The Disappearing Christians

Dr. Srdja Trifkovic, Foreign Affairs Editor of Chronicles Magazine, spoke recently on a Christian radio program about “The Plight of Christians in the Middle East”.

For a visual accompaniment to the interview, Vlad Tepes has compiled a series of news clips showing the persecution of Christians and the destruction of churches by Muslims in the Middle East, North Africa, and Kosovo:

5 thoughts on “The Disappearing Christians

  1. Like the decent people in blue states that escape to the more sane red states, the Christians in the middle east should abandon ship and let the mos-slums sink in their own squalor.

  2. That isn’t always possible, brave anonymous. Iraqi Christians seeking asylum in Europe have been turned away. We are getting a lot of Egyptian Christians in Lancaster County. They tend to settle in well and benefit the county. I’ve met some of them at various places. I wish them well here.

  3. I had suggested that Ron Paul take that very idea as a part of his platform. Christians from Muslim countries are not allowed to cite their religion as a reason for immigration or asylum into/in the US. I proposed that Ron Paul change it to make it so.

    “….Propose that the US (And Canada if the Canucks too are willing) offer immediate permanent visas for all Christians, Jews currently, and Zoroastrians** living in the Middle East. Since Hamas recently again stated that they will never recognize Israel,the offer must also be extended to them. A significant portion of Middle Eastern Muslims simply do not want Christians in their midst, so this no doubt will be looked upon favorably by the peace-loving and tolerant Mohammedans. The US will spend the money and donate the manpower resources to ensure that these people can leave safely. Perhaps we can persuade the Saudi royalty to contribute to help defray the costs. It will be a whole lot cheaper in the long-term to spend the money now rather than to keep going over there in the future. I know that this is a cop-out, but who can argue that anti-Jewish/Christian hatred among Muslims will abate anytime soon?

    Once this is accomplished, no Muslim or Muslim-dominated governing body should have any reason to complain. Of course they will always find something about which they will howl, but at that point, so what?

    Then, they can take all of that region and choke on it.

    When the inevitable demand for more concessions can only be manifested in further calls for and subsequent attempts to take over more territory, who will then be able to deny that the problem is not the Western presence in the Middle East but Islam itself?

    The Palestinians can run what was once Israel into the ground, the Shiites, Sunni, Sufis, Druze, and others can go back to killing each other, and, aside from our oil money to which they are welcome, the inevitable stagnation can begin. Iran will have no concrete reason to even threaten to close the strait of Hormuz.

    As I had mentioned once before, the Leftists would not want any part of this idea – these people, although from the Middle East, are hardworking, religious, traditional, family-oriented, tend to be patriotic, (All contrary to Leftist dogma) and would likely refrain from voting for candidates who advance radically Leftist causes. No, the Left would rather bring in hordes of immigrants whose culture would be more in tune with being controlled and coddled by the government.

    The US does not recognize religion as a reason when, for example, a Copt applies for a visa to leave Egypt an settle here. Ron Paul could propose to change that. We would get a shot in the arm of an industrious, appreciative, and ready-to-assimilate group of immigrants. I assure all who read this that we will not need to make signs in Arabic or any other language from that region as the new Americans will learn English readily and terrorist ties or sympathies will be statistically zero.

    Anyone who is familiar with Christian communities in the US that are made up of Middle Eastern immigrants is fully aware that they are not only an absolute pleasure to have as neighbors and coworkers, they are also incredibly successful in education and business. The Churches that they build within a generation attest to their rapid accomplishments of economic prosperity as well as their devotion. Although there have been isolated examples of clannish types of violence among some of them, these cannot be held to be appreciable different from that of some earlier immigrants groups. It is, however, markedly different from the scale of crime (drugs, prostitution, rape, honor-killings, etc) that is disproportionate among Muslim immigrants.

    Maybe someone will propose this to the Paul campaign – it would eliminate a whole lot of problems while providing many advantages to the US and Canada.

    ** The ancient Persian religion still has adherents in Iran. They too are not wanted and are regularly trod upon.”

  4. Has President Obama approved of the re-settlement of these Christian folk in his country? Surely it would be contrary to his preference for muslims and those who are against Israel? And then there’s another point. Are those middle eastern Christians settling anywhere near their muslim compatriots? And if they are how long before they track them down and seek to finish the job. Hopefully, that might be the point at which Christian America finally says that enough is enough and sends those peace loving muslims home. Of course, with one in four destined to be a muslim shortly muslims are desperate for Lebensraum in Europe or North America or anywhere else in the hitherto white world.

  5. Pleistarchos

    While your suggestions sound great the problem is that Islam is interested in a “Global Caliphate” and will accept nothing less. They have already infiltrated our government and will just continue toward that goal here at home unless WE can stop them. Don’t see how that will happen because there is much sympathy and tolerance. In the end no one will be free here either.

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