Cowards Lose

Takuan Seiyo takes a look at yesterday’s election debacle and draws some hard conclusions (with which I completely concur) about the Republican Party.

Barack Hussein Obama, our Dear Leader

Cowards Lose
by Takuan Seiyo

“Barack Obama Reelection Signals Rise Of New America,” crowed Howard Fineman at Huff-Po on the night of Barack Obama’s re-election to the presidency. “President Barack Obama did not just win reelection tonight. His victory signaled the irreversible triumph of a new, 21st-century America: multiracial, multi-ethnic, global in outlook and moving beyond centuries of racial, sexual, marital and religious tradition.”

Indeed. But why did “old America” let it happen? And where is a single politician spelling out the future dénouement of this scenario, already unfolding before our eyes? Here is how the multiracial, multi-ethnic, global in outlook and moving beyond centuries of racial, sexual, marital and religious tradition self-congratulating society handles elections:

On November 6, as the vote in the US Presidential Elections was 52,524,449 for Obama and 52,025,784 for Romney, Mr. Romney made a gracious concession speech showing all of his strong points: poise, class, magnanimity, good manners, positive energy. Not one of the assets, however, that a Western leader must have in this day and age to even begin having a serious chance at tilting the rudder of the Titanic.

What gave Barack Obama the presidency was his win of Ohio. Obama got 2,668,783 votes; Romney, 2,567,825. The margin of loss for Romney was about 100,000, i.e. 1.9% of the votes.

Now, in just the few days preceding the elections, the following Ohio-related news could have been culled from the milquetoast media, though not the traitorous ones:

Ohio recount “nightmare” — 200,000 non-returned absentee ballots the verification and validation of which is shot through with possibilities of fraud and misuse.

It’s not to be overlooked in this context that Ohio law allows that the identity of the voter be proved by providing a current utility bill or bank statement. Neither proves that the voter is an American citizen…

But that’s just the beginning. Further news from Ohio were:

Does the above inspire confidence that the elections in Ohio were fair and square? And that’s not all of it either.

Consider that thousands of Ohioans serve in military assignments overseas. The precise number is unobtainable but since just the Afghanistan and Iraq casualties from Ohio amount to 109 (undated report at Toledo News, presumably up-to-date), the total number serving must be substantial. How many of them have been deprived of their (overwhelmingly Republican, for soldiers), vote? The design was quite apparent, and the thumbprints are clear:

Stalin counts the votes

So what was Mitt Romney doing with that gracious defeat acceptance speech, instead of challenging the Stalinist-Maoist Party and its blatant mangling of the democratic process? Is it not possible that that 100,000 Obama vote margin in Ohio was a stolen margin? Moreover, the above does not tell the whole story nationwide, and the pattern it evinces, some of which must have worked in Ohio as well, under the observers’ radar. This was the pattern:

In Florida:

It is probably not entirely coincidental that Rep. Allen West (R-Fla.), one of the more-hope-inspiring Republican legislators in Congress, lost in Florida to Democrat Patrick Murphy by about 2500 votes, out of over 318,000 cast in this race in Florida’s District 18. Florida has ludicrous voter ID laws, similar to Ohio, accepting as voter ID credit such ephemera as debit cards, “Neighborhood association identification,” “Public assistance identification” and other such. The farce of virtually inviting any resident of Planet Earth to come and vote in American elections, is so salient that even the not-quite-conservative UN poll-watchers were “amazed” the US doesn’t require IDs to vote, and allows other fraud-prone practices like voting online.

It’s not coincidental either that in June 2012 The Obama-Holder Justice Department filed a lawsuit to prevent the State of Florida from purging its voter rolls of… illegal aliens and other non-citizens. With the Democratic Party making a living by redistributing the wealth of America’s productive citizens to Democratic voters domestic and foreign, this was a clever maneuver indeed. But what about the likely 2500 Djiboutians and Toltecs whose votes cost Allen West his Congressional seat? And the votes of Florida’s soldiers serving overseas whose votes would have gone as one to the former combat Lt. Colonel?

The thin margin worked over Mr. Romney as well. He lost Florida to Mr. Obama by 0.5% of the votes, and could not benefit from the purposefully disabled military votes.

