Down a Dark Close in Biggleswade

Kevin Carroll in Walthamstow, Sept. 1 2012

As regular readers know, Kevin Carroll is the vice-chairman of the British Freedom Party. At the moment he is in the midst of a campaign for Police and Crime Commissioner in Bedfordshire. The election is less than ten days away, and Kevin has been spending a lot of time leafleting. Tonight he experienced a hair-raising moment of cultural enrichment in one of those diverse Bedfordshire neighborhoods.

The following brief account is adapted from his recent Facebook post:

Whilst leafletting tonight in Biggleswade, I was down a dark close when I heard a powerful-sounding engine. I knew it was a Range Rover. It was a black one with black wheels, and four Muslim males were inside.

They said, “We’ve been looking for you.”

I was on my own at this time, and thought, “O, bollocks! Here we go!”

The long and short of it is, the man was gonna shiv me.

But a silver Vivaro pulled up and the driver asked me, “You OK, mate?”

I said, “No, I need a lift.”

“Jump in,” he said. Thank God, or I was a tea bag!

I got his card, and he had his boy in the van. Rob was his name. Gonna call him tomorrow and say “Thanks for saving my bacon.”

Cheers, Rob! God bless you.

That was chips for certain. Had me cold.

8 thoughts on “Down a Dark Close in Biggleswade

  1. But remember the guy interviewing Paul Weston not long ago?

    Life would be so “boring” without black Ranger Rovers driving about with cultural enrichers inside looking to shiv you.

    (Thinks of the guys accused of murdering the British squaddie in Cyprus … he jumped on to the blade your honour, honestly …)

  2. Mr. Carroll and other high profile members of the BFP should consider themselves marked men. If they were wise they would not walk anywhere in public alone. The should have 2-3 friends preferably stout ones.

    He’s made enemies, perhaps powerful ones in government who do not want him winning at all costs.
    It would not surprise me that someone in the government made it known to the Muzzie community that Carroll is fair game.

    It’s rather sickening to see the the British government and ruling elite turned on their own people and now protect foreign invaders instead.

  3. I doubt that anyone would bother reporting such an incident to ‘The Police’, knowing beforehand what their response would be. We have been abandoned by those we pay to protect us and we must therefore make our own arrangements. Should we be accused of taking the law into our own hands we should reply that the law is ours and has always been in our hands and when the servants of our law refuse to serve us we have the right to make other arrangements.

  4. could it be that the “police” force he is looking to be commissioner of is actually keeping tabs on him to the benefit of those who would seek his demise and not his own well being?
    it would not surprise me in the least.
    we are lead by thieves and traitors.
    our police force has ceased to be anything other than undeserving of its title.

  5. I hope that Kevin Carrol noted the number of the RR and conveyed the same to the police.

  6. My thoughts exactly Bilbo, isn’t it awesome how the
    British Police all now seem to be jobsworths who don’t care
    what happens in this country as long as they get their pay and wonderful Police pension. Unfortunately the issues
    we are now addressing don’t allow for any fence-sitters,
    meaning the majority of urban Police will automatically
    go whatever way the wind blows, which as we all know is
    against the 80 per cent Ethnic British population. The Police therefore become part of the problem.

  7. Our wonderful human rights activist HEROES, British Freedom and EDL have demonstrated in the street and spoken out strongly many times against Muslims gang raping, sexually enslaving and forcing into prostitution defenseless, terrorized NON-Muslim British children. There are THOUSANDS of child victims in just one area alone in England.

    Speaking out for Britain’s child victims has created MANY enemies for British Freedom and EDL: Devout Muslims and police and UK leaders who REFUSE to protect Britain’s children.

    Muslim Gangs Drug & Rape Children All Over The UK – Britain Finally Starts To Wake Up

    British Schoolgirl’s Testimony Muslims Threaten Children With Violence Rape Outside School Daily

    Bring the British military home IMMEDIATELY to protect Britain’s children! Have the military stand guard outside of every school and wherever children are congregated!

  8. Anonymous wrote:
    It’s rather sickening to see that the British government and ruling elite turned on their own people and now protect foreign invaders instead.

    This is also true for other European nations. The ruling elites are collaborating with the Muslim invaders, and empowering them demographically and culturally to displace and subjugate the indigent European population. This is treason, pure and simple.

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