A Little Saturday Outing

Doctors It’s been a long time since Dymphna went to the emergency room, and she has been pining for it, so we decided to set out on a Saturday jaunt so that she could enjoy the hospitality of the our local health care system.

Actually, what happened is that the doctor called back today and said that Dymphna needs to have further tests. Since today is Saturday, we have to go to the ER.

If all goes well we’ll be back before the Drinking Gourd rises over Old Pine Top.

In any case, posting will be light for the rest of the day.

Update: We just got home, and everything went fine.

Dymphna had to crash as soon as she got in, but she asked me to tell you the story: She had blood work done during her visit to the doctor yesterday, and the doctor called this morning and said that the results indicated that there might be a blood clot in her lung. She needed to have a CT scan to rule that possibility out, so that’s how we spent our Saturday. Fortunately, a clot was ruled out. She was allowed to go home without being arrested — I mean, admitted.

A long boring afternoon and early evening in an extremely cold radiology department — we got off lightly!

13 thoughts on “A Little Saturday Outing

  1. BE BETTER! At least it’s during the day. Saturday night in ERs are a madhouse. Hope you brought a deck of cards or something for the wait.

  2. God Bless you Dymphna, and the Baron as well! We need you both here. Let me know if there’s anything I can do for you.
    Judenlieber over the mountain.

  3. I was discussing a possible CT scan with my doctor on Friday and apparently there is now thought to be a not insigificant risk involved. The amount of radiation is considerably higher than say, an x-ray, and it is thought that this would increase the possibility of cancers later on, etc.

    So if you’ve had one, then I’d think carefully before having another (the situation I now find myself in, unfortunately.)

  4. ChristianInfidel says:

    Glad there was no blood clot! Sorry you had to go through that, and I’m praying for you both. God bless you and the world through you.

  5. Here in Britain we are always complaining about the waiting time in accident and emergency under our National Health System. The Conservatives would probably tell us it would be better if we had privatised health care; but perhaps not. Bonne sante Dymphna.

  6. Thank you, everyone.

    Yes, being zapped by machines has its hazards so one weighs the cost-benefit analysis.

    Being zapped by cellphones, microwaves, routers, etc, have their own hazards. Just read that Canada is testing kids for sensitivity before placing them in schools with wi fi. Better sooner than later…

  7. Hang in there girl! Haven’t talked to you in awhile…we are both “still above ground”…that means we are survivors! God Love You Dymph!

    Frankie the Crip

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