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As a follow-up to last night’s post about the cop-killing in Madrid, this article from Público provides more details.

Many thanks to our Spanish correspondent Hermes for the translation:

A female police agent was killed in a shooting in Madrid

The events occurred this midday [yesterday] in the district of Usera, in Madrid, where two men from the Maghreb who were trying to hold up a post office began to shoot at the officers. One of the robbers allegedly snatched a pistol away from one of the agents.

The 62-year-old female agent had stopped a getaway vehicle in which the criminals were trying to escape from a post office. His 52-year-old colleague was wounded in the shoulder.

The agent died from the wounds caused by the shots she sustained in the chest, sources from the emergency services said. This was later confirmed by Town Planning Councillor Paz González. Police sources indicated that the shooting happened after the robbery at the post office took place.

This event occurred at about 12:15 p.m. in a commercial zone in the district of Usera, near the 12 de Octubre hospital. The agent, Carmen Muñoz García, who was 62 years old, was at first treated on location by the emergency healthcare personnel, but nothing could be done to save her life. The other agent, Santiago Lozano, aged 52, was injured during the shooting, which happened near the corner of Eduardo Barreiros street and Poblados avenue. He received a bullet wound in the shoulder, for which he was brought to the 12 de Octubre hospital after having been treated by the Samur [Municipal Emergency and Civil Rescue and Protection service].

The two main suspects for the shooting are two men [from the Maghreb] who had just committed a robbery at Post Office No. 77, located at no. 5 Eduardo Barreiros street, a member of the security service who arrived at the scene after the robbery said. The two men, who were armed with large knives and a revolver, took all the money from the post office, and also robbed the employees and the customers who were inside the post office. They also tried unsuccessfully to open the safes. After spending ten minutes in the post office, the two men left for a nearby shopping centre, the same sources said.

The shooting happened after the agents in their patrol car tried to stop the van in which the robbers were attempting to escape at high speed. Just as the agents jumped out of their car, the criminals “began to fire indiscriminately,” police sources said. “One of the shots hit the thorax of the agent, causing the fatal wound,” the councillor explained.

Some witnesses told that the robbers were driving a Citroën Berlingo, and that three to four shots were heard. Witnesses of the shooting assured Público [this digital newspaper] that the two men even stopped the van in order to finish off the agent with another shot. Employees of nearby shops had to be treated in a pharmacy due to anxiety attacks.

Agents of the National Police closed the entire zone and the investigation was taken up by the Homicide Unit. