Why British Freedom?

Paul Weston lays out the case for the British Freedom Party in an article posted today on the BF website.

Kevin Carroll, Paul Weston, and Tommy Robinson

Why British Freedom?
by Paul Weston

David Blunkett (ex-Labour Home Secretary) wrote an interesting article last week entitled “British politicians have rarely been so ridiculed and despised, and that should worry us all”. He went on to quote Labour strategist Philip Gould who stated modern politicians were like footballers playing at empty grounds: the crowds have lost interest and left.

Blunkett’s article was published shortly after a poll suggested a large section of the electorate would back a party that confronted the problems of mass immigration and Islamic within Britain. It is no coincidence therefore that the three main parties are playing to empty grounds — they simply no longer reflect the concerns of their core vote.

The Labour Party: The tragic irony of Labour is their almost total betrayal of the working men and women of Britain. Between 1997 and 2010 they exported our skilled industrial base and imported the unskilled Third World — along with Eastern Europeans happy to work for wages too low to support the indigenous working man, let alone his family.

The cheerleaders in the liberal media were all for this. Middle class BBC types and Guardian readers found they could employ cheap nannies, gardeners and builders to support their affluent lifestyles even as they sipped caffè latte in the fair-trade coffee shops of Islington and Hampstead where they gathered to discuss working class oppression by the forces of Conservatism.

Run by a clique of Oxbridge-educated social inadequates, the Labour Party proudly proclaimed their desire to import the Third World in order to “rub the noses of the right in diversity”, but the only noses rubbed in diversity were those of the working class. Never has Joe Sobran’s critique of middle-class intellectuals been so apt: “The purpose of a college education is to give you the correct view of minorities, and the means to live as far away from them as possible”.

Over the three terms of the Labour government the population of Britain (principally within England) grew from 58 million to almost 63 million. The indigenous population was in decline during this period, and there are no reliable statistics to tell us how many native Brits emigrated as well, so these figures are far worse than they sound. This is population replacement, and amounts to a complete betrayal not just of the working class but of the country itself.

The Conservative Party: Prior to their election in 2010 the Conservatives promised to reduce immigration to the tens of thousands. This was a lie. Last year saw over half a million immigrants flood into Britain with what appears to be the tacit approval of a supposedly Conservative government.

We hear little from David Cameron about the Islamic threat. The recent revelations about Muslim grooming and gang-rape have finally instigated a Select Committee enquiry, but from Cameron there is only silence. Andrew Gilligan reports in The Telegraph that far from confronting this growing horror, Cameron continues to fund groups with connections to fundamentalist Islam and refuses to proscribe the Islamic extremist movement Hizb ut-Tahrir.

Cameron is also a founding signatory to Unite Against Fascism (UAF) — a group of far-left street thugs whose sole remit is to close down the freedom of speech and freedom of assembly of any group which wishes to raise the catastrophic consequences of allowing radical Islam to grow unhindered in Britain.

The Liberal Democrats: Not sure there is much analysis worth doing here. If it is against the interests of native Brits it is probably Lib Dem policy….

The British National Party: Given the terrible situation Britain is in, the BNP should be making huge gains everywhere, but they are not. This is principally down to Nick Griffin, who has presided over a party in terminal decline due to his total ineptitude. Griffin cares little about Britain but does care a great deal about himself. This is why he expels any genuine talent within the BNP, which he sees as a potential rivalry to his leadership.

Griffin’s real moment of meltdown came courtesy of Question Time. Here at last was a nationwide platform for an experienced man to blow the far-left traitors and multiculturalists out of the water with rational, logical and well-researched argument. But Griffin failed, and, exposed as a Holocaust denier, it was he who was blown out of the water by the useless lightweights Bonnie Greer and Jack Straw.

Reduced to trying to substantiate his anti-Semitism, he was unable to even mount a defence of the indigenous English after Bonnie Greer made the extraordinary statement that such people did not exist. Where was Griffin’s immediate argument about the UN definition of genocide, or the rights of indigenous peoples as mandated by the UN? Nowhere, is the answer. Griffin stammered, stuttered and was so comprehensively outwitted that the BBC was accused of being “nasty” to him. Truly pathetic.

