Tommy Robinson: Returning to the EDL

Tommy Robinson in Luton

Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, a.k.a. Tommy Robinson, has stepped down as joint vice-chairman of the British Freedom Party in order to focus his attention on the English Defence League.

The street movement milieu where Tommy’s heart is, and where his talents lie. Kevin Carroll, who will remain as the sole vice-chairman of BF, has more of a flair for political work, and is expected to make a good showing in his election bid for PCC in Bedfordshire.

Here’s the press release with the announcement from the British Freedom website:

Tommy Robinson Steps Down From Party To Devote All His Energy to EDL

Tommy Robinson has decided to stand down from his position with British Freedom in order to concentrate fully on the English Defence League. This decision has been made after much deliberation and is fully supported by the Party and the EDL joint leader and British Freedom Vice Chairman, Kevin Carroll.

Tommy has recognised that his heart and strengths lie within the Street Protest Movements. Kevin is rapidly developing an impressive political profile and has a great deal to offer in the political arena. He is well respected within the EDL and within British Freedom and will continue to play a significant role in both. Kevin will remain as Deputy Chairman of British Freedom and will continue as joint Leader of the EDL.

Both organisations share many core values and will continue to support each other’s work. This change will offer a two pronged approach that will complement our joint objectives. The greatest achievements of both organisations are yet to come.

3 thoughts on “Tommy Robinson: Returning to the EDL

  1. I think this is a good decision/move…for all parties involved.

    Go EDL! Go British Freedom!


  2. I never really understood why Tommy
    left EDL in the first place, he had
    hit on a winning formula for nationalism, well attended and well behaved weekend marches. This is exactly what the establishment do not want, so it had to be right to keep going with that idea. Remember this is only the beginning of the big fight back. Apathy, denial and too much comfort are our main enemies.

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