Europe’s Takeover by Islam, Part 3

This is the third part of a four-part Israeli documentary by Zvi Yehezkeli and David Deryi about the Islamization of Europe. It has been translated from the Hebrew and subtitled in English.

The filmmaker is an Arabic-speaking Israeli whose appearance and flawless Arabic accent were sufficient to allow him to mingle freely with the Muslims in several “no-go zones” in Britain, Belgium, Sweden, and France, and to get an inside look at the Islamic mindset within the greater European community.

Many thanks to DarLink for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

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Transcript of Part 3:

00:10   There is no god but Allah
00:22   Here, in the quiet park of Amsterdam, capital of Holland,
00:26   180,000 Muslims live in this city,
00:29   24% of the population,
00:31   In the heart of the relaxed Western existence, near the National Museum,
00:36   in front of the Opera House,
00:37   in a few hours an event will start,
00:39   which all Europeans got used to –
00:41   – the Friday’s Muslim prayers.
00:44   To the tourist in Europe,
00:47   the minarets became a part of the city skyline long ago,
00:50   but Europeans, who listen to the mosques’ calls to prayer
00:53   lately, hear the messages, which are getting more and more extreme.
00:57   Clearly the ideology is that of Al Qaeda.
01:00   A chain of terror attacks in New York, London and Stockholm
01:05   led European countries to be more suspicious than ever
01:07   of religious radicalization which is going on in mosques.
01:11   There are some brothers here, which is… you could say they are jihadists.
01:15   Praise the name of Allah! Allahu Akhbar!
01:17   We believe that Sharia will dominate the world.
01:19   The intelligence services of Europe, which began to investigate
01:21   Muslim religious organizations, discovered widespread activities
01:25   which had been hidden from their eyes for too long.
01:27   Nobody will come on-camera
01:28   That’s enough! Stop filming.
01:29   The generation of teachers is replaced by eloquent preachers
01:33   who promote an extreme anti-Europe agenda.
01:36   We will attain the victory, and Allah will make sure it’s been bestowed on us.
01:39   Jihad! Jihad!
01:42   They create a new generation of Muslims,
01:44   one which lives in Europe,
01:45   but does not identify itself with the continent’s values
01:48   and asks to fundamentally change them.
01:50   They can take our nationality
01:51   we do not want it.
01:52   They can take it from us. We do not need it.
01:56   You are invited to visit radicalized religious centers
01:59   within the young Muslim population of Europe.
02:01   The journey between religious ardor and extreme conservatism
02:04   which leads eventually to the activities of Muslim terror cells.
02:12   Series by Zvi Yehezkeli and David Deryi
02:17   Producer Yonit Dror
02:20   Editor Alon Wallfeyler Kahati
02:24   Soundtrack Yonatan Bar Giora
02:26   Scenario and directing David Deryi
02:32   Allah Islam – following Europe’s takeover by Islam
02:41   Europe needs to wake up to what is happening in our own countries.
02:45   France
02:50   Holland
02:53   The biggest threat that we face
02:55   David Cameron, British prime minister
02:56   comes from terrorist attacks
02:57   Some of which are sadly carried out by our own citizens.
03:02   Sweden
03:05   We need to be absolutely clear on where the origins of these attacks lie
03:11   Britain
03:12   And that is existence of an ideology, Islamist extremism.
03:19   Antwerp, Belgium
03:24   In some mosques, preachers of hate promote separatism
03:28   by encouraging Muslims to define themselves solely in terms of their religion
03:37   Research Anat Switzki and Lior Zeevi
03:39   Executive producer Carmit Molho
03:42   Camera Shay Fooni
03:45   What we see in so many European countries
03:47   is a process of radicalization.
03:52   The kuffar are never going to accept that.
03:53   They like, “What is this?” This is not from our system.
03:57   This is barbaric, this is not Afghanistan or something like that.
04:02   Some people, they think they are gonna make some compromise
04:08   and that they gonna please the kuffar and they gonna be pleased with them.
04:14   They never gonna be pleased with us.
04:19   We must ban preachers of hate coming to our countries.
04:22   At stake are not just lives; it is our way of life.
04:29   They should study history.
04:31   Every time they attack the Muslims,
04:35   they were defeated, it’s a matter of time and Allah…
04:37   after we suffer, the victory will come.
04:41   Part III – Terror
04:45   March!
04:48   Stockholm, Sweden
04:56   More than anything else, Europeans are afraid that religious extremism
04:59   is leading, among other things, to the creation of terror cells inside Europe
05:02   which are operating beneath the surface,
05:04   and mainly, as different studies show,
05:06   in religious institutions and mosques.
05:14   The most prominent example of that is in Sweden.
05:17   The naive nature of this Scandinavian country
05:20   convinced the government and the citizens
05:22   that the terrorists are not interested in Sweden and never will be.
05:26   What we had a year ago
05:27   should had worked as a wakeup call.