In Nevada, Romney lost fair and square, but that’s because demography is destiny and semi-literate and aggressively unionized Mestizos from South of the border now constitute Nevada’s major power block. It is much harder to accept the fact that the Stupid Party is at least as culpable as the Evil Party is in this population replacement scheme that spells its own assured doom. Still, election-related news leading to this banana republic election were noteworthy in Nevada too:

California too is a state whose bankrupt Democrat banana republic destiny is wrapped in its demographics. Still, it was unpleasant to read that “Thousands of dead [and assuredly Democrat] Californians remain eligible to vote.”

In North Carolina they tried hard, though the state eventually went to Romney:

In Texas, Mr. Obama’s tribal organization known as NAACP took over Houston Polling Station, to advocate for him. In Philadelphia, the adorable Black Panthers, having been encouraged by US Attorney General Holder to do so, returned to intimidate at a Polling Site. At other sites, Republican poll inspectors were being forcibly removed and replaced by Black Panthers and other Democrat faithful. A more staid polling station in America’s cradle city merely featured a large mural of Barack Obama. Of course, America’s legal establishment, acting in its normal role of the destroying hammer, had already smashed any possibility of honest elections in that sorry and once great state. A month before the 2012 election Pennsylvania’s courts effectively disabled state voter ID laws. On November 6, a Pennsylvania judge barred any ID inquiries in a polling place near Pittsburgh.

All this comes on top of Obama’s army of illegal election workers and Obamoid thugs threatening violence against Romney voters, per news items such as:

Then there is the little matter of Obama’s army of illicit propaganda peddlers masquerading as journalists, entertainers, celebrities etc. Those organizers of the masses for the Great Leader comprised, among many others, AP running a poll days before the election to argue Whites’ increased racism, MSNBC actively telling viewers how to vote and ridiculing Romney for his help to Sandy Victims, the great constitutional scholar Chris Matthew asserting the Mitt Romney doesn’t understand the Constitution, Huff-Po and making preposterous accusations against Romney days before the election, and so on, ad infinitum. Even the venerable Smithsonian Magazine ran as the main feature in its October issue a long piece about Thomas Jefferson’s slaving ways. As if the Oval Office were some kind of morality prize, rather than the captain’s post on what is unquestionably the largest Titanic in history, though still afloat.

Lenin with Pravda
The press should be not only a collective propagandist and a collective agitator, but also a collective organizer of the masses. — Vladimir Lenin

Shall we go into an analysis of the agitprop, with children singing that Romney will let people and polar bears “just die” and oil fill the seas. Or maybe the shining useful idiots of Broadway pleading “One Term More” for the Great Obama.

Romney got hosed, and the fate of the United States too. Perhaps with his willing cooperation, similar to that of John McCain in 2008. After all, Romney engaged in the third debate with an opponent whose chin was exposed throughout, but gentlemanly Mitt refused to land a punch. And no sooner has he lost that he appealed for end of “partisan bickering.” That was just days after Harry Reid, the Democratic Senate Majority leader, said: “Romney’s fantasy that Senate Democrats will work with him to pass his ‘severely conservative’ agenda is laughable.”

Lawrence Auster, an astute diagnostician of America’s multifarious pox, defined the American people’s choice in this statement: “America has two political parties: a party of leftist liars, criminals, and traitors, and a party of decent, nice businessman types who won’t expose or seriously oppose the other party because that wouldn’t be nice.”

Both are equally blameworthy. It’s time Americans woke up and understood they have been sold down the river.

Takuan Seiyo is a European-born American writer living in exile in Japan.

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28 thoughts on “Cowards Lose

  1. Perhaps now is the time for an ominous re-phrasing of Ronald Reagan:
    “It is twilight in America.”

    This is not Tennyson’s twilight, on the passing of the bar. It is a modern, Hollywood twilight, populated by predators and parasites. Be assured that by the end of this twilight, they will be more than 47% of the population, and workaday folks will not walk the metaphorical streets of the republic. They will be barricaded behind their ever-thinner fiscal doors, hoping without expectation for the night to pass quickly. Here again, we may take our clue from the film, which memorializes a Robert Frost poem in two movements. The second movement describes how our world will end–with neither a bang nor a whimper, but in freezing petrifaction.

    Some say the world will end in fire,
Some say in ice.
From what I’ve tasted of desire
I hold with those who favor fire.

    But if it had to perish twice,

    I think I know enough of hate
To say that for destruction ice
Is also great
And would suffice.

    G. E. Lessing

  2. “Cowards lose” – how right.

    Why is that only the left can do whatever they want and go unpunished? Why is that the left has a universal carte blanche to commit whatever trickery their diabolical minds conceive? Why is that leftist are untouchables? It is just like the hungarian parliamentary elections were in 1947, the kék cédulás választások (blue card elections), in which the communists won thanks to the most shameless cheats and tricks:,_1947

    Edmund Burke said all that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing. History repeats itself without end, and nobody is there to stop this evil. Good men do nothing. Good men just stare and whine. Good men just say “America is over”. Good men just talk, and talk, and talk, and remain polite towards the Evil. Good men remain polite towards the worst evil which has ever existed on earth. Have good men any sincere intention whatsoever to stop this madness and make a better world? or is it that good mens’ only purpose in life is to die as good men?

    Tragic. So tragic.

  3. So this is what we have come down too, a Balkanization that will have far reaching consequences in the very near future and it will come suddenly and brutally. The economic abyss will come first, then the rush for resources and then the bloodshed. It will be fly over Amerika that will make the rules because they have the resources and the people will protect them from the commi masses by whatever means neccessary.

  4. One of the ways Dems got people out to the polls was with hot button social issues, not economic ones.

    The two most important state issues were gay marriage and legalizing marijuana.

    Look at the states who had those referendums on the ballot and then look at how the Dems overcame anticipated polling deficits.

    Look also at heavy welfare states in economic trouble versus the states which are relatively stable.

    The election ended up being about socialized welfare, gay marriage, and legalizing pot.

  5. Indeed, a bad result from a poorly contested election in which voter fraud played a major role.

    Where to from here? One may now ask, and what does the future bring for those whose vote counted on the losing side?

    Half a million votes out of around 105 million votes, is hardly a convincing win over one’s political adversary, so there is no real mandate for the winner to further implement his anti-American policies, but that won’t stop him!

    America is now truly a divided nation that cannot stand forever on current fault lines, and while the GOP carry on in a gentelmanly manner and field candidates that carry on that tradition, America is dying.

    Something has to give.

  6. I’m almost 60 and lived most of my life during the USA’s golden years. I just moved to the country and will mainly try to protect my family and assets from our insatiable government. I don’t want anything from government other than for it to leave me alone, but that is asking much. My plan is to maintain a low profile and fly under the radar.

    I suppose this is a cop-out, but what can I do. I think the country and the economy are too far gone. In my opinion, the Titanic is sinking and I’m in my own life boat. All I can do now is keep my little boat afloat and avoid being sucked into the vortex.

    The freedom and opportunity that this country used to provide when I was 20 were amazing. I can’t understand why liberals wanted to destroy that legacy. Evidently, they are driven by the desire to dominate others. At this point, they are clearly winning. What a sad ending to the Great American Experiment. However, many have predicted this end. On the bright side, it lasted longer than Ben Franklin thought it would.

  7. Exactly my thoughts about the US elections in this article… how is it that it’s seen as controversial to demand proof that the person is a US citizen?! Can any American here elaborate on exactly what is required to vote?!

    Is the name of every voter checked against a list before voting?
    Is there any ID of voters checked?

    Without these checks (in my experience, not controversial in other countries), it seems that the US voting system is about as watertight as that of a 3rd-world banana republic.

    However to think this could happen in “the most powerful country in the world” is incredible…

  8. I got a note from a reader, asking, what’s the point. “Why resist when it’s futile; I want to protect my family rather then jeopardize them by resisting.”

    Resisting is not futile; I often cite examples from Eastern European history where opposition under conditions of futility has been long and frequent, and long before the Bolsheviks came along. Perseverance pays off, if it takes generations for the payoff to materialize. The Left has worked long and hard to get where it is, under a Chief Community Organizer. Is not the title of that occupation alone not enough of a hint, for us?

