What’s the Real Story? Part 2

This is the second essay in a series about the maneuvering and intrigue behind the scrim of the current crisis in the Middle East. Part 1 is here.


Barack Hussein Obama: Cracks in the Façade

Weeks before the crisis took shape in Benghazi and Cairo, stories had begun to appear in the mainstream media that criticized President Obama or cast him in an unflattering light. Given the fawning and sycophancy towards Mr. Obama exhibited by the MSM (with the partial exception of Fox News) for more than four years, these cracks in the wall of media adulation were startling.

Most media articles and presentations are still wildly in favor of the Messiah of Hope and Change. But why the exceptions, and why now? Don’t they want to help re-elect the President?

The short answer is: No. Not all of them, anyway.

The first obvious sign was the cover story for Newsweek bearing the words of the historian Niall Ferguson: “Hit the Road, Barack”. Newsweek has promoted Barack Obama more slavishly than almost any other media outlet. It is, in effect, one of the principal house organs of the Democrat Party in America. No Newsweek cover dissing the president could pass editorial scrutiny without gaining the approval of the upper echelons of the DNC, especially not this late in a sitting Democrat’s re-election campaign. Someone among the Powers That Be has obviously decided that Mr. Obama has outlived his usefulness.

More recently came the New Yorker cover with the empty chair. Echoing Clint Eastwood! Egad! How could they?

Then there was the abandonment of Mr. Obama by Goldman Sachs.

Other signs include mockery of the president by Jon Stewart, who normally carries water for the administration. Yes, it’s true that President Obama and his minions have become so embarrassing that mocking them has become almost unavoidable. Yet Mr. Stewart managed to avoid making fun of him until recently. Have there been signals from above that it’s now OK to poke fun at the Savior of the Nation?

During the 2008 campaign, almost all allegations about Barack Obama’s purported homosexual past were successfully squelched. Now there are a number of witnesses from the Chicago bathhouse scene willing to talk to the press about the future president’s predilections and activities. Admittedly, these accounts remain anonymous and have yet to make it into the mainstream. But the lid is no longer screwed down tight, which is not what one would expect if power brokers still intend for their favorite to be sitting at the Oval Office desk on January 21, 2013.

These are perplexing anomalies. Why would the Progressives turn against the man they worked so hard to install as President of the United States?

The answer may lie in the current financial crisis, which Mr. Obama has helped accelerate and turn in the direction desired by his most wealthy and powerful supporters. The trans-nationalists among them who promote “global governance” make no secret of their desire to dethrone the dollar as the world’s reserve currency, intending to replace it with a new currency that better suits their purposes. Before being replaced, the value of dollar must be destroyed.

The policies of the current administration are effecting that goal, intentionally or otherwise. In the meantime, much of the wealth that is still denominated by the dollar has been channeled to recipients championed by the Progressives: unions, “community action” groups, immigrants’ rights organizations, and various other Socialist organs.

The crash of the dollar cannot be postponed indefinitely. We may presume that the time limit on its viability falls within the period of the next four-year presidential administration. When the crash comes and price inflation ignites, the result will be destitution, disorder, and widespread suffering.

Whichever party holds the levers of power when that happens will be blamed for the catastrophe. The last time such an event occurred — 1929-1932 — the Republican Party was in power. It got the blame for what happened, was crippled as a result, and remained vestigial for an entire generation, through five successive Democrat administrations. The next crash is shaping up to be much worse, and if the Republican Party is in power when it happens — especially if it is in control of both houses of Congress and the Presidency — it may well be destroyed for good.

In the absence of any effective opposition, the Democrats would take power permanently, possibly during an officially declared state of national emergency. Under their preferred “global governance” regime they would serve, in effect, as the local American franchise-holders of a New World Order administered through the corrupt and Islamized satrapies under the umbrella of the United Nations.

Barack Hussein Obama is obviously an empty suit who at one time was useful to the Socialists who put him in power. He has now served his purpose. After he is cast aside, who will be allowed to put a hand on the tiller of the new One-Party State? Joe Biden? Nancy Pelosi? Harry Reid?

Hardly. There is only one contender. The current Secretary of State has never concealed her long-term ambitions. In a new political order, where national elections will no longer have any real meaning, assuming and maintaining power becomes a reachable goal for her.

This is why the Foggy Bottom sound bites have been so different from the incoherent messages coming the Oval Office during the current crisis — the two bureaucratic strongholds are reading from different scripts, each of which is at odds with the other.

This is why Hillary Rodham Clinton and her subordinates have let it leak that they did everything within their power to try to get help to their people in Benghazi, while others — and who could it be but the White House? — failed to authorize a military operation to help the besieged diplomats and CIA operatives in the safe house.

If the Republicans had managed to nominate a more credible candidate in the 2012 presidential election, the hook extending from the wings to yank President Obama off the national stage might have been less obvious. Even so, the current crisis affords manifold opportunities to nudge Mr. Obama in the direction of the exit — if managed properly, and if the Muslim Brotherhood cooperates by playing its part in the script.

Which brings us to the next component of our fictional scenario…

Later today: Part 3, The Muslim Brotherhood Comes of Age

6 thoughts on “What’s the Real Story? Part 2

  1. Well, does this mean that we should vote for Obama, because the Democratic establishment wants a Republican to be in the White House during the next 4 years?

    By this approach, if we can just elect Obama, the Democratic party will come close to being destroyed.

  2. Elections don’t matter, presidents don’t matter. What matters is that the NWO made the mistake to intertwine itself with Islam, a system with serious flaws. Not just the civil war in Iraq and Syria, but also the fact that Islam cannot decide whether the NWO is the Dajjaal System. Hell is a long time to ponder one’s mistakes.

  3. A couple of things the pre-50’s Democratic party was a lot different than today’s that is infested with Marxists, White hating minorities, Gays, lesbians and environmental whakos who want to kill off most of the world’s population. The old Democratic party was that of the White blue collar man and woman and looked after them. That same demographic today has been ignored by both parties.

    Today the political parties are truly pay to play. Both take in tremendous amounts from Wall Street and by extension take their orders from people like Blankfein and Dimon. Treasury Dept staffing reads like a Goldman-Sachs and Wall Street alumni convention.
    They also take in a lot from high tech sector.

    Money talks and most of our policies are a result of money reaching the right pockets.

    Obama may be a Muzzie and Marxist sympathizer. But when it comes to Wall Street, he does what they say just like Bush42 did.

    Congress, they function like human slot machines. You stuff money into them and out comes the desired legislation.

    Our votes only serve to put them into office and legitimize their crookedness. In reality they then serve those who can pay.

    If it sounds like a lot like a oligarchy, is because that’s what we have.

  4. An excellent foray into the lost science of Kremlinology. If I may take some liberty with a quote from an excellent movie:

    “Baron, there’s no need to mince words: in cyberspace, all warriors are cold warriors.”

    I can’t help but wonder if the puppetmasters deliberately chose a weak “Republican”, one who they knew would not be able to solve the problems he was going to inherit, in order to have America pant like starving dogs after the next Democrat they offer us in the midst of the coming crisis?

    I know this: the same Albanian Mafia that moves Afghan heroin through the Balkans and all the way to America, the cartel which has been paying Biden for years, is now paying Romney. 😉

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