05:30   It was a very close call, very close call.
05:34   The lack of preparedness, even to think
05:38   that something like this could happen, was totally wrong.
05:46   While the shopping center’s Christmas atmosphere wraps the crowd,
05:49   explosions rock the heart of Stockholm.
05:52   Swedish security forces are convinced that these are fireworks
05:55   or a single-point crime event,
05:57   but Magnus Norel,
05:59   Swedish specialist for civil and army intelligence,
06:00   who held key positions in Sweden’s intelligence services,
06:04   was one of the first to realize
06:05   that his country experienced its first ever suicide bombing.
06:09   When it comes to terrorism,
06:11   you can see that what we have in Europe is a lot of home-grown terrorism
06:16   This stuff may happen here as well.
06:19   We think we are protected
06:21   because we are nice and polite, which we are,
06:23   but you know, it does happen,
06:25   and when it does happen you have to be prepared
06:28   to deal with the consequences, to mitigate the consequences.
06:33   Except for the panic, which engulfs Stockholm,
06:34   the attack does not achieve its goal
06:36   and suicide bomber is the only one who loses his life.
06:40   For people in general of course it’s new
06:42   because it’s never happened before
06:43   and the way the attack last year was viewed by people,
06:48   from the public to the police
06:51   is that “Nothing happened”.
06:54   A local intelligence investigation leads to this mosque,
06:57   the biggest in Sweden.
07:19   Hello. Greetings.
07:25   As you can see, to this place
07:29   come all Muslims, who wish to pray, the most ardent.
07:52   Here you can see donations
07:54   Somalia, Saudi Arabia,
07:56   Palestine, Gaza.
07:59   Look how many organisations are here,
08:01   whether educational or help.
08:09   These are religious education books for toddlers,
08:12   those who were not born in the Middle East
08:14   and do not know what a mosque is.
08:16   The religious literature of course is very friendly.
08:20   Allahu Akhbar!
08:43   Some of the worshipers denounce
08:45   the deeds of the suicide bomber in the heart of the city,
08:47   not far away from the mosque,
08:51   but the imam we met outside
08:53   is not afraid to condone the terrorist attack as allowed under Sharia.
08:57   They always place the blame on Muslims
08:59   in every political or financial crisis.
09:02   He did not kill anyone.
09:05   He only killed himself.
09:07   In my opinion he is a victim of the false democracy.
09:10   The democratic terror caused him to do that.
09:24   Prayer time is for prayers only,
09:25   but after that in the afternoons there are religious studies,
09:28   lessons and group activities.
09:30   Does someone know what is going on here?
09:31   Does someone actually reads the texts?
09:33   Anyone read the flyers, understand the message?
09:34   And there are messages which are quite intolerant of the Swedes,
09:37   but is seems that no one knows about that.
09:40   Let’s say no Swede had ever really checked what’s written in those books.
09:45   because it’s considered to be protected by privacy rights.
09:48   It’s obvious to me that Swedes started to notice.
09:51   The first conclusion of the intelligence services in Europe
09:54   is to pay attention to this place.
09:57   Maybe they already do.
10:00   By and large, the direction is known
10:01   It’s a battle…
10:03   which is now tectonic.
10:11   In the meantime, investigation by Swedish intelligence finds out
10:13   that suicide bomber belongs to an extreme Muslim group
10:16   from Luton, England,
10:18   whose declared intention is to send suicide bombers to targets across Europe.
10:24   Luton, England
10:30   We arrive here following the terrorist cell
10:32   from which the Stockholm bomber came.
10:43   Internal report from British intelligence were leaked to the press in 2008
10:47   and told the real story of this town
10:50   which became the main center of
10:52   extreme Muslim activities in Britain.
10:56   Hello, does anyone speak Arabic?
10:59   Somebody here speak English?
11:02   We do not speak English
11:03   No one?
11:07   Heritage preservation
11:09   Islamic studies and Arabic language studies
11:12   for ages 7-14
11:14   We have what I would describe as a form of reverse simulation.
11:19   Douglas Murray, Journalist
11:20   That is to say that two generations ago…
11:22   People who came to Britain in the 1950s, for instance
11:25   from Pakistan, who learned the language, learned English,
11:28   wanted to be part of Britain,
11:31   but their children, certainly their grandchildren believe
11:34   that the British way of life is wrong.
11:37   They don’t feel a part of it.
11:38   In particular are experiencing a re-awakening of religious identity
11:43   over any kind of national identity.
11:49   In every Muslim home
11:51   there is a sticker with a certain verse from Quran, “El Fateha”.
12:00   The town was marked as a growth center of terrorist cells
12:04   after the joint attack planned by terrorists.
12:14   The terrorist act , which succeeded in paralyzing the capital in the summer of 2005
12:18   will be remembered as the deadliest attack on London
12:21   since WWII.
12:23   The significance of Luton in the attack in July 2005
12:27   was that that’s where they met
12:29   and then took a train into central London on the morning of the bombing.
