Eid? Yes! Christmas? No!

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Our Norwegian correspondent The Observer sends his translation of a brief article from Dagbladet about a miniature clash of civilizations in Denmark. The translator includes this note:

The articles concerns the refusal of a Muslim majority body corporate to fund the purchase a Christmas tree. The corporate body of the housing estate in question had, however, no qualms about sponsoring the local Eid celebrations on the estate to the sum of Dk 60,000.

If this scenario had occurred in Norway there would have been a tree on the grounds within a day or two. The forests of Norway are full of spruce and pine trees, and a forest is never that far away.

The translated article:

A Muslim majority body corporate (housing association board) refused to fund a Christmas tree, but allocated DK 60,000 to celebrate the Muslim festival of Eid.

(Dagbladet): A housing estate in Kokkedal in Northern Jutland in Denmark spent DK 60,000 to celebrate the Muslim festival of Eid. When the body corporate was voting on whether they should allocate DK 5,000 to purchase a Christmas tree the proposal was voted down, according to Berlingske Tidende.

It has been a longstanding tradition to place a Christmas tree on the communal ground of the Egedalsvænge housing estate, but now the board has put an end to it. The decision came three days after the board sponsored the Eid celebrations.

The estate is home to many Muslims, many of whom are on the board. Residents are now worried that the decision could trigger a conflict among the residents.

None of the board members have thus far wanted to make a public comment about the matter, according to the local newspaper Frederiksborg Amts Avis.

Possible Political motive

“It appears that some people have a need to promote themselves. It could be a signal that some want a confrontation,” says Kirstine Sinclair, a lecturer at the Center for Middle Eastern Studies at the University of Southern Denmark to Frederiksborg Amts Avis. She has conducted research on Islamic groups and minorities from the Middle East in Europe.

A group of residents have started a fundraiser to ensure that the Christmas tree tradition is kept alive.

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8 thoughts on “Eid? Yes! Christmas? No!

  1. Presuming that Denmark has roughly the same climate as Norway, the residents could plant a sapling spruce so it is a more permanent fixture. Danes should defy the Muzzer slavers at every turn even if it means playing dirty. Time to awaken the viking warrior.

  2. European/Danish leaders imported many millions of Muslims to colonize Europe, DESTROY Christian culture and religion and FORCE Islam onto indigenous Europeans. At the same time, Europeans are forced via their taxes to financially support Muslim immigrants and their very large families.

    European (and British leaders) are FORCING Europeans and Brits to finance the DESTRUCTION of their own culture/religion, freedom, safety and human rights.
    Europe and Britain have many no-go Muslim areas where it is too dangerous for NON-Muslims to enter.

    European and British leaders are GUILTY of TREASON.

  3. The dhimmies should spend their own money on their disgusting religion…
    We Muslims do not pay a jizzah to a dhimmie.

  4. Pakistani throws heavy beer glass at Norwegian in Denmark, who later dies

    Pakistani gets four months

    Due to the victim’s hemophilia, which the Pakistani had no knowledge of, he cannot be blamed for the death, says judge

    The Pakistani(31) had managed to flee Denmark when Andreas(25) was found dead at his houseboat two days later, in 2009.

    The deceased is the brother of current socialist Minister of Children, Equality and Social Inclusion Inga Marte Thorkildsen, Norway

  5. “The most popular species for Christmas trees in Denmark, and most of Europe is the Nordmann fir.[2] The Nordmanns grown in Denmark are said to be highly sought after” wiki

  6. I lived in the heavily Muslim area of Bristol, Easton, for many years. On Christmas Day, our muslim neighbours would always wish us a Happy Christmas, and often commented on how pretty our tree was, which was in our bay window.

  7. Elby the Beserk: Your many Muslim neighbors were practicing hudna – a war tactic of temporary truce where Muslims declare ‘peace’ with the infidel in order to gather strength via superior numbers to conquer and destroy all religions except Islam.


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