    It helps to honor the ancestors who built at great toil and sacrifice what we have foolishly allowed to be squandered. It helps to remember that without the shallow greed and fantastic stupidity on the putative “Right,” the Left could never have gotten to where it is. Lastly, it helps to remembers that our ancestors, and better men still among us or departed recently, have gone through much worse and came through.

    One such man was Admiral James Stockdale. I would like to share here a pdf text of a speech he gave at King’s College in London in 1993:
    That man alone is enough to maintain resolute resistance, no matter the odds.
    Takuan Seiyo

  9. I just saw a brief news item which featured THE ONE writing his second term priorities on a chalk board, and one of them was “Climate Change”. If he hadn’t been putting the coal business out of existence I’d think this was just pandering. If I didn’t have children this might be funny.

  10. Clever doesn’t cut it

    The Republican party must dumb down, team up with entertainmen heads, build a huge propaganda machine and make it work for the next four years. Ant that propaganda machine must reach every corner of the world.

    Evil must never win over Old America!

  11. When will “conservatives” learn…
    to riot! You can’t sit peacefully and politely by while criminals do what they will. Oh, and we need to demand a real candidate.

  12. It was Teddy Kennedy in the 1960’s that pushed through legislation to change the immigration laws to cease favoring Europeans, to open America to immigration from the entire world. He was successful in changing America forever. May he and all Democrats rot in hell.

    The Republicans are also complicit. Toward the end of the 1990’s when IT companies were starting to transfer their operations or outsource to Asia Republicans continually increased H1B quotas for IT workers into the US from Asia. While thousands of US IT workers were finding it difficult to find work they also had to compete against H1B’s that were paid far less for the same work. Many US IT workers could not find work; I became one of them. Republicans would also find every excuse not to enforce the US southern border. After a lifetime of voting Republican I stopped voting. Many Republicans can rot in hell.

    It was then before ever hearing the idea from anyone I realized that the American Republic no longer exists. We live in the US Empire which wraps itself in the old myths of its foundation as necessary to hide its true nature. What is its true nature? It hates its past. It demonizes the legacy of those that built early America. It hates itself. It warps the minds of its young. Always looking for new depths to plunder it aids and abets the Muslim Brotherhood taking control of countries and upping the persecution of Christians now with crucifixion. The US media is complicit with the manipulators in all of it.

    The Democrats don’t care if they bankrupt the country or who suffers; the more bankrupt the more power they accrue. Do Republicans ever turn back the clock? Never, they also like power and like to be in power to rule the roost. May they all rot in hell.

    What is to be done? Either we rip the Republican Party apart and rebuild it, start a new party, or say the hell with it. Mapping our current situation to the life cycle of other civilizations it looks like the US is spent, broken apart, a gaggle of warring tribes, tipping over into a rapid descent. I’m going with the third option, to retreat of a rural area to watch the madness of the death march of the US, and the West. Perhaps Takuan Seiyo can convince me to somehow take action but I don’t see any light ahead, only darkness.

  13. @Unknown
    Everything you say is true, and I for one will not criticize the personal solution you propose. I just want to quote a smarter man, Ben Franklin: “We must all hang together, or else we shall hang separately.” So even in your hideaway, try to be plugged into a larger network, a tribe.
    As to the non-futility of resistance under what appears like hopeless conditions, I will post in this space a little historical account that I was leaving for next month, for something else.
    Takuan Seiyo

  14. Believe it or not, I’m STILL writing thank you notes left from our last fundraiser. Our donors have saints’levels of patience. I tried to hurry the task because if I were left to finish them after this PREDICTABLE election, I feared i would be mute.

    However,as I delved into the task,and into my own consideration of what had gone down, I thought of several eventuations. Here are a few ideas based on our experiences of 2009 &10:

    This current crop of ‘professional’ advisers, strategists,and experts – those who infest the higher ranks of the Republican National Committee & include Romney’s advisors – tried to kill off the Tea Party during the last convention.They probably thought they’d succeeded in preventing any further influence of the Tea Party within party ranks at the state level,too. Well now. Given how badly THEIR strategy played out, I think one of two things may happen:

    the very loosely organized and widely distributed locals may become the engine behind the formation of a refurbished and truly conservative GOP inside the Beltway. Not likely,though.