12:33   If there’s any milk, it’ll be great.
12:35   Peter Clark, who was the head of the police terror prevention unit
12:37   and led the London attacks investigation,
12:40   understood after a few hours of searching
12:42   where the motivation for the attacks came from.
12:46   Clearly the ideology was that of Al Qaeda.
12:49   There was no doubt about that.
12:51   And there’s no doubt that some of their training and inspiration
12:54   came from Al Qaeda itself.
12:56   The people who launched this attack were young man
13:01   who for whatever reason had been radicalized,
13:03   somehow generated an enormous sense of grievance and anger.
13:17   From these rows of buildings,
13:20   one could say,
13:22   from low socioeconomic level neighbourhood in Luton,
13:25   came four bombers.
13:27   They lived near each other.
13:28   None of them was considered by neighbours
13:30   as out of the ordinary;
13:33   on the contrary, they blended with the crowd,
13:35   returned to Islam, went to the mosque.
13:37   Some Jihadi propaganda, some Internet sources
13:39   and the obvious result …
13:42   When it comes to the actual attacks,
13:44   The materials they gathered together were bought here, in United Kingdom,
13:49   easily obtainable
13:52   and available for very low cost
13:55   to mount a very deadly attack.
13:58   Hello.
14:01   In this building so many brothers
14:03   Algeria
14:06   Muslims. All are Muslims here
14:10   We are trying to find the mosque, from where bombers went
14:13   to different sites in Europe.
14:15   What are you doing with the camera?
14:16   We are doing a film.
14:18   Do you want to be in a film?
14:20   My mother lives here; she is religious.
14:22   She wears a burka. Really?
14:24   Ask her if she is prepared to talk to us in a burka.
14:27   No, no, ’cause my brother has a big beard.
14:29   My brother comes, he sees my mom on the camera,
14:32   people come, he gets very angry.
14:35   What really happens in mosques
14:38   has no way to be found out,
14:40   even the intelligence info of the British services
14:42   on the terror cells is strictly confidential.
14:57   This mosque for example was built in the 80s
14:59   and it is a home for first-generation Pakistani immigrants.
15:02   Hello. Hello
15:06   Since British intelligence started to follow mosque activities in Luton,
15:10   the followers play it safe.
15:15   They appear, at least on the surface, to separate themselves from underground terrorist activity
15:19   which goes on in town’s mosques.
15:22   This is the great mosque of Luton?
15:24   The biggest?
15:26   Yes. This is the biggest
15:29   One of the youth members of the mosque,
15:31   Majad Han, who immigrated to Britain from Pakistan,
15:34   is not following the rules of discretion concerning visitors to the town’s mosques
15:39   and reveals the reality
15:40   which is quite rare to hear in public.
15:42   What year did you left Pakistan?
15:45   What year …
15:47   2007
15:49   During the war and … Yes
15:51   Where are you from in Pakistan?
15:53   North West
15:55   North West
15:57   This is the area!
15:59   Yea, that’s the area
16:00   Did you see Bin Laden by chance? No, no
16:02   But I saw some people
16:05   because my city was like that.
16:07   Jihadis? Yes
16:13   There are some brothers here … you could say they are Jihadis
16:16   There are Jihadis here? Yes, there are.
16:18   Salafis, Al Qaeda? Yes, Salafis, that one …
16:21   Because of them the clashes began.
16:23   I think they were brainwashed.
16:25   But you know, these people
16:27   who made the operation on the tube on July 7th,
16:32   they were Muslims
16:33   and they did it in the name of Muslims.
16:35   The Jihadis did that.
16:36   They see things around the world,
16:39   in Iraq and Pakistan. – Pakistan
16:42   Pakistan as well
16:44   You go there and they train you.
16:47   That’s what they believe.
16:48   Maybe it’s wrong, but I don’t know.
16:50   Is it easy to go to train and come back?
16:53   Well… Yes.
17:00   Where is the Salafis’ mosque here?
17:04   Well, that’s in the center of the Berry Park, which is the Islamic center.
17:09   Berry Park is here. I have to go to the right.
17:12   That’s a mosque over there, to the left.
17:14   I don’t know if you want to…
17:16   Do you want to see that?
17:19   200 meters away,
17:20   in the heart of the immigrants’ neighbourhood Berry Park,
17:22   there is a mosque called “Luton Islamic Centre”.
17:47   Hello.
17:48   Do not be afraid of the camera.
17:52   Do not be afraid, we are from Palestine.
17:55   No one willing to be on camera.
17:56   Why? I don’t know.
17:58   Why?
17:59   I don’t know. They don’t like?
18:00   They don’t like that.
18:01   Because of… Even before as well
18:03   Because of what happened? No, not because of that.
18:05   Even before what happened.
18:07   Nobody wants to….
18:08   Let me… I don’t know. Wait, let me check.
