Not a Deterrent, But an Inducement

From SUN TV, Brian Lilley and John Robson discuss Iranian nukes and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s faith in the reappearance of the Twelfth Imam. They remind their audience that nuclear deterrence is not necessarily a strategy that is likely to work against the theocrats who govern Iran.

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for uploading this video:

3 thoughts on “Not a Deterrent, But an Inducement

  1. Iran? Deterrence?!?

    Anyone who thinks the Ayatollahs would be deterred by retaliatory nuclear destruction should sober up.

    Islam’s true believers love our deaths far more than they love their own lives, as someone put it recently.

    The opportunity to detonate a nuclear bomb in New York or Washington will prove irresistible. We should be watching nuclear-armed Pakistan very carefully as it becomes increasingly in thrall with the Taliban.

  2. ‘I’m a dinner jacket’ doesn’t look
    anywhere like his usual cool self on this one, in fact he looks more like a goat about to become dinner. He is
    a figurehead essentially and can’t push his luck with the totally insane
    ayatollahs who have hijacked Iran
    and now seem to be heading down a path of no return.

  3. Given the steaming pile of lies about Saddam and his imaginary WMD’s from our so-called ME “experts”. I’m inclined to take this as another steaming pile by the Neocon clown car posse.

    They have zero credibility.

    Another thing, these are the same bloodthirsty clowns pushing for intervention in Syria as well. Another reason not to trust them.

    Bottom line. It’s time we stop doing Likuid party’s dirty work. Because this is what it amounts too. If they want to topple Syria and Iran let them bleed this time around.

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