Make Yourself Heard at Wandsworth on the 24th

Free Tommy!

Below is the most recent message from Tommy Robinson, as passed on by the English Defence League:

Tommy is fine, and again thanks everyone for their mail/postal orders. He really appreciates all of it, and is overwhelmed by the support he is being shown. The ‘screws’ are all fine but he is still in seg for his own safety, as the Prison is run by the Muslims.

He has a meeting with his solicitor tomorrow, so hopefully I might be able to update you after my next call with him as to what is going on.

He also wishes everyone well and good luck at the Norwich demo on Saturday, and asks that this be supported.

He can’t wait to hear everyone at the demo on the 24th November.

The demonstration referred to is one scheduled for two weeks from Saturday in front of Wandsworth Prison, where Tommy is currently enjoying the hospitality of Her Majesty’s Government.

Below is a promotional video for the demo:

From the notes accompanying the video:

Video promoting the upcoming EDL demo in support of Tommy Robinson (AKA Stephen Lennon) who is on remand for alleged offences such as “entering the USA illegally” Tommy went to the USA to give a speech at an anti-jihad conference.

Tommy’s alleged crimes do not warrant his continued incarceration awaiting trial as he is no danger to the public nor is he a flight risk.

His case will not be heard until the new year and he faces Christmas away from his wife, children and family. This is nothing short of a punishment because his of his legally held beliefs concerning ‘militant Islam’ which are counter to those of the British Government who are currently in the middle east trying to sell arms to the Arabs.

Tommy Robinson is a political prisoner.


5 thoughts on “Make Yourself Heard at Wandsworth on the 24th

  1. You may all be interested but two UK anti Jihad blogs, Casuals United and JaneyEnglish, both hosted by WordPress have been taken down.

    The reason given on the holding pages for the blogs was ‘terms violations’ which is worrying.

  2. The video could do with some editing, not least the replacement of the accompanying song, which is wishy washy and self-pitying, and in no sense expressive of resolve. I’s the sort of thing ‘victim groups’ sing pathetically at ‘rights awareness’ festivals. The removal of the ‘union’ flag, the flying of which insults everyone in England who thinks of himself as English, since it is the British who are destroying our liberties, our culture, our heritage, our history and every other aspect of our way of life, would also improve the presentation.

    If the English people are serious about defending their inheritance to hand on to their great grandchildren they could start by no longer describing themselves as British and ceasing to wave that bloody flag.

  3. I wish Tommy the very best, but if he did use a fake passport or borrowed a mate’s one…..what a berk! He must know they’re after him.
    Has anyone seen a reference to this debacle in the MSM? Lets face it TR is pretty well known and the only references I’ve seen to his arrest has been on the net.
    Paris Claims

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