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The new, improved, culturally enriched Catalonia was in evidence earlier this month in a series of robberies and assaults by persons of the Islamic persuasion.

Many thanks to Michael Laudahn for the translation from Alerta Digital:

Welcome to the new Catalonia: A Moroccan attacks a Catholic church at Anglès (Gerona)

The Mossos d’Esquadra [Catalan police] have detained four persons of Moroccan nationality, and charged them with multiple assaults and robberies in the Selva (Gerona) region. Two of them, armed with clubs and with their faces covered, attacked [native] youngsters. The other two are the authors of various assaults against a church, a private residence, the post office and a supermarket.

On 4 September, the officers at the Santa Coloma de Farners comisaría arrested Walid EA, 19, of Moroccan nationality and living at Sils (Selva), and Alí F, 18, of Moroccan nationality and living at Anglès (Selva), as the presumed perpetrators of four incidents of robbery, in coincidence with violence and intimidation.

The facts date back to the 1st and 2nd of September, coinciding with the major [local] fest at Anglès, when four robberies with violence and intimidation occurred against local native youngsters. In all the cases, the authors were always two persons who had their faces covered and threatened their victims with a baseball bat, in order to rob them of money and the cell phones that they carried.

Because of these facts, an investigation was initiated which resulted in the detention Walid EA and Alí R on 4 September at Anglès, as the presumed authors of the four robberies with violence and intimidation. The detainees, one of whom, Walid EA, had a criminal record, were handed over on 6 September to the on-duty examining magistrate at Santa Coloma de Farners, and were then released subject to obligations.

The investigation was extended to determine whether more persons had been implied in the robberies. Shortly afterwards it became known that a third person, Abdelkrim A, had sold one of the stolen cell phones, late on the 2nd. Likewise it could be stated that he was responsible, together with a fourth person, Adil EO, for three robberies using force committed late on 27 august at Anglès. These events occurred at a supermarket, a post office, and inside the village church.

The second phase of the investigation was able to resolve the three forceful robberies and led to the detention, later on 19 September, of Adil EO, 21, and Abdelkrim A, 30, both of Moroccan nationality and living at Anglès, as the presumed perpetrators of three incidents of forceful robbery. After their detention, investigators found evidence sufficient to charge Adil E with another robbery, committed 7 March inside an Anglès residence.

These two detainees, who have a criminal record, were handed over on 21 September to the on-duty examining magistrate at Santa Coloma de Farners.

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  1. There are more followers of the Peado Prophet in little Catalonia than any other province, and these kinds of attack have been increasing over the years. My mother’s neighbour there, a
    Catalan who ran her husband’s building business after he died, was violently robbed on pay-day by
    friends of her own Moroccan workers.She had to be hospitalised. This happened 12 years ago.The only way to deal with these predatory and racist attacks is to deal with it harshly, life imprisonment, meaning
    a minimum of 40 years behind bars,
    followed by deportation.

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