A Good Website for Conservative Voters

Here is the Home Page: Heritage Action.

At the top of that page, on the right, is a place to enter your zip code. Put it in and you get a new page showing your Congressional representative and his voting record, plus a link to your senators.

After the 2010 Census, many congressional districts were re-drawn. Trying to find a good image of those changes in various districts has been difficult. However once you open your “Rep Page” and scroll past his contact information you’ll find a small image of your district, highlighted in green within the state. You can click on the image twice, enlarging it each time. It was the first time I’d been able to see the new boundaries.

In addition to these geographical boundaries, that same page shows you which bills are coming up for action and what the conservative position is regarding the contents of the bills – i.e., what the likely consequences are on a yea or nay vote.

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Another information page is this one: How Conservative Are You?

There are a series of questions about legislation – Obamacare, Capn Tax, etc.- in which you are offered a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ vote. At the end, it gives you a score and automatically compares your score with your Congressman’s. In my case, I scored 100% and he got 70%.

I suppose it could be worse.

We knew back when we voted for this fellow that it was a choice between him – chosen by the GOP machine in Virginia – and a Soros-backed disaster who had helped wreak so much damage on this country between 2008 and 2010. In other words, the machine hack, plucked from our state legislature, was the lesser of two evils. The Soros kid was defeated and went back on The Master’s Payroll, picking up where he’d left off – creating social media mirages. He makes stuff up, similar to the Arab Spring mirage the young in North Africa were duped into last year.

You may want to check out your own district. The lucky ones, you who have a Gomert or a Bachmann heading your district, can feel more hopeful. But let’s not kid ourselves. After what Romney permitted the Boys in the Back Room to do, things don’t look good for grassroots activism in America.

Reince Preibus, chair of the Republican Natinal Committee is going to be Minced Preibus once the necessary unpleasantness of voting for Romney is over and done with. There will be hell to pay for what wss done at the Conventon in Tampa to the people who do the grunt work in their own localities:

Remember the name Ben Ginsberg; he orchestrated this soviet-style takeover by big government Republicans. I don’t know if it’s true or not, but there is a rumor floating around the right side of the blogosphere that once they’d successfully shoved this through – looks a lot like the ObamaCare vote, only less principled – there was a last-minute change. The original “mystery guest” was to have been Sarah Palin but she was replaced at the last minute by…a chair.

And now she’s been cancelled by Fox? Strange. We can sympathize with Governor Palin: we know what it feels like to be made suddenly invisible.

I’m hoping she is able to successfully fight back against this full-court power play by the BigBoyz. It’s in the same way I’m hoping the Congressmen trying to rein in the questionable securtiy clearances on Obama’s Muslim Brotherhood appointments to his administration are able to withstand the high-wind bloviation from powerful inside-the-Beltway power players like John McCain. It is beyond ironic that this bespoke suit is supposed to be on our side. He’s on John McCain’s side. Period.

Have you noticed how those five Congressemen still stand alone?? Not a peep of support from their “honorable” colleagues.

Our national politicians are a disgrace.

2 thoughts on “A Good Website for Conservative Voters

  1. “the Arab Spring mirage the young in North Africa were duped into last year.”

    Meaning that the young Muslims in North Africa don’t really want Islam?

  2. LOL! I scored an 80% on the “How Conservative Are You” quiz. My Congressman scored a 10%

    As to Ms. Palin and her contract with Fox; what I read was that she was paid one million dollars last year for her commentary and this year she wanted more…

    The truth is probably somewhere inbetween but she wasn’t “fired.” She and Fox were unable to settle on a contract.

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