Griffin’s obsession with Zionism and race make the BNP unelectable in the eyes of the majority of Brits. It is almost as though he has gone out of his way to destroy the nationalist vote, leading many people to think he is nothing more than an MI5 stooge. The one area he should have been concentrating on — Islam — he failed to. “We will work with the Muslims” says Griffin in this video.

Why, Nick?

What a dreadful position political Britain is in. The main parties are complicit in its destruction whilst the one party capable of mounting some sort of defence has been so discredited under Griffin it is now as dead as the proverbial Dodo.

This is exactly why British Freedom was formed. We are prepared to talk about the threats Britain faces and we are prepared to stick to our word if we are elected. There is no comparable party in Britain which will speak up for the genuine interests of the people and most importantly, it is not hampered by a leadership of traitors (Lib/Lab/Con) or a leadership that is discredited beyond repair after decades of ranting about Holocaust denial and supposed Zionists behind every bush and tree (BNP).

British Freedom can do it. All we need is the unified support of decent, traditional Brits. Don’t fall for the mainstream media’s portrayal of us as far-right extremists, because there is nothing far-right about wishing to preserve our country, culture and people. Also, don’t fall for the hysterical and dishonest smears thrown at us by Griffin. Our main concerns are mass immigration, Islam, education, crime, leaving the EU and the promotion of our traditional British culture.

In other words, just the sort of policies a majority of Brits would actually vote for according to the poll mentioned at the beginning of this article. It is high time the useless, dangerous, treacherous Milibands, Camerons, Cleggs and Griffins were consigned to the dustbin of history — before it is too late.

Paul Weston is Chairman of the British Freedom Party.

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22 thoughts on “Why British Freedom?

  1. It’s literally true in the case of Mr Blunkett – the blind leading the blind. Mr Blunkett is part of the evil that overtook our country during the 20th. Century. We came through that century despite socialism/communism, not because of it. People like him need to be brought to account for their misdeeds; and it’s not enough to say that either they were just following orders, or that they acted in good faith. Because the first is no defense and the second is a complete lie.

  2. Don’t think Britain deserves all that, after centuries of screwing Europe? After all, no nation caused such harm against European unity than Britain itself.

    For example, Arthur Harris, the butcher of Dresden, thought nothing about incinerating 100,000 whites. Yet Britain celebrates his ‘deed’. It is poetic justice that Harris’ birthplace Rhodesia is now a hellhole.

    Britain has to repent all the harm it has done against Europe, including endless warmongering.

    Renaming Waterloo Bridge and Waterloo Station, and stripping the Dukedoms of Marlborough and Wellington, would be start of Britain repenting its sins against white race and murdering its best stock over 4+ centuries.

  3. It has been the case at least since 1990 that, if not for the BFP option, the British electorate has the same choice as the American one does: between the Evil Party and the Stupid Party.
    Takuan Seiyo

  4. OK, so what party does the EDL associate with? None maybe? Are they starting a new, good, worthwhile party? Dear Lord, I hope so.

  5. @Anonymous 6.46

    Great Britain certainly does not need to apologise for standing alone against the real, actual Nazis, for fighting that evil force and doing everything in her power to defeat it.

    As for the rest – ancient history, no one cares.

    It’s interesting to read about the appeasers who were still on the go after the war kicked off – and the support for the reds throughout the UK during the war – and after it.

    If anyone needs to start acknowledging what they have done, believed and supported since the war it is the “lefties” and the “reds” from all levels of our society.

    The Soviets may have been the lesser of two evils (see the penultimate episode of “The World At War”) but they were still evil.

    The people in our political classes right now, today, have failed to speak of islam and its unending catalogue of horror in moral terms – by its fruits we do indeed know it – and their failure to do so is not only a political failure in terms of British society, it signifies a profound personal failing of each and every one of them.