    OR,and this is key, the Tea Parties may engineer an effective third party to replace the moribund current system. Only time will tell.

    They’ll have to factor in several difficulties: one is financial persecution by the IRS hounds, just as Clinton’s henchmen did in several areas, e.g.,their attacks on the American Spectator magazine for its exposure of the Clinton machine.

    The second is the widespread quasi-criminal Democrat machine acting in coordination with the public sector unions.They are awful, but can be brought down. Just ask Wisconsin. Even after the feckless GOP candidates had given up, Tea Party volunteers dragged their sorry asses to victory anyway.

    One more thing: the bright side in Obama’s ‘win’ is that he’ll be the one who will have to clean up the mess he made. He may do that by making life difficult for us via his pie-in-the-sky EXPENSIVE and unworkable ‘sustainable’ energy projects.Yes, he can print more money -and will -but that won’t prevent the kinds of civic unrest that led to the Tea Party. Only the catastrophes awaiting us will be bigger.




  15. Just found your site.

    Totally agree with what you are saying.

    Californian, born and raised. Watched it turn into Mexicostan in 20 years time.

    Leaving for a safer state very soon.

    Watch it all implode from there.

    You guys are awesome.

  16. @whisker child
    I am Californian too. Not born and bred, but I spent 30 years of my life there, struggled, succeeded, built a house, built a garden, planted trees and watched them grow, built a business and employed people. I supported at least two full-time California bureaucrats with my huge annual California taxes. I got married in a California church; I traversed the length and breadth of California on foot, bike and horseback; I buried our beloved animal companions there. I didn’t have to leave, but in 2004 I uprooted everything and left, never to return. It’s my country but it has been stolen from me, and I will not support it with my contribution of effort or looted income.
    No resistance is effective that does not start from walking the walk, no matter how painful.
    Takuan Seiyo

  17. Look at the stats, some 18 million less voted this time compared to 2008. Less people voted for Romney than McCain. The GOP couldn’t sell a rotten oligarch like Romney to the people and that’s the problem. People saw through him.

    The problem is the GOP lost the White working and middle-class voter by supporting trade treaties that have wiped out large segments of our tech and manufacturing industries over the last 14 years(NAFTA, PNTR with China, GATT). Made in America is almost a myth today. The Chinese steal all our IP and we say and do nothing. That cost the GOP Ohio and Michigan. We import tech workers. The GOP says nothing. The GOP refused to secure our borders for fear of offending the cheap labor business types in the GOP. And what did the GOP’s deregulating Wall Street get us – $10 trillion of debt and a dead economy with 22 million unemployed. We have a GOP senator who is married to the daughter of a high ranking Chinese communist party official. You wouldn’t have this 20 years ago. They gave us two illegal wars that only bled us white.

    The GOP can go rot in hell. They are just as much traitors to the nation as the Demoncrats except they are better liars.

  18. Surprisingly the evening BBC coverage of the US election prominently featured the race demographic. Gloating on their assumption that this was the last chance the Republicans had of winning the presidency due to the increasing black and latino (voters) demographic. The context was not political but racial founded on a self loathing projection that white America will be a minority.

    After picking myself up off the floor, they repeated same in the morning coverage!

    Jolie Rouge

  19. Cowards lose..

    Well actually, some cowards might think they’ve won (the Obomber voters), other cowards think they’ve lost (the people voting for gov. Romney). Cowards all the same. We, the Sheeple..

    Here’s the indefatigable Peter Schiff with an even-handed analysis of cowardice deciding this year’s edition of Election Circus.

    Kind regs from Amsterdam,

    Results of the Big Show Shibai have been announced. Jughead and his coterie of gangsters were given the go ahead to continue their demolition full force.

    Faceman, aka, The Gutless Wonder, has done his duty and can now roll over and write his name on the Wall of Shame. Rest assured he will be well taken care of for his service. Ditto for the Stoopid Party who have now slipped even deeper into the Reptilian quagmire.

