A Small Snapshot of Cameron’s Britain

Paul Weston has some additional thought about the current “conservative” prime minister of the United Kingdom, David Cameron.

This essay was originally published at the British Freedon website.

David Cameron

A Small Snapshot of Cameron’s Britain
by Paul Weston

When you watch your country and its historic culture and people being torn asunder before your very eyes, it can lead to dark days where one wonders if anything can realistically be done to stop the ongoing destruction.

Today is one of those days. Four recent stories highlight the terrible situation Britain currently finds herself in. They are not all that unusual in these peculiar times, but they are a reflection of a country that appears to have lost its collective will to survive in its traditional form.

The first is the news that British soldiers providing security for the Olympics have been physically assaulted, verbally assaulted and spat at by home-grown British Muslims. The Ministry of Defence refuses to say how many soldiers have been attacked, but do admit to the following:

Commanders have been told about a spate of attacks on troops during the London games.

In the worst incident a lone off-duty soldier was targeted by four men who abused him for being in the Army and then attacked him close to the temporary base where soldiers were housed in east London. The soldier was not in uniform, but was targeted by the attackers because he was carrying a military bag.

Naval personnel were subjected to abuse and extremist leafleting around HMS Ocean at Greenwich Pier, south London…none of the chiefs wanted to publicise this but it is a disgrace that people who are doing their jobs in difficult circumstances are abused and attacked like this.

I think calling it a disgrace is something of an understatement. It is in fact a living breathing obscenity when British soldiers in England are attacked by “British” Muslims. It is unclear what drives these followers of the Religion of Peace to such action, but no doubt countering terrorism is just one of the Infidel soldiers’ crimes as seen through Muslim eyes.

The second piece of news is that David Cameron’s traitor class government has sent out lawyers to the European Court of Human Rights to act against British Christians who feel they have been persecuted in the work place. This is despite previous pledges by Cameron that he would change the law to protect religious expression at work.

The Daily Telegraph reports as follows:

“Christians should leave their religious beliefs at home or accept that a personal expression of faith at work, such as wearing a cross, means they might have to resign and get another job, government lawyers have said.”

European judges will be easily persuaded by Cameron’s lawyers because the European Union is profoundly anti-Christian as per its God-hating, Socialist/Communist roots, but why is Cameron behaving like this?

Having said that, nothing Cameron does shocks me these days. After all, why would a man who supports Unite Against Fascism, a violent organisation linked to the Islamic overthrow of Christian Britain, give two hoots about our Christian heritage?

Cameron’s lies are becoming very serious. He stated he wished to reduce immigration to the tens-of-thousands, yet last year saw an influx of nearly half-a-million immigrants. In the main, these new additions to our small island will be profoundly unhappy with British soldiers and Britain’s Christian values. Is Cameron happy about this? If not, then why exactly is he allowing it to happen?

The final story concerns Cameron’s Home Office which appears intent on deporting seventy-year-old Professor John Tulloch, who first came to national attention via the Religion of Peace as the bloodied and burned face of a 7/7 survivor

Prof Tulloch traces his British ancestry back to the 14th century and was born to British parents (father an army officer) in a British colony. He has a British wife, children and brother. He was raised and educated in Britain from the age of three, has substantial assets and property here and has lived or worked in the UK for most of his life.

Unfortunately for Professor Tulloch, he worked in Australia for a while and took up Australian nationality, which apparently means he has now lost his right to a British passport —something which never happens to dual nationality Pakistani Muslims, it seems.

Whilst Britain refuses to deport illegal immigrants, foreign murderers, rapists and terrorists, we do appear fanatically keen to throw out a man such as Prof Tulloch. I imagine Cameron’s box-ticking Home Office apparatchiks view him as an easier target than various foreign criminals living off the back of the British tax-payer.

So here we are. In a combined assault by violent Muslims and our very own traitor class of politicians we see our soldiers attacked on their home soil; our Christian heritage attacked; our borders opened to the Third World, and illegal immigrants and foreign criminals allowed to remain here whilst a true Brit is threatened with deportation on a bureaucratic technicality.

This basically encapsulates both Islam’s and our own government’s attitude toward us. Does any of this make you think Britain is capable of surviving in its ancient and traditional manner for more than the next couple of decades, let alone this century?

Paul Weston is Chairman of the British Freedom Party.

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9 thoughts on “A Small Snapshot of Cameron’s Britain

  1. Growing up in the 1950’s in the US, school children learned about the heroic struggle of Great Brittain in WWII. One fears insanity and real evil is now governing over the people of GB. The Nazis could not breech the shores of GB. Now an equally evil ideology Islam has been invited in by a tratorous government.

