“An Evil Regime”

Yesterday Canada closed its embassy in Iran and sent Iranian diplomats in Ottawa packing.

In the video below from SUN TV, Ezra Levant discusses the Iran, Israel, and the coming dénouement in the Middle East.

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for uploading this video:

2 thoughts on ““An Evil Regime”

  1. He said “BOY!”. TelePrompTer BOY! OMG! Has he forgotten Obladah is black (half anyhow)? He would be hounded off the air if he were in The Land of The Free!
    That is what THEY would here. In the 8:33 report, they would only hear “TelePrompTer BOY”!

  2. atilashrugs –
    I heard a great saying the other day, can’t remember where:

    “If you can hear the whistle, you are the dog…”

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