18:10   I’ll wait here
18:12   Nobody wants to talk, certainly not about those who “graduated” from the mosque
18:14   and were responsible for terror attacks around Europe
18:21   Timor Abd Al Wahab, Stockholm’s suicide bomber,
18:23   may be the classic example
18:25   of the process which attracts many Luton youths
18:27   to the mosques’ radical message.
18:30   Timor, 28 years old, married and father of three,
18:32   gave up his studies of physiotherapy in Bedford University of Luton
18:37   after exposure to the mosque’s activities , in which apparently he was very interested.
18:42   The training he received here
18:43   could be found in the testament, in his own voice, made on the day of the attack.
18:48   To all Muslims of Sweden I want to say:
18:50   Stop degrading yourselves, stop trying to make them like you.
18:53   You are getting yourselves further from Islam.
18:55   This is the time to fight back, not to wait anymore,
18:59   be violent, do not be afraid of death.
19:04   Did you see that? He warns everyone now.
19:07   One went out.
19:08   Now he tells everyone there is a camera outside.
19:14   Pretty quickly we get it that we are simply not welcome.
19:18   That’s enough! Do not film!
19:21   Enough.
19:31   Islam is everywhere.
19:34   24 hours a day people are talking about Islam.
19:36   People all over the world are working to establish Sharia.
19:39   It’s a matter of time.
19:40   It’s a promise of Allah, the one who created us,
19:42   one who knows the beginning and the end.
19:44   So these people they are nothing more than kuffar,
19:47   they should study history.
19:50   Every time they attack Muslims,
19:54   they were defeated, it’s a matter of time and Allah …
19:57   after suffering, victory will come.
19:59   In Belgium we manage to find out what they refused to tell us in Luton.
20:03   The youngsters I meet are especially suspicious.
20:06   They prefer not to share their ideology
20:10   Only after our knowledge of Koran was confirmed
20:12   they agreed to open their doors,
20:14   and before anything else they offer spontaneously
20:17   to join them in prayer in the unusual place.
20:33   Sharia is Islam, to be clear.
20:35   There is no difference between Islam and Sharia.
20:37   We believe that Sharia will dominate the world
20:40   and of course, also Belgium.
20:42   The leader of this group is Abu Imran,
20:44   just 30 years old
20:45   and already leads the group of youths determined in their beliefs.
20:48   The Belgian police follow him everywhere,
20:51   but until now abstained from arresting him.
20:53   Every day Abu Imran crosses the red lines
20:55   of the Belgian authorities.
20:57   He is careful
20:58   and refuses to cooperate with anyone who in his opinion
21:00   belongs to the enemy forces.
21:02   Democracy is the opposite of Sharia and Islam
21:05   We believe that Allah is the legislator.
21:07   Allah makes the laws.
21:09   He is the one who tells us what’s allowed and what’s forbidden.
21:12   He is famous in Belgium for his disdain of all country’s signs and emblems
21:16   and calling for Jihad all over Belgium.
21:18   He is convinced that only violent protests will eventually change the ways of Belgium.
21:23   This is the flag that will, with Allah’s help, rise soon above this building.
21:27   His latest provocation angered many in Belgium,
21:29   it happened under “Atomium”,
21:31   Eiffel tower of Brussels.
21:33   Atomium is a huge monument
21:36   made of nine connected steel spheres, symbolizing the Belgian regions.
21:40   We promise to clean Belgium
21:44   from the system of paganism,
21:47   and from all the false gods of this system.
21:49   And then we’ll destroy this symbol, this monument.
21:52   “Learn the meaning of beautiful Sharia,
21:54   pray to die as Shahids…”
21:58   Who from you is in this picture? Where are you? I’m here
22:03   Abu Atek.
22:05   And where are you? The one with the keffiyeh? It’s me, here. Nice.
22:10   Very nice! You look like a sheikh
22:13   We were in Brussels, on our way home,
22:15   but we saw some cars going into the parking, the house of the king,
22:21   so we said, “Let’s make a video in front of the palace,
22:24   to provoke.”
22:25   The reason we pray in the streets
22:27   is because Abu Bahar did it.
22:29   He’s one… first followers of Islam. Yes
22:33   He always prayed in front of his door
22:35   He never prays in his house. Why?
22:37   So that he can provoke, make them mad.
22:41   That’s why we pray in streets.
22:43   This is a kind of da’wa.
22:44   The kuffar, when they go by, they must see we are praying to our god.
22:47   When you pray, how are Belgians reacting?
22:52   For them it’s Islam,
22:53   Islam for them is something very bad.
22:55   They’d rather have alcohol and drugs and kill people on the streets
22:58   than pray on the street.
23:00   When the Sharia is implemented here in Belgium
23:03   we gonna remove this tower.
23:19   One cannot ignore the key problem of Belgium,
23:21   the young generation of Muslims.
