Gates of Vienna News Feed 9/4/2012

Gates of Vienna News Feed 9/4/2012The Democratic Party is concerned that the venue for Barack Hussein Obama’s nomination acceptance speech — the Bank of America stadium in Charlotte, NC — will not be filled, so they are reportedly planning to move the venue to a smaller location indoors. Buses have been arranged to bring in persons of color from South Carolina to help make up the prescribed racial quotas for the audience.

In other news, more than a third of Dutch entrepreneurs favor the creation of the “neuro”, a northern European currency that excludes the troubled economies of the Mediterranean. Meanwhile, Bulgaria has for the moment decided to forego joining the Eurozone, given the extent of the financial crisis that is currently impacting the euro.

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  1. Quote:
    “Here, people are more religious, even if they’re not Muslim, and I am comfortable with that,” said Ms. Alhamad, an undergraduate in civil engineering, as several other Muslim women gathered in the student center nodded in agreement. “

    All the more reason for the Pope and Catholics to speak some pertinent truths to the Ummah:
    1. Islam is profane.
    2. Mohammed is a false prophet.
    3. The Muslim “Allah” is a demon.
    4. Every scripture, doctrine and claim of Islam is errant.
    I’m very sure that Orthodox Christian institutions do not welcome Muslims.
    Make the Latin courses and religious doctrine surveys mandatory.
    There’s your cure.

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