  2. Paul, please see the comment that I have posted further down about Baroness Warsi in the Newsfeed section. We the English will it seems now need to shed blood to “defend our islands” and I can hear Churchill’s momentous speech echoing in my head as I write those words. Please God we will never surrender or just fade away as Frank Ellis has suggested. The one world nightmare that I was told about 30 years ago is now coming to fruition. We are credit slaves to international bankers who staged a coup through the sub-prime mortgages trick and we are living in a totalitarian Marxist police state which is continent-wide thanks to their Marxist allies. I would very much like to meet and discuss these issues with you but because of the police state that England has become am forced to lie low and remain anonymous. As in Sweden and most of the rest of Europe now, careless talk costs jobs, one day it may well be lives. If you can suggest a way of contacting you through this site then please let me know.

  3. Great Britain now finds itself in a very strange and paradoxical position. It is evident that it is too late to change the mind set of the Establishment but it is just that bit too early to hang the bastards!

  4. Nothing sums up David Cameron’s pandering to the Islamist agenda better than his relationship with Baroness Warsi the unelected Pakistani born Muslim woman who, until yesterday, was the Conservative Party Chairman. Despite her ties to Hizb ut-Tahrir – the terrorist supporting Islamist supremacist organisation that Cameron himself had promised (but failed) to ban, Cameron has actually not ‘sacked her’ as claimed in the reshuffle, bt has given her two positions of much greater authority where her Muslim supremecist agenda can be used to the maximum. See here for full details and analysis.

  5. This is process of Britain “attacking its own roots” is something that’s been going on for much longer than Cameron’s 2 years in charge. Cameron may be a sell-out who’ll do anything for a vote – including smear his own supposed ideological allies – however “absurd Britannia’s” ball was set rolling by Tony Blair’s government way back in 1997. Blair having also once declared his wish to “defeat the forces of conservatism”.

    For more on this, see my recent post here, also covering some of the stories covered by Paul Weston.

  6. Is it just me or on any blog site are 3/4 of the news stories coming out of the uk? Seriously going downhill quickly. But then again all I have to do is drive 30 mins into town and it’s there for all to see.

  7. Also I believe fear is paralysis. It’s what’s stopping us from taking action, fear from death,conflict, losing your job, being arrested etc etc. I personally have been going through medical stuff for a few years since around 23. I’ve tried to retrain my mind to lose the fears I have. On the days were I manage it, it’s the most incredible feeling ever. Once you have lost that fear you feel like you can do anything.

    I’m not one for conspiracy theories but I now honestly believe all of this has been facilitated by the elites, and that they’ve brainwashed us from a young age. The human spirit is far greater than you can imagine and the need for freedom and expression of ones believes is a strong one. I think we all need to retrain out brains from what the state has programmed into us.

    From the time of early man we have been fighting for land, cattle, money, power, ideology etc. How many millions upon millions of people have died in the course of human history, at the hands of warfare,disease and tyrannical regimes and empires. We then finally get to a point in history were we largely have peaceful successful societies and relatively good way of life, constantly striving to improve upon the human condition.

    And our elites basically ruin all that and drastically and on a large scale disturb that relative harmony by mass
    importation of a people that want to put us back to a point and place were non of the above exist. Again I feel it’s fear of losing all of the above that is what paralyses us. That if we somehow stand up for what we believe in all of that will be shattered. In my opinion it was shattered in the uk after 7/7. And those that stick their head in the sand are merely holding on to a facade of peace,harmony and the continuance of human development.

    There is However one fear I have not managed to let go of. And that’s the fear of possibly not being able to care for my loved ones. Similarly we should all look at what we leave behind for our loved ones, and could we really accept leaving behind a mess for future generations to sort out?

    I know Many would say why me? Why does this have to happen In the here and now? This is evident in the mentality of those with the means who simply upstix and move. Running will only delay matters and you may live out YOUR life relatively undisturbed, but in your cowardice, you have only made the job harder for the next generation.

    If anything those of you in the counterjihad movement and those ordinary citizens who are saying NO, should feel privileged and proud. It’s a cause of your choosing and a cause that’s just. Your not on a foreign battlefield fighting for a tyrants greed or lust, but for ideals that are good and kind. Did our grandfathers shirk their duty when it came time to fight a tyrant? Or did they do what had to be done?

    My comment seems a little all over the place, but will just say to all those in the counterjihad to take note of my words, and to realise that although it’s hard and although your demonised it’s the RIGHT thing to do.

  8. And yesterday I read about a recent opinion poll according to which voters presently favour Labour by a 10 % margin over the Tories. If this is report is true, then the sheeple are just stupid beyond belief, so have it all coming themselves. Because politicians just adapt to the day-to-day situation as they see and interprete it, myopic and featherbrained as they are (not to mention their spinelessness).

    Michael Laudahn

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