23:23   The same generation with very high rates of unemployment,
23:27   which grows up to 5 times faster than in the general Belgium population,
23:29   the young generation that does not integrate,
23:30   the young generation which says to their parents:
23:32   “We have to go back to Islam”.
23:34   It is sort of social revolution which reminds me of the events in Israel.
23:37   The children decide what’s going to happen,
23:39   and it’s the same thing for this generation,
23:40   to integrate or to revolt?
23:42   This is the choice they have to make,
23:43   and it’s a ticking time bomb,
23:45   the fourth generation.
23:47   All of you born in Europe? I was born here
23:50   I went to Catholic school. Catholic school?
23:53   Yes I went to Catholic school, because I was born here.
23:55   Your parents came from Morocco? No, my parents were also born here.
23:59   So, you’re third generation. Third generation, yeah.
24:02   I went to school,
24:05   they gave me history lessons.
24:07   They never said that there is Islamic state.
24:11   Islamic world. Islam in the world
24:13   for 1400 years. I never knew that.
24:16   And they never teach me that.
24:18   They just teach us about their heroes
24:20   The Romans, Charlemagne, Hercules.
24:24   and those who fought Islam. Yes, yes , those who fought against Islam.
24:29   That’s their system.
24:30   Erase the history of the Muslims.
24:33   They teach you theory of evolution,
24:35   We were monkeys before
24:37   and then after that we became human, the superior.
24:42   you have to clean your hands after you been to the toilet.
24:45   Stupid things.
24:46   90 percent of their studies is nonsense.
24:50   We have 42 Catholic schools, 17 Jewish schools,
24:55   but none of the Islamic schools.
24:57   So we have to go to one of those schools.
24:59   So when we go to school,
25:01   Like, Christian school,
25:02   so when we start eating we say “bismilla”,
25:04   they said to stand up and do like this
25:07   When we finish and say “Hamdulilla”
25:09   they say no, don’t say that
25:10   say “Excuse me”. That’s what they teach you.
25:12   The problem there is the state forcing some things in that direction.
25:20   Like forbidding veiling,
25:22   forbidding the burka,
25:24   forbidding minarets,
25:25   forbidding these things.
25:27   Klaus Kuhnke, professor of social studies, Jacobs University, Germany
25:29   This has shown as clearly… the evidence is very clear
25:32   that this plays into the hands of extremists.
25:36   In the Arab world, or in the Muslim world in general,
25:39   which country is the closest to your world view?
25:44   Afghanistan, Somalia and Yemen.
25:45   Abu Fares, “Sharia4Belgium”
25:47   Yemen and those areas, Hadramaut,
25:51   these are places totally under Muslim control.
25:56   There people are safe.
25:59   Pakistan also, South Pakistan…
26:01   Waziristan, yes.
26:03   What do you think about sheikh Osama (Bin Laden)?
26:09   Sheikh Osama, may Allah have mercy on his soul.
26:12   He is the best man of this era.
26:17   Yes, Allah have mercy on his soul.
26:18   For me to speak of Sheikh Osama,
26:22   I am not worthy. Who am I?
26:24   I am like dirt under his fingernails
26:29   I am not worthy of Sheikh Osama.
26:30   What did you feel when they found and killed him last year?
26:34   What did you feel when you heard the news?
26:38   Sadness, sadness. We were sad but happy at the same time.
26:43   Why were you happy? Because he died as a martyr.
26:47   London, Britain
26:51   This is a call to all Muslims!
26:53   Islam’ll never die!
26:55   The Sharia’ll never die!
26:57   The Jihad’ll never die!
26:58   Sheikh Osama Ben Laden passed away, like a shahid (martyr).
27:04   Members of “Sharia4Belgium” are not alone.
27:05   There are other groups, and their followers in different capitals of Europe
27:08   with headquarters in London
27:10   and their leader is Sheikh Anjem Choudary.
27:12   We will implement the Koran in Brussels and in Europe,
27:16   and one day, Allah willing,
27:18   a group will rise
27:19   and they will implement the sharia.
27:21   and fly the flag “there is no god but Allah” from the White House.
27:24   Praise be to Allah! Allahu Akhbar!
27:27   Choudary, a London resident,
27:28   was arrested a few times on suspicion of inciting loudly against Britain.
27:32   Cameron, you will pay!
27:35   The organisations he led were proclaimed illegal
27:38   after encouraging jihad in mosques.
27:42   Maybe he is here.
27:44   The arrests and the shadowing by the British police
27:46   caused Choudary to be very suspicious.
27:48   We will wait for Anjem.
27:49   Again and again we tried to make an appointment with him at the religious centre he manages,
27:53   but our requests were denied under pretext of being followed by security forces.
27:58   Are you all Muslims? Yes. Why? Raise your hand, Muslims!
28:02   Come with me.
28:04   Palestinians, yes? Yes.
28:05   So, now we go in? Yes.
28:07   Take off the shoes? It’s a mosque?
28:11   Are you recording everything, yes?
