The New Face of Terror in India

This IBN report describes a new breed of Islamic terrorists in India. According to the notes accompanying the video:

The arrest of young scientists, doctors, journalists and MBA students in connection with the Karnataka terror plot probe has stunned law enforcement agencies. These young educated men, hailing from middle class backgrounds and with no prior police records, pose a new challenge to the anti-terror sleuths.

You’ll notice that, just as in the United States, Canada, and Europe, IBN apparently has a policy of not mentioning Islam or Muslims when discussing “extremism” and terror attacks:

Hat tip: Vlad Tepes.

2 thoughts on “The New Face of Terror in India

  1. For the first anonymous:

    Fantastic article on the Arab Christians in Latin America, and how pivotal they have the potential to be.

    The article strongly advocates an aggressive push by the US and Israel to align the Latin American countries towards supporting Israel. I have a slightly different take, which is that by any objective measure, it is by far in the interests of free, dynamic countries to be associated with a free, dynamic country like Israel. I’m somewhat wary of an emotional approach, such as evangelicals tend to take.

    I think a little publicity judo would go a long way. The most important item, in my opinion, is to inform the Latin Americans of the deleterious effect of Muslim immigration. Al-Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood are already establishing Islamic outposts in remote, disputed territories. But, the Muslim population in Latin American countries is still small. The problem of Latin American hostility to Israel will be more than manageable of there is no further Muslim immigration, and will grow intractable if Muslim immigration becomes major.

    So, by far the most effective use of publicity effort is to inform Latin Americans of the future they face if they allow more Muslims into their countries.

    Unfortunately, the US efforts are likely to be in exactly the opposite direction: relax discrimination towards identifiable groups, and treat everyone as exactly the same for purposes of immigration.

    The ironic thing is the immigration control is such a no-brainer: it has absolutely no effect on the rights of people who are already citizens, is easy to implement, and is the most effective tool imaginable to control future violence and social conflict.

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