The Traditional Danish Village Mosque

Kim Møller, the owner of Uriasposten, posted a report earlier today about a culturally enriched model Danish village on display for Århus Festival Week. The idea of a politically correct village evidently didn’t sit too well with one or more tradition-minded Danes, who took action overnight to rectify the situation.

Many thanks to Michael Laudahn for the translation:

The Danish culture minister’s autonomous protégés unveil a Danish model town centering on a grand mosque, leaving a village church at the periphery

Århus Festuge [Festival Week] 2012 ends today, and among the many arrangements is a little exposition on Bispetorv made by ‘Frontløberne’ [the avant-gardists], culture minister Uffe Elbæk’s autonomous protégés, so to speak. A model town creatively fabricated of cardboard and plastic. I [Kim Møller lives in Copenhagen — far away from Århus] received a tip, and a friend of mine was ready to pay a visit yesterday — quite right, a model town with a grand mosque in the heart of town, and a medieval Danish church at the periphery:

Bispetorv: a model Danish village
[Miniature town made by Frontløberne, age group 16 — part of Århus Festuge 2012]

As the quality was not sufficient in the first photo made with a cell phone, I waited for better images, and they arrived around noon. Last night, unknown perpetrators smashed the showcase and knocked over the minarets.

See the original post for six more photos showing various shots of the model village after the glass case had been broken and the minarets knocked down.

7 thoughts on “The Traditional Danish Village Mosque

  1. I wonder whether anybody in England would have dared act in a similiar fashion, probably not. I also look forward to seeing the treatment that the perpetrators receive from the law and the press. He/they will undoubtedly be viewed as one/some of Anders Breivik’s henchmen.

  2. I wouldn’t normally endorse acts of vandalism, but the the model was blatantly propagandistic, cocking a snoop to the indigenous culture. I can’t condemn someone who is fed up with Islamization and faux-liberalism for responding thus. We don’t want triumphalist mosques in Europe, even ones made out of toilet rolls. The Islamic world is big enough without incorporating Europe.

  3. Good, I fully support this rectification of disgusting Muslim and multicultural propaganda.

    May those who did the deed stay hidden. The liberal autocrats will make examples out of them. So beware!!

  4. @albion myway…

    It’s the Islamic supremacist’s way or the highway for you, me lad.

    According to their doctrine it will be “big enough” when it has incorporated the whole world.

  5. I am afraid the trouble is that Europeans themselves have put the church ‘at the periphery’ of their lives leaving a void which the mosque is only too eager to occupy. By refuting and ridiculing the religion on which their culture and values are based Europeans are invinting something else to take its place. And there are worse things than Islam that could accept this invitation.

  6. Its not enough to co-exist. Often ul see signs like “islam will dominate the world” and “death to those who insult islam”. Normal non violent people keep giving them more space to show how reasonable we are but then slowly its used against us. Unless we are equally militant to stop them which means we’d have to compromise our peaceful tolerant attitudes, we’l become as bad as that which we are fighting to free ourselves from and they know this. How can we fight an enemy that uses our own good nature against us like this? Most of our own people don’t even see the truth and are quick to point fingers and shout racist at anyone who tries to disagree and stand up. These same people don’t even understand islam is an ideology not a race and therefore impossible to be racist to simply for disagreeing with. Don’t give up hope though i’m sure once saturation reaches a certain point more will wake up I just hope its not too late as it could end up with a civil war.

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