28:13   In regular interviews to the European press
28:15   you won’t hear him saying these things.
28:17   When it is for Palestinian ears, he feels free to express himself.
28:21   7/7 is a reaction to the foreign policy of the Bush government
28:26   and the domestic policy. If you look at …
28:28   But formula ..
28:30   that the British do something in Iraq and Afghanistan
28:33   and you can revenge them in the tube?
28:35   Definitely. There is an Islamic opinion on that.
28:38   People like sheikh Ayman al-Zawahiri, Sheikh Osama Ben Laden et cetera …
28:42   You call him sheikh? Of course.
28:43   I believe that Allah created two camps in the world.
28:49   The camp of believers and camp of the unbelievers.
28:51   In the middle is just hypocrites.
28:53   Either you’re in one camp or you’re in the other camp.
28:55   So those people who want to be sitting on the fence,
28:57   the fence is very uncomfortable.
28:58   You have to be in one or the other.
28:59   George Bush himself said:
29:01   “You are with us or you’re with the terrorists”
29:03   So if you made me make a choice,
29:05   you’re not going to be siding with the George Bush, are you?
29:10   Holy s***!
29:14   Since the mega attack on 9/11 2001
29:17   when Al Qaeda succeeded in murdering more than 3000 people in the USA,
29:22   the crisis started to brew between Europeans and Muslim immigrants.
29:26   After 9/11
29:27   all the books on Islam sold out in America.
29:29   Yeah, of course, just to know who did it.
29:31   But after that many people became Muslims.
29:34   They bought the books
29:35   thinking they will attack Islam and the Muslims
29:37   they ended up discovering the truth.
29:39   So sometimes when you fear something,
29:41   you seek knowledge about it then you realize that was wrong.
29:43   So actually 11th September did good for Islam?
29:45   Of course. I do believe that the 11th of September
29:49   was a milestone.
29:51   Since, particularly since 9/11
29:53   there is a certain basic animosity
29:57   in right side of the political spectrum
29:59   that would say: “No, we essentially don’t want these people here.
30:03   If they are here, they have to behave very calm
30:06   and they don’t always do that”.
30:08   And that’s after 9/11,
30:10   there was kind of spill-over effect
30:13   from these terrorist attacks in New York
30:18   or later in London and Madrid,
30:20   it was very clear that all Muslims are kind of part of huge conspiracy.
30:27   Marseille, France
30:37   They call us “immigrants”
30:40   There are Bosnians, Serbs, Tunisians, Moroccans, Algerians
30:48   Italians, Spanish, British, from everywhere.
30:54   And only us, Arabs, they call “immigrants”.
30:59   Why only Arabs?
31:01   The French label Arabs as “immigrants”.
31:07   “Those Arabs”
31:10   This is the soccer club.
31:12   Jamal, youth soccer teams coach
31:14   in the troubled areas of Marseille, France
31:16   is dealing with the real reasons for the younger generation’s affinity for religion.
31:20   I work here with children so that they’ll play …
31:27   so that they’ll study and go to work …
31:35   everything so that they do good things and grow up as good children.
31:42   They will not grow up as criminals and murderers.
31:48   The coach thinks that it all starts with the image of Muslims in Europe.
31:51   The image that in the last decade was mortally damaged.
31:55   Whoever sees this person, with a beard and this hat …
32:00   will not say he is a Muslim.
32:03   Any French who sees you, will not say you are a Muslim,
32:08   will not say, “He is a Muslim”, they will say, “He is a terrorist”
32:12   Why are they afraid?
32:13   They are afraid of this,
32:15   they get scared and lower their eyes.
32:18   Why?
32:19   Does he wear a suicide west?
32:22   Does he have a Kalashnikov? Does he have anything?
32:24   He does not. All he has is a phone …
32:29   Hello,
32:31   what happens when the boys here are sent to prison, what can I do?
32:39   I try.
32:47   Those are the places where 4th generation identity is created.
32:51   The same identity which says, “I am French,
32:53   I am here to stay,
32:54   but I am also strengthening my Muslim identity
32:56   because not all of French society’s opportunities are open to me”
33:00   and the 4th generation does not want to go back to the countries of their origin,
33:03   to Morocco, Tunisia or Algeria,
33:05   but to stay here, keep their Muslim identity
33:07   and live in the place which keeps this identity
33:09   like these poverty-stricken neighbourhoods in Marseille.
33:19   Are you making a movie? Yes, we are.
33:22   Hi, nice to meet you.
33:25   Muhamad Randuri, Marseille
33:27   Me personally,
33:28   if I had an option to choose whether to live here or in my country,
33:32   I’d choose my country.
33:33   You certainly remember how it was 25 years ago.
33:35   It wasn’t like that. Really?
33:38   Because when we came here, we did not plan to stay.
33:43   All we wanted is to make some money and build the house back at home.
33:47   Today the young are looking for a job and cannot find one,
33:49   search for a place to live and cannot find one,
33:52   that’s why they find a kind of refuge in religion.
