Bringing the Fjords to Mogadishu

A “Norwegian” may become the next prime minister of Somalia. To make matters even more exciting, the future PM has a Mohammed Coefficient of 100%.

Our Norwegian correspondent The Observer sends a translation of a newspaper article with the latest about this historic event, and includes this note:

This is a real feel-good story: a good ol’ ‘born with skis on’ Norwegian could actually become the next prime Minister of Somalia!

Yes, that’s right. A one hundred percent bona fide Norwegian male by the name of Mohamed Husein Gaas could become ‘our man’ in Mogadishu.

It hasn’t yet been confirmed whether our Foreign Department has been pulling some strings or whether our former Foreign Minister, Jonas ‘Bin Laden al’ Gahr Støre has done some lobbying for ol’ blue-eyes Husein.

This is going to be very exciting indeed. Imagine a Norwegian Prime Minister of Somalia!

From Dagens Næringsliv:

Norwegian could become Prime Minister of Somalia today

The Norwegian Mohamed Husein Gaas (39) wants to become Prime Minister of Somalia. The appointment of the position may be decided as early as today, writes Dagens Næringsliv [Norwegian newspaper].

If I move to Mogadishu and “s*** happens” then at least I die for “a noble cause,” says Mohamed Husein Gaas to DN.

Ten days ago he notified President Sheikh Hassan Mohamud of Somalia that he intends to stand as a candidate for the prime minister post in the conflict-ridden country.

On Sunday he received confirmed from the chairman of the parliament that his candidature has been received and approved. In Somalia the Prime Minister is personally selected by the president. This appointment will occur by October 10.

“I meet all the requirements and I believe that I’m a good candidate. I have also been told by the President’s men that my chances are good. I want to bring peace to the country, and if someone decides to blow me to smithereens or shoot me then that’s a chance that I’m willing to take. It’s worth it. But of course I’ll be able to more good I if manage to stay alive,” says Gaas.

Is decided today

A. Hassan Farah, the director for international affairs at the Prime Minister’s office in Somalia, confirms that the selection could possibly be decided as early as today.

“There are about eight candidates for the post of prime minister and the nomination may take place on Tuesday or Wednesday at the latest,” Farah writes in an e-mail to DN.

“The prime minister will be selected from the Darod clan and will more than likely hail from the northern areas of the country, since the president and the chairman of the parliament are from the central and southern region of Somalia. In addition, it is important that the candidate has management experience as the president is new and stability is paramount,” Farah adds.

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