  6. Weston would be a big hit here in the U.S. if he was given air time.

    The funny thing is, here in America we’d also love a party that confronted illegal immigration and trade policies that put millions out of jobs.

    And just like Britain our political elites(Repubs and Demos) have betrayed the people and country.

  7. In India, the Indian National Congress, the main liberal party, is an alliance of disaffected and marginal groups, including Muslims. BJP, the main right-wing party, is explicitly Hindu nationalist. This shows us how political power should be organized. The left is a coalition of the marginal and disaffected, and the right explicitly represents the dominant ethnic majority.

    Somehow this eludes us in the West. In the West, the left is a coalition of the marginal, while the right, for some reason, doesn’t realize that it should be explicitly representing the non-marginal, i.e. generic whites. This is the real problem of the West. It is the right that is the problem, not the left. The left is doing its job. The right isn’t.

    Given this, it is not clear that British Freedom really fits the problem we face. They have a “soft spot” for various marginal groups. In fact, this is the basis for one of their main arguments against Islam, i.e. that it poses a threat to the marginal. Still, it is good to see Mr. Weston write in support of the indigenous people of Britain.

  8. Anon 10:19

    The ‘ancient history’ the Brits would like to dismiss have significantly depleted European stock, making Islamic and African invasion possible.

    All Britain has ever done in the last 4 centuries is provoking one European war after another, killing more Europeans while cozying up to the Maharajas and Sheiks.

    Britain treated Japan with dignity and helped that yellow country on Russo-Japanese War, fatally weakening the Czar. And all Britain got in return was Repulse, the Prince of Wales and Singapore.

    Such folly still continues, and correcting its historial mistake would be the first step of turning back the tide of Asians and Africans.

  9. What utter drivel are you spouting
    6:46 ? European unity is an idea
    which does not have overwhelming support, except from international
    banksters. As for ‘ centuries of screwing Europe..’, where did you
    make this tripe up from? As for Dresden, the figure of 43,000 dead was given at one stage by the Germans themselves, so why 100,000. It sounds very much like you are just another traitor who enjoys running down a fine country.

  10. Great article, Paul. I’m a believer. Yet no mention of UKIP?
    I know they’re a bit of a one man band, and you have history with them, but I see them as our main hope. The nationalist/patriotic vote keeps getting diluted, and we’ll end up with half a dozen parties competing against each other and polling less than the Raving Loonies or the Communists (AKA Greens).
    I know Griffin blew his chance big style, but maybe he could have a point about Zionists? There seems to be some prominent and influential Jews behind mass third world immigration eg Alan Shatter in Ireland and Barbara Spectre, who seems to believe it is some kind of Jewish mission to destroy the white race. I just can’t fully understand their motives.

    Paris Claims

  11. @ anonymous 10/04/2012 6:46 PM
    if her hitler hadn’t incinerated coventry, london, plymouth, portsmouth, warsaw etc. etc. maybe dresden would not have been bombed.
    to judge the actions of the past by the standards of today is a touch immoral.
    Harris did what he did in order to help end the war, not start it or prolong it.
    his true colours are revealed by what he thought of his crews.
    he held them in the greatest respect and did everything in his power, short of stopping the missions, in order to promote their welfare.
    where do you come from and is YOUR country devoid of less than complimentary history?
    you come across as American, a nation that has screwed the world ever since independence, while preaching isolationism.
    or are you german, a nation that deliberately started two world wars and lost both.
    maybe french, just jealous of our success and the regards we are given in the world.
    possibly, your focusing on waterloo points to that.

  12. “as they sipped caffè latte in the fair-trade coffee shops of Islington and Hampstead where they gathered to discuss working class oppression by the forces of Conservatism.”

    It’s great, I was in Hampstead this morning and I personally overheard this very conversation in a coffee shop. The coffee was fair trade, and it tasted like sh*t, so I went to McDonald’s over the road to buy a proper cup…

  13. Between 1997 and 2010 they exported our skilled industrial base …

    Thought most of our knowledge base and manufacturing jobs were floated on the Ganges and Yangtze rivers long before 1997, in favour of free market globalisation.