33:57   Do your children want to become French? No, they do not want to.
34:01   And if we ask them what are they first, French, Muslim or Moroccans?
34:06   They will tell you that they are Muslims first, then French.
34:09   In order to stabilize your identity,
34:12   I think you need more of your religion, more of your culture
34:16   Then of course the third and the fourth generation,
34:19   of course they criticize both their parents’ generation
34:24   and their general surroundings.
34:27   But you are the generation that say, “No more”.
34:29   Yes, no more.
34:30   Why can they beat us?
34:31   Why can they spit on us?
34:34   Why can they do everything to us and we can do nothing?
34:36   Where is the freedom you talk about?
34:38   Freedom, freedom, everyone says freedom.
34:40   Freedom from religion. Freedom to disobey Allah.
34:43   Here is the brother, he goes to school,
34:45   and when he prays at school,
34:48   they make everything difficult. Wow.
34:51   They don’t like it.
34:53   And he prays when it’s pause.
34:58   When it’s pause.
34:59   Some people are going to smoke, some people are going to have sex,
35:03   but this brother he takes responsibility
35:06   and he goes to pray.
35:07   They said to me: “You can’t show at school that you’re a Muslim.”
35:11   That’s what they said to me. Who told you, the teacher?
35:13   My director. Principal.
35:16   That’s what he said to me.
35:18   I went many times to speak with him
35:22   and every time he said to me: “Yes, it’s true what you’re saying
35:26   but we can’t allow it.”
35:27   And you know what the danger was?
35:28   They said: “Look, the boy started to pray alone in the courtyard,
35:33   but then there were two, then there were five,
35:36   then there were ten.”
35:38   They said wow.
35:39   And then they said: “We’ll give you a classroom
35:41   because when you are praying in the courtyard, everybody sees you,
35:44   many go with you.”
35:46   Go, go! Here is a key to the classroom, go pray there”.
35:50   But then more came
35:52   and then they said: “No, no we need to stop this”.
35:54   The anger and frustration over social and financial issues are the lever
35:57   to hang onto for those such as Abu Imran, Anjem Choudary and others,
36:01   so that they can solicit donations and recruit new believers.
36:04   The youth needs to be nurtured,
36:06   the young who stand on the corners, everywhere,
36:08   work in the corners, lean against walls,
36:10   they have to be nurtured.
36:12   We need Muslim men and women
36:15   to raise our children in Islam,
36:19   and then the children won’t go to “50 cent”, crime and drugs,
36:25   they will grow up and will remove crime and drugs from society;
36:29   this is the role of Muslims.
36:31   Wherever we look, the Muslims are rising.
36:34   Wherever we look, they are removing the tyrant regimes.
36:38   Wherever we look the Sharia is alive
36:42   There are not enough, if you like, places
36:47   for those people who want to die as a martyr,
36:49   in Iraq and Afghanistan. There are queues.
36:51   Muslims literally are queuing up
36:55   to be part of the struggle.
36:56   And the mujahideen say: “Look, we don’t need you.
36:58   we have too many people already.”
37:00   And this is a big problem for the American-led alliance
37:04   People are being radicalized in their backyard,
37:06   you don’t have to go outside of your country.
37:08   They can be under the radar, they don’t need passports.
37:11   All they need is access to the internet.
37:12   You can sit in Paris and you can download material
37:15   and you can make your bomb in your mother’s kitchen.
37:17   I work with Al Qaeda. I have superiors.
37:21   I am not alone, do you understand?
37:24   The most prominent example of the radicalization of the 3rd and 4th generations
37:28   are the terror attacks by Mohamad Merah in Toulouse.
37:31   Merah, who murdered 3 French soldiers and 4 Jews
37:34   in two different attacks,
37:36   was the first terrorist born on French soil.
37:38   “I love death as you love life.”
37:42   He grew up in a poor Muslim neighbourhood
37:44   and was recruited as a boy by the extreme group “Fursan Al-Izza”,
37:48   which was outlawed.
37:49   He described himself as a warrior of Islam,
37:52   and a representative of Al Qaeda in Europe.
37:54   What did Mohamed Merah say?
37:55   “Because you attack Muslims,
37:57   Afghanistan, you don’t let Muslims pray,
38:00   Palestine occupation,
38:01   withdraw your forces from our lands
38:04   and we’ll stop attacking you.”
38:06   Jihad! Jihad! Jihad!
38:10   The biggest enemy to Allah and his messenger today
38:14   is Barack Obama
38:16   and his regime.
38:18   I simply see no the reason why we should tolerate people coming to Britain
38:22   and being paid welfare by the taxpayer
38:24   Douglas Murray, journalist.
38:25   when all they use this country for
38:28   is as a base to ferment hatred against our allies and our friends.
38:32   The more you practice Islam,
38:34   the more there’ll be hatred from the camp of non-Islam.
