Taliban Behead 17 Shameless Hedonists

The United States commenced hostilities against Afghanistan in the fall of 2001 to put a halt to atrocities like those described in the news video below.

The question is this: Why are these savages still in control of entire provinces of Afghanistan?

If, after eleven years, two thousand American lives, and untold billions of dollars, the mightiest and best-equipped military in the world can’t accomplish its assigned mission, why hasn’t it been pulled out?

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for uploading this video:

2 thoughts on “Taliban Behead 17 Shameless Hedonists

  1. Because it needs to stop the Taliban and Al Q’aeda using Afghan territory for terrorist training.

    Oh wait, terrorists are already being trained – in English forests…

  2. The Taliban is a red herring – opium is the issue. The opium/heroin trade is worth billions – does anyone really believe that the two-faced crooks running the West would turn their noses up at the opportunity of getting a piece of the action? The mass cultivation of poppies could be eliminated in a good week – satellite images, jet fighters, agent orange. It’s not being done because the powers that be don’t want it done.


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