    On the other hand, perhaps some of the Rubes in the Stoopid Party will finally realize that the solution….if there is one at this late date, is not to be found in the co-opted political arena.

    Results of the Big Show Shibai have been announced. Jughead and his coterie of gangsters were given the go ahead to continue their demolition full force.

    Faceman, aka, The Gutless Wonder, has done his duty and can now roll over and write his name on the Wall of Shame. Rest assured he will be well taken care of for his service. Ditto for the Stoopid Party who have now slipped even deeper into the Reptilian quagmire.

    On the other hand, perhaps some of the Rubes in the Stoopid Party will finally realize that the solution….if there is one at this late date, is not to be found in the co-opted political arena.

  22. Look Romney was no savior. He was owned by the same Wall Street bankers that make Obama a house boy.

    On top of that he and his D.C. cronies had tin ears.

    Romney’s foreign policy was dictated by the same D.C. insiders/losers that tell Obama what to do. You think Mittens would be tough on the Muzzies? Forget it.

    Romney’s economic policy was a joke. He had no real energy policy either. He failed to address the economic war declared on the U.S. by China and refused to punish American companies who off-shored. He destroyed his hopes in Wisconsin, Ohio and Michigan by coming out against the automaker bailout. I have to give Obama credit he and Axelrod knew how important these three states are and they protected them. The GOP coming out against this bailout slit their own throats.

    Ryan as a VP was a failure, he couldn’t even handle a idiot like Biden.

  23. Takuan Seiyo,

    My previous posting on this thread shows to be from Unknown, but I am actually Arius which I think I fixed with this post.

    You mention that you were in California for 30 years and I infer that you went from Mexifornia to Japan. I envy you. After convincing the wife that we must get out of California (being on its death march) it has been a struggle to decide where to go.

    We’re not young (I’m 66) and after looking into Uruguay, Chile, Panama, New Zealand, (forget Europe, another death march), and others, we are probably going to move to Oregon or Washington state. We think that the challenge to move overseas is too much for us at our age. The wife has and plays a grand piano, difficult to move overseas. She wants to be near water and still be able to attend concerts and shows.

    We’ve discovered that for half the cost of not much in California you can buy several acres and a nice house in Oregon or Washington in a rural county area outside of the nearest cities’ zoning nonsense.

    Someone may complain that those states are loaded with screaming leftists. True, but leftists are actually cowards, and dispersed in a rural area they can do little damage. The damage they do is where they are concentrated and have concentrated political power and use lawfare. In the urban areas with concentrated leftist whites and predator non-whites it will get very ugly when the financial and social crisis deepens (I predict in a few years, around 2016-2018). The race war has already picked up in the urban areas. It will only get much worse. (To those pre-programmed to call this ‘improper’ thoughts and ‘racist’, go stuff it, we don’t live in your prison. I’m Armenian and my wife is Philippina, both born in the US; now try to profile us).

    Oregon has no sales tax. Washington has no income tax. Upon hearing our thinking our ‘friends’ told us that it’s a big downside without those taxes. When traveling through both states I couldn’t understand what they were talking about. What’s the downside? Both states have schools, hospitals, streets, cities, symphonies, the internet, phone systems, are clean, etc., and the Puget Sound is absolutely beautiful, immensely cleaner than the San Francisco Bay. So what are they warning us about?

    This is their big downside to which they will not explicitly admit: there is not the extra money to fund the psychotic notions of the left. That’s it. Seattle is full of insane leftists. I talked to some of them. They have tried to pass an income tax law but the people are not stupid enough to pass it (at least not yet). Bill Gates’ father made a big effort recently but the people voted no. Oregon and Washington don’t have the cash flow through their governments to fund all the nonsense that put California on its death march. There are problems there and with the left in those states but the damage they can affect is limited to areas like education (where they excel at mind-warping) but that won’t affect us much; our children are grown up. There might be other states to consider but we will probably stay on the West Coast. We plan on sitting tight in a rural area until the crisis has mostly blown over by the early 2020’s (into either a totalitarianism or reset crony capitalism). Conditions might require us to move again. We have become pilgrims in our birth country which is morphing into a foreign country.