38:37   You know sometimes they say he’s the most hated man in Britain
38:40   And they demonize and vilify you on a daily basis,
38:42   For me if I am called a terrorist, extremist or fanatic
38:48   it is a medallion on our chest at the day of judgment.
38:50   They say “terrorist”, I say Allahu Akhbar.
38:52   You are a great speaker by the way for Islam.
38:55   I think if I was the state I would arrest you tomorrow.
38:59   This morning! Well, maybe they are coming for you as well.
39:05   God save us from cursed Satan.
39:11   Shortly after we’ve met
39:13   with the very small inner circle of “Sharia4Belgium”,
39:16   the security forces decide to arrest Abu Imran.
39:19   They came into his house.
39:20   They arrested him for some trivial thing,
39:23   because he spoke about laws of religion.
39:27   They arrested him at home, entered his house.
39:30   They broke down the door, they came in.
39:32   He was sleeping with his wife. Their baby was with them.
39:38   They took him, covered his eyes
39:43   and took him to jail.
39:46   The group of young men who follow activities of Abu Imran
39:49   is now orphaned.
39:51   Abu Fares, the faithful deputy of Abu Imran,
39:53   is now the leader.
39:55   Tomorrow, god willing, it will happen:
39:58   Abu Imran will stand before a judge.
40:01   In addition they want to destroy us and prove we are violent group.
40:06   They must know for every action there is a reaction.
40:09   That’s how it is.
40:11   Abu Imran knew that there is a day that will come and he’s gonna be in prison.
40:17   He knew that, we all knew that.
40:19   You knew? Yes.
40:20   You know that one day you’ll be in prison?
40:22   The truth, I admit intentionally, I am going to teach you,
40:25   there is no one else.
40:26   Good Muslim is in jail or on his way to jail
40:30   that’s a good Muslim.
40:31   They gonna take us to prison? They gonna take our nationality?
40:33   Take our nationality, we don’t want it.
40:35   Here, take. Take it. Where is it?
40:38   Here, see.
40:40   They can take it from us. We don’t need it.
40:42   This is the Belgian ID?
40:45   Like I told you, they have their nationality,
40:47   and we have “there is no god but Allah” everywhere.
40:49   That’s the only thing we want.
40:50   Allah, lead us in the righteous way. Amen
40:53   Allah, who will release Muslim prisoners. Amen
40:59   Allah, keep us and our brother Abu Imran safe. Amen
41:03   The decision by Belgian police to stop ignoring
41:07   the provocations and incitement by Abu Imran
41:10   and the group he was the leader of
41:12   is a sign of the next step in the power struggle of two sides,
41:15   and it looks like the question now is what will come first,
41:19   Europe’s awakening to religious radicalization and terror cells activities
41:22   or unrest of the young Muslims on their way to wage Jihad in Europe.
41:29   Europe needs to wake up to what is happening in our own countries.
41:33   We never gonna stop. Never.
41:35   Even in prison we gonna do our da’wa.
41:37   If I breathe, I will continue.
41:40   Islam is a religion
41:41   observed peacefully and devoutly by over a billion people.
41:46   Islamist extremism is a political ideology
41:50   supported by a minority.
41:52   We will go through this stage.
41:53   We will be boycotted, we’ll be arrested, we’ll be raided,
41:56   but eventually the victory is with Allah,
41:58   so it could be in this life it could be in the hereafter,
42:00   but ultimately we will attain the victory
42:02   and Allah will make sure his law will prevail on Earth.
42:05   At stake a re not just lives, it is our way of life.
42:09   That is why this is a challenge we cannot avoid.
42:13   It is one we must rise to and overcome.
42:16   What can my enemies do to me?
42:18   If they lock me up, I have paradise in my heart.
42:22   If they kill me I become a martyr, god willing.
42:24   We are now here and we will stay here
42:26   and we will establish Islam here.
42:29   That’s our main objective,
42:31   we will establish Islam here, in Europe.
42:33   I am a witness there is no other god but you
42:38   We ask for your forgiveness
42:39   praise the god, the ruler of all worlds
42:43   Praise! Allahu Akhbar!
42:51   in the next part …
42:53   There is anti-Semitism here.
42:54   From whom?
42:55   The youngsters from Middle East you could say.
42:58   I call them Muslims.
43:00   I got beaten up, just because I was a Jew.
43:02   One girl she wrote on the wall ” Jew whore”
43:05   It is a kind of equation,
43:07   Jewish=Zionist, Zionists=Israel,
43:11   Israel=Nazism.
43:13   Do you have any proof my cartoons
43:15   are causing people to beat Jews in the streets?
43:17   He beat him up! and said “Are you proud to be a Jew now?”
43:20   The Arab in Malmö in 21st century asks if a Jew is proud to be a Jew!
43:25   The problem is in Israel.
43:27   When the Israeli tries to enter a mosque,
43:29   the Muslims drive him out .
43:31   So I am driving you out now.

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