Springtime in Arabia

Here are a couple of videos uploaded by Vlad Tepes about the continuing violence and unrest in the Middle East, ostensibly a reaction to the blasphemous Mohammed movie.

First, a report on yesterday’s events in Yemen and Cairo, from a local ABC station WJBF:

The second video is raw footage from Yemen:

2 thoughts on “Springtime in Arabia

  1. If you want to believe a bad movie set off these protests, I have a bridge I want to sell you.

    And stop calling it blasphemous, unless you’re both Muslims.

  2. When we watch these scenes constantly and realise the Moslem
    aggression is always there, it makes me think that Moslems are
    programmed to act automatically
    and they actually CAN’T stop themselves from doing these mad
    things. They all need re-programming
    or ?

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