Becoming Aware of Islamophobia

Islamophobia in is growing in British public life, especially in the media, and no one is trying to stop it.

This is the contention of the group that has organized “Islamophobia Awareness Month” in Britain. The following video doesn’t mention who is sponsoring this important initiative, but given the lavish promotion by the official Iranian media outlet PressTV, I think we can guess.

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for uploading this clip:

Below is the accompanying article from PressTV:

Islamophobia Awareness Month Launched in Europe

The Islamophobia Awareness Month will be hosting a series of events aiming to highlight and address issues surrounding anti-Muslim hatred. This event in East London saw the launch of the campaign that included organisations from different religious and political backgrounds.

The event gathered high-profile speakers from the police and universities to members of parliament. Speakers included the British human rights lawyer, Imran Khan, who highlighted, what he believes, is a direct link between the negative portrayals of Islam in the media and hate crimes against Muslims.

Among the audience were many Muslims; hopeful to engage with other communities and change people’s perception of Islam. They feel it’s important to calm tensions that might exist amongst fellow citizens, because those tensions could and have spilled out into violence.

There is a strong feeling amongst Muslims in Europe that they are the target of discrimination and hatred. They feel like a community under siege. And they hope schemes like the Islamophobia Awareness Month will highlight these problems and bring about a grassroots change in society.

However, the society they live in doesn’t have a very favorable view of Islam. A recent survey reveals just 25% of people feel positively about Islam. And over 60% feel Islam is incompatible in British society.

Event organizers believe a lot has to do with name association. Terms like terrorism and extremism is closely attributed to Muslim stories in the media. They believe this correlation then creates an attitude hostile towards Muslims.

The Islamophobia Awareness Month aims to reach many cities, schools, institutions and governing bodies. Engagement with other communities is seen as an important step in demystifying and tackling hatred against Islam and Muslims.

11 thoughts on “Becoming Aware of Islamophobia

  1. There really are no limits to this lunacy.

    A lunatic
    “A reckless or psychopathic individual. Derived from ‘Lunar’ which in turn is derived from the Latin word for ‘Moon’.”

  2. You know, this reminds me of the 1950 – 1960s, back when women who complained about being 2nd. class citizens were labelled ‘hysterical’ and told to be silent.

    Back then, wife-beating was silently tolerated, and women who ran homes for battered wives where evil ‘Man-hating’ bitches.

    Now Ms. Geller gets the same flak for her muslim aid services, and we are again ‘hating bitches’.

    Just remember – we won then, we shall win again.

  3. Once again: Islamognosticism is NOT Islamophobia. Knowing Islam validates ridicule and disdain, not fear.

  4. Hate crimes against muslims?
    I cannot understand why there are so few.Personally speaking I do hate islam, but feel pity rather than hate for most muslims.
    The individuals I hate are the left-wing dhimmis and enablers.
    Paris Claims


    Keep up the good work. Eventually the curtain will fall.

  6. Of course they miss the point, but they never intended to address any valid point raised by a British native. At least this meeting should have discussed what causes Non-Moslems to object to Islam or to be ‘ Islamophobes ‘. But of course they really don’t want to look at Islam through the eyes of a Non-Moslem. There is an almost insurmountable
    gulf between the two cultures. Rudyard Kipling was spot on when he said, ‘ East is East and West is West and never the twain shall meet ‘.

  7. So Muslims feel under siege do they? Well, so do I and so do other women who live in areas that are densely populated by Muslims. One cannot walk in broad daylight in the housing estate opposite the town centre as there is a great likelihood that one of the Somali gangs will mug you and beat you for your phone. It is unfortunate that they don’t feel uncomfortable enough to leave for their homeland – personally, I hope one day they will.

  8. At least four times a year there should be month-long warnings about the dangers of Islam. PROTECT INNOCENTS.

    24 hours a day, 7 days a week, at every airport and train station in Europe and Britain, police must hand out warning pamphlets to ALL tourists, listing ALL of the no-go Muslim areas where it is too DANGEROUS for NON-Muslims to enter. Not to do this is unforgivable and evil because without this necessary information, the lives of tourists are placed in great danger.

  9. This is a joke, right? It’s got to be some sort of April fool’s stunt.

    Let me see, where else would we find Islamophobia(TM): Egypt, Israel, France, Russia, Italy, and everywhere else that islam has dipped its bloody talons on those who would not live under its slavery.

    Heck, I bet you’ll even find islamophobia in Mars, if you look for it. I mean, the planet is red and we all know how that color doesn’t go with islam. How non-inclusive, how anti-diverse…


  10. Chris Nineham was on the Central Committee of the Socialist Worker’s Party until a falling out a few years ago (when he left in a huff with two other ‘leaders’ after personal fall out with other so called leaders).

    He is a career leftist bureaucrat having been the unelected appointed boss of a few of the fronts set up by this Trotskyist rag-bag.

    Clearly he needs a job since he stormed out of hi paid Top-Committee job, and since non of these worker’s leaders actually works, as a worker, they keep having to set up campaigns to pay each other out of.

    The other members of the ex-Central Committee/unelected paid cabal who run the Trotskyist groupette now work for Islam TV/Stop the War. A separate bunch who previously fell out with Nineham and his cohorts (when they still ran the show at Trotsky Central) are now apparatsjik and functionaries working for George Galloway.

    I think they’d choke on their own vomit at the thought of doping an actual days real work rather than being a paid caste of Nomenklatura.

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