Fjordman: Is Anders Behring Breivik the Nordic Che Guevara?


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In a provocative essay at the website Gates of Vienna, I once asked whether the mass murderer Anders Behring Breivik could be labeled the “Nordic Muhammad.” The first pair of forensic psychiatrists who evaluated Breivik compared his self-image to religious literature. He claimed to be a “perfect” man worthy of emulation. John L. Esposito, one of the most pro-Islamic writers in the Western world, states that Muhammad can be seen as the “living Koran.” He is viewed by Muslims as a perfect man worthy of emulation, almost like Breivik imagined himself to be.


Yet, fortunately for us, Breivik did not found a new religion. Perhaps a more appropriate question to ask is whether Breivik, with his sadistic cruelty and bloodthirstiness, is a Nordic equivalent of Che Guevara.

On page 1164 of his confused manifesto, Breivik quoted the Marxist leader Fidel Castro, who ruled Cuba for more than half a century: “I began the revolution with 82 men. If I had to do it again, I would do it with 10 or 15 individuals with absolute faith. It does not matter how small you are if you have faith and a plan of action.” Mr. Castro represents a violent totalitarian ideology, but although he is a revolutionary Socialist he has not been blamed by the mass media for inspiring Breivik. That is reserved for so-called “Islamophobes.”


Breivik the military dilettante exhibited many of the same violent fantasies as Che, including even the possibility of beheading his victims, and displayed cruel sadism when executing dozens of unarmed victims. Also just like Che Guevara, his fight to the death turned out to be a fight to other people’s death, whereas he himself in the end surrendered to people who could actually shoot back. Due to his toxic combination of cruelty, hypocrisy and cowardice, Anders Behring Breivik could be labeled the “Nordic Che Guevara.”

Fortunately, even though Breivik was for a while a peripheral member of the Progress Party in Oslo, we haven’t seen many coffee mugs or t-shirts bearing his portrait among members of the political Right. For some reason, celebration of mass murderers and terrorists seems to be more widespread in segments of the political Left.

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12 thoughts on “Fjordman: Is Anders Behring Breivik the Nordic Che Guevara?

  1. Breivik had his moment of fame and it passed. He’ nobodies idea of a front man. The Left uses him as a club so to speak against the anti-jihadists but that’s it. In 5 years no one will remember the low life except some college educated Marxist scum.

    It’s the same with Timmothy McVeigh. Even the Left has all but stopped using him.

    His name no longer shocks people and many have all but forgotten about him.

    B will go the same way.

  2. I made a comment aobut Breivik being rehabilitated in 20 years or so (meaning in the political sense) on Harry’s Place which earned me the ban hammer. Including that I didnt think people would be wearing Breivik T-Shirts ala Che. He wont be a hero, just that he wont seem so evil. Perceptions are likely to change in the future with the increasing conflict and the passage of time in general.

    Seems to be heavily regulated taboos surrounding commentary on Breivik. Im surprised your Above the Line post was allowed, to tell you the truth.


  3. Hard to believe, but by the end I was convinced.

    They both remind me of Charles Manson, another man to whom leftists-anarchists have held somewhat of a man-crush. He trained people to execute some attractive people he felt to be his political-elite enemies, unarmed of course, all done without dirtying his own hands.

    Manson also has the sadism, political idealism, he’s also a self-appointed executioner, and a narcissist who expected people to look up to him. Familiar?

    The mass thought behind the left is to back anything which aggressively or passively moves them into greater power, even if it means backing the devil himself, and a Breivik would do fine. But he can’t be THEIR executioner, because he kills the wrong guys. So Breivik will always be despised by all.

    But had this demented man instead executed free market traditionals, his face would already be on t-shirts and coffee cups, and rock band would vie to use his name.

  4. EV, I hope Breivik is never resurrected, a la Che. The left having nutcase heros is enough, we dont’ need ’em. The fact we don’t have them is to our credit.

    That doesn’t mean there won’t be a counter-revolution to the current, quite successful leftist world-glom. There will be real heroes enough.

  5. EV

    Actually I’m surprised myself.

    But I wanted to point out that time de-energizes how we perceive horrific individuals. This is why McVeigh isn’t used much as a weapon against the Right anymore.

    The same with gun control, unless there is a mass slaughter the Left can’t promote their agenda. The blood and bodies must still be fresh for them to use a Breivik or the lunatic in Colorado for their purposes.

    And Che? He exists merely as a poster that people don’t even see. You don’t get more irrelevant than that.

  6. Fjordman are you seriously suggesting that Anders Behring Breivik is the political reincarnation of Che Guevara based on beheading, political bloodlust and a martial salute.

    All three pre-date Che Guevara and Anders Behring Breivik they can not be corralled to concluded that CG&ABB shared the same political motivations.

    Jolie Rouge

  7. Thanks to Breivik and his attack on Utøya.

    The AP reacted swiftly by pushing the muslim agenda further with appointing the fullblood muslima Hadia Tajik as cultural minister.

    We can only hope for a Høyre / FRP government soon.

  8. Although socialist are islam´s “fifth column” all over Europe, going about in a killing spree of teenagers does not seem the way-to-go for a self called christian. Teenagers can change and mature but as long as they are alive. Not so much Premier Stoltenberg…

  9. Right You New.

    However taking the long view of history, Breivik will likely be seen as a more sympathetic character ala John Brown in the US history. An early blow in a massively violent conflict involving the 3 way struggle for Europe between the Western Conservatives, the Western Left and Islam.

    That is, if the Wester Conservative is triumphant. If the Western Left or Islam writes history as the winners, then…


  10. Breivik will be forgotten about in 10 years here in the U.S. Even now I could go and ask a hundred college students who he is, and I doubt that 1 in a hundred will know.

    The fact is he was nothing but a scarecrow the Left and the authorities used to discredit the counter-Islam movement(it’s more accurate term than counter-jihad) and nationalist movements in Europe.

    He served his purpose. Now the only people keeping him in the spotlight are Norwegians, who are reading way too much into him.

  11. Breivik almost killed me and my friends with his bomb, so f**k you and all that like him, and think he is a hero.
    I really hope I’ll meet you in the real world. I’ll show you something you only have seen on tv!
    If you want to say hello, google bomb and my name Jan. Come and visit me pls.

  12. To compare ABB to the prophet Mohammed is extremely insulting….
    to Anders Behring Breivik. Mo was
    a mentally unstable mass murderer.

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