The Youths of Vallensbæk

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This TV news report from Denmark describes the harassment and threats directed at elderly native Danes in a Copenhagen neighborhood that has been enriched by the presence of young Muslim immigrants.

Many thanks to Michael Laudahn for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


0:04   We Christians and Jews, we will be
0:08   beheaded, that’s what we were threatened with, there in the central staircase. –
0:12   Another one was also threatened that they would kill his dog.
0:16   These are not trivialities that the inhabitants of Nordmarkshave in Vallensbæk [SW Copenhagen] are being exposed to.
0:20   Here in the green area between the housing blocks, it happens on a daily
0:24   basis that especially the elderly inhabitants of the tenants’ association feel severely harassed
0:28   by youngsters entering here from other quarters. — Many second-generation immigrants
0:32   come here who disturb all the inhabitants,
0:36   in a way that they can’t tolerate. — What do they do? They call and shout and
0:40   smoke and what have you. Plus they
0:44   make a horrible mess in this area. They sit and
0:48   shout after people, if people tell them that this is a private area,
0:52   when people themselves want to go outside and sit at
0:56   the tables and seats there, but this is when they
1:00   shout telling them they are — well, the worst things. The worst
1:04   invective they can say. They are very
1:08   impolite towards people here, and I don’t think this can be acceptable.
1:16   And therefore, several of the tenants at Nordmarkshavens
1:20   Beboerforening had arranged a meeting with Københavns Vestegns Politi [police],
1:24   in order to ask for help. — Narcotics are being sold here, and they
1:28   always shout loudly, and they create insecurity among people out here.
1:32   They shout after people and spit at them. And we do know there
1:36   is a problem out here, and we have also worked to get the problem solved, but
1:40   it appears that this really is a massive problem, so
1:45   this is what we have found out — we were approached by many today, now that we are out here in this area. –
1:49   No, you don’t live here. — Abstain from … [?]
1:53   We are really fed up with your lies. –
1:57   Nordmarks Have consists of 12 3-storey housing blocks. They are situated in
2:01   Vallensbæk kommune, but border on Albertslund Center, separated only by this
2:05   channel. According to several of the people living there, the area is a centre for the sale of drugs,
2:09   something that really contributes to the experienced insecurity.
2:13   – At night around 10.30 or 11, a car comes, it hoots 3 times, then
2:17   this is like a jar filled with jam,
2:21   then they come from all sides, all the car’s doors
2:25   are opened, and they stand around the car, so we can figure out what happens there.
2:29   Then the doors are shut again, the car makes a u-turn, up the
2:33   driveway, with screeching tyres, and back on the street. –
2:37   That the older ones feel insecure and are afraid of the situation can clearly be heard in this clip, where participants
2:41   wish to remain anonymous. — It is their territory, they say.
2:45   They come there and say, this is our territory, if we say something to them.
2:49   So we can just beat it, ‘you old whore’, this is our territory. — Racist. –
2:53   Old shrew, some of them said. – F**k off to where you live. –
2:57   But this is horrible. — We cannot pretend as if
3:01   nothing had happened. We just can’t. I’m a bit afraid.
3:05   Especially at night.
3:09   So what can police do in this escalating conflict? –
3:13   You know, the issue has now been addressed at the local council,
3:17   together with the kommune, where we need to find a solution to what we will do out here,
3:21   to stop the young people and reestablish peace. We were approached before from
3:26   outside, but now we have come here with our police station,
3:30   so this gives the citizens a possibility to come here, and
3:34   it is good for us to come out here to the citizens, to talk with them about the problems out here,
3:38   and then we hope, of course, that this way security is created, by our presence out here.

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10 thoughts on “The Youths of Vallensbæk

  1. That’s my town… Your headline is wrong, it’s not the youths of Vallensbaek but the youths of Albertslund. They “invade” Vallensbaek.


  2. Sadly the only thing the “cultural enrichers” understand is strong arm tactics. What is needed is a physical response of an appropriate nature to send them packing.

    If the government wont do it, the citizens must. It will only get worse if not.

    I don’t think the “enrichers” understand that westerners are quite tolerant people but if they push us too far they will be smashed to pieces.

  3. Nothing new here. I wonder what all the ederly were thinking about who they were voting for 30-40 years back. Leftist socialist parties with free immigration policies. They kind of chose for the situation themselves as everybody was got up in the do good give free money to immigrants policy. Fortunately they never looked back at who they were letting into their borders, as muslims are conquerers not people to live together with.

  4. Anon at 3.31 is right. You get what you vote for. The real problem in the UK is that the three main parties are in reality just one party.We live under a rotating dictatorship of the authoritian left.

    Paris Claims

  5. Anon poster at 3:31 is right.

    The retirees should consider as payback for their collective foolishness in supporting policies that amounts to the suicide Denmark.

  6. We tend to believe what we are taught by our elders or those in charge…so the kumbiyah theories of 40 years ago were a socialist theoretical policy -unproved – that very different people with different values could live together in peace and harmony.

    Meanwhile, they would show those loud racist Americans whose mean behavior toward the poor caused all that crime and unrest how CIVILIZED people could do what the ugly Americans could never achieve.

    “All the world needs now is love sweet love…”

    Good luck with that. Drug sellers are a cancer on the body politic. Drug users have to be supported by your taxes. Pay up, y’all, or they might die…oh, and take you with them.

    At least in the US these lawless gangs mostly kill each other, though I hear they shot up a school bus the other day. The enclaves of these dregs here in America are products of The Great Society – an early European-type socialist contraption designed by Democrats to increase the population of the govt-dependent poor who would keep them in office.

    Unlike Europe’s socialists, we didn’t need to drag in hordes of “refugees” to hate us: we created our own hordes of people who demand their “rights”.

    Nothing is without a silver lining, however: we hear less now from enlightened Europeans telling us how we should be running things to avoid problems and to help the unfortunates. Probably they’re all too busy putting out the fires at home to bother?

    Remember: any degradations you see in the U.S. will surely be a problem for you down the road. That is why the rest America looks with such foreboding at the deliberate destruction of California.

    We see that train ‘a-coming’ but we appear to be caught like deer in the headlights. Not much you can do when your govt is out to destroy you for the sake of a utopian idea – and the theorists are the engineers on the train.

  7. This is an analogy I have often used myself except that in Britain we talk of rabbits and not deer. Europeans, whites if you prefer, are like rabbits caught in the headlights of an oncoming car. They know that their political elites have condemned them to genocide in their own countries but are frozen into imobility by the fear of being called a racist and slung into prison by the stasis.

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