    You said to “try to be plugged into a larger network, a tribe”. The like-minded are in sites like this with people dispersed all over the world which is all the tribe that is left to us. I am interested in your thoughts on this.

  24. @Arius
    There is no place to hide. My wife, who is Japanese from an 800-year-old samurai family, says Japan is finished. It’s a long whimper, and would continue for a very long time if America remained strong and American. But since that is quite unlikely now, Japan may end with a bang. As may Israel, though the bang be from a different source. Europe, Canada, Australia can’t last without a strong and American America except as penned dairy cows for nonwhite masters.

    The one place that counts, to try salvage the West, is America.
    I’ve been trying to find such a place for 5 years now, and have gone on scouting trips for that purpose, each time to a different city. That has resulted in a loose book of personal narrative not ready for publishing as such. I perceived that things were deteriorating so fast that there was no time for ego projects like books, and took to posting on blogs, a lot of it at GoV, to address even more urgent issues.

    However I published sections of that not-yet-book in some places. If you google my “name” and the tile “Postcards from Zinnlandia” you will find 1/3 of my take on Portland. 1/3 of the Denver chapter was published DTO only in the British Quarterly Review, not available online. 1/5 of the Seattle chapter ditto, under the title “Coffee with Rosa,” but that was until recently available on the Web via a now-defunct webzine, alas.

    Please read my series “The Art of Strategic Citizenship” per links on the GoV page. It deals with exactly the issues you raise and, incidentally, suggests the Oregon-Idaho-Eastern Washington area as a good place to start. There really should be a blog devoted to such issues, but there aren’t enough good men, money and pro bono/pro patria legal dobermans (for keeping the soon-to-swoop federales at bay) for such a venture. Please, however, try to post about your quest, as not only I but many others have a personal interest in it.
    On a personal note, since I (and my wife too) have the European weaknesses of high culture, high quality food and the need for well crafted objects, plus no farm and ranch skills, we are rather handicapped in all this. If I could have a wish fulfilled, I’d see and join a wagon train of 10,000 American patriots — their wagons loaded high with pianos, busts of Beethoven and Goethe (but Washington, Franklin and even Patton too), tools and machines for self sufficiency and defensibility, all heading for Coeur d’Alene, Idaho.
    Takuan Seiyo

  25. @Arius, I left California after 35 years thinking just like you. I am in rural Oregon. The scenery is beautiful and it is peaceful and uncrowded, that is the plus. There are no good doctors, they keep quitting and moving away. The bad ones stay. I cannot get treatment for several medical conditions. There is no decent restaurant outside Portland (4 hours from me). The “plays and shows” your wife might like are not worth seeing. Concerts are not worth hearing. When you are accustomed to the San Francisco Opera and Symphony, rural anything just won’t do. Get used to CD’s. I call my town “Appalachia West” and the mentality is not far off. The liberals are dominating more and more of the state. Recently a State politician said “It’s only a matter of time” until they pass a Sales Tax. Property taxes of course are low by Calif standards, but higher than most of the nation. Frankly, I hate it here. Maybe if I had a few neighbors like you it would be better.

  26. We aren’t the only ones thinking along these lines. Headline today at “Citizens from 15 states have filed petitions to secede from the United States.” (I cannot give the link due to the admonition here against long URL’s.) Nice idea, but realistically none of these states could survive as a country except Texas. The rest are entitlement states with over-burdened budgets already. Sorry, Idaho is not listed.

  27. @ Anne:

    You can put long URLs here by using the template that you must’ve seen just above the comment box. It says:

    To add a link in a comment, use this format…following that is a line of html, a template you can cut and paste, insert the URL from your examiner page (taking out that ‘pretend’ one first) and where it says My Title you put in the title of the Examiner’s report.

    Someone mentioned this yesterday but I don’t find it credible. I didn’t hear that 15 state legislatures had put out constitutional referenda for their citizens to vote on. Nor can I imagine attorneys general passing on such an article as part of a general election.

    The rules for secession are quite clear and it takes a very long time to even begin the process. Most of the governors of those states would refuse to impoverish their residents…

    …iow, we have a long road of weaning ppl from the federal teat before such a move would be within the realm of possibility.

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