pretext for attacks. These actions could take place against German installations at home or outside Germany…

Meanwhile the USA plans a base for drones in the Northwest Africa. Those unmanned aircraft will survey the Al Qaeda branches there, according to information from the US Defense Department last night.

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7 thoughts on “Bringing the Jihad Home from Mali to Europe

  1. During WW2 the Allies interned Germans, Italians and Japanese regardless of citizenship and attachment to their host country. The risk was too great.

    Now we have a big problem as there are millions of potential enemy sympathisers in all Western countries. How the heck do you intern that many?

    Thankyou very much Leftist traitors.

    • Canada interned Japanese-Canadians during WWII…now it’s considered a ‘national disgrace’ (no mention from Japanese-Canadians about Japan’s treatment of PoWs).

      Whenever there is ANY mention of ‘Islamic terror’, the predictable cry from the Left (including MSM) is “islamophobic”…the only comment from the ‘Islamic community’ is concern over ‘an anti-Islamic backlash’…that’s what counts for ‘discourse’ on the topic.

      Hiding one’s head in the sand is the response from the general public (problems go away if you ignore them long enough right)?

  2. Well Obama’s White House did say, did they not, that returning veterans posed a potential terrorist threat?

  3. Duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuh…………..
    The Muzzies want to take over the entire WORLD.
    Pricisely which part of “THE WORLD” don’t the Germans (and French, and British, and Norwegian, and Swedish, and Belgian ad nausium) understand?
    Head-in-sand wishful thinking is NOT a defense.

  4. European fools getting accustomed to pay the Jiza:
    Holland $426,000 for Al’Haq
    Ireland $ 88,000 for Al’ Haq
    Norway $ 156,000 for Al’Haq
    Sweden $105,000 for Al’Mezan

  5. I think ‘Islamophobia’ could usefully be translated into our native languages. In English, it would thus become:

    Fear of submission

    That clarifies things and helps constructive dialogue.

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