    The trend across the British political parties over the past 30+ years has been to turn the skilled working class into an unskilled servile class. A domestic economic strategy that was more about socioeconomic disenfranchisement than building a dynamic and competitive economy.

    In practice free market globalisation has turned out to be close to what the socialists would recognise as internationalism – both subvert and eventually destroy domestic economies, indigenous peoples and nations.

    Jolie Rouge

  14. @ Vince & Paris Claims

    I did not mention UKIP simply because I don’t see them as a serious political party. They wish to leave the EU (so do we) but they refuse to engage in the debate over Islam or mass third-world immigration.

    They have also agreed not to stand against prospective Tory MP’s in certain areas provided the said MP’s are Euro sceptics.

    This makes them very much a single issue party. I think Islam will cause even more death and destruction in Europe over the 21st century than Nazism and Communism caused over the 20th century.

    Islam is not just the single biggest issue of our times, it is the biggest issue of ALL times. Any party that refuses to recognise or debate this is not a serious movement.

    This is why I left UKIP after Lord Pearson stood down.

    Hal K, never forget politics is the art of the possible….and what is possible today must take into account a heavily brainwashed electorate.

  15. “Islam is not just the single biggest issue of our times, it is the biggest issue of ALL times.”



  16. @Paul Weston: but in ukip’s manifesto they pledge to end multiculturalism. I would also argue in my opinion, that in order for the country to go in the direction we want it to go through, we have to pass through one door in order to get through another. I feel we need to get our national sovereignty back, and control of our own laws, to begin turning the country around. I do not feel ukip can ever gain power (if possible at all) in a timely enough fashion for this process to begin.

    Unfortunately our voting system as time passes will favour homogenous block voting, resulting in further successes in parties such as respect etc. However ukip do have a momentum behind them, and have also passed the credibility test in the public eye. Which for me means voting for them takes votes away from the Tories. This I hope would force them to provide us with an in out referendum. Regardless of which way the vote goes once the referendum is done ukip’s purpose (relevance even) is over.

    Again the hope would be once OUT, the next pressing issue becomes well the Islam question. With only one alternative the bfp. I guess it will depend on how well you do overtime. If you grab headlines like say respect did, it could indeed turn into votes.

    But for me national sovereignty is an important piece to the jigsaw, especially for an island nation. Perhaps I’m wrong in my assessment, but either way votes or removing them from the main parties = pressure. As seen when sarkozy pandered to the right. But the danger in splitting the vote can also mean losing elections. However this may also increase discontent amongst voters. As we have seen the liberals have shot themselves in the foot by forming govt. If still in opposition, they may have picked up votes merely through discontent.

    Have lots more to say but so little space… Good day

  17. what a bunch of Bull. christianity and europe,especially England are responsible for the largest slaughtering oh people in history. i understand how youd like to point the finger at Islam instead. colonization and dividing? Europe and christianity takes that crown.we can all be glad for the rise of humanism and secular living.

  18. I always thought that it was taken as common knowledge that globalizing capitalism and international socialism were working together either wittingly or unwittingly to destroy the homogeneous nations of Europe and those of European settlement for their own ends.

    The Marxists looked at the world of 50 to 60 years ago and decided that all its ills were down to white hegemony. If the virtues of the third world were recognised and promoted then a new golden age would dawn. Well here it is folks.

    The globalizers wanted a borderless world to shunt around money and goods and people so that they grew richer and richer. Cameron, Milliband and Clegg are all in league, the first for the enrichment of himself and his buddies around the world and the latter two for the sake of some woolly Marxist theoretical piece of social engineering which they decided was the ultimate utopia when they were getting sloshed in the bar of their student union. All cretins one and all and time for them to brought to account.

  19. Anon of 2:50, did you get your history education from the Beano or the Dandy? Didn’t anyone tell you about Stalin, Mao Tze Dong or Pol Pot,Salladin, Ghengis Khan or
    Pizarro? Who’ve England slaughtered?
    Europe and Christianity brought
    civilisation to the rest of the World.

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