Tommy Robinson: Fanfare for the Common Man

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Our British correspondent JP sends his contribution to the Free Tommy movement.

As he says, “The following quotation seems appropriate to Tommy Robinson’s incarceration — ‘abilities and enthusiasm of the common man’.”

From On War, by Carl von Clausewitz, Everyman’s Library, 1993, pp.9-10:

States wishing to preserve their independence must become more efficient in tapping the energies of their populations. Elites existed in every society, and were justified so long as they strengthened the community, remained open to talent, and rewarded merit. But nothing could justify the continuation of privilege that protected mediocrity while depriving the state of the abilities and enthusiasm of the common man.

2 thoughts on “Tommy Robinson: Fanfare for the Common Man

  1. Michael Gove (current Education Minister – Celsius 7/7
    p 3
    Public discourse in Britain barely touches on the real nature of the
    Islamist threat, the intellectual underpinnings of Islamist thinking, its
    hold on the minds of millions, the calculations that underlie Islamist
    terrorism and the scope of Islamist ambition. Instead, in a curious
    inversion, the energy that should be devoted to analysing and combating a
    totalitarian challenge is directed towards campaigning against those who
    dare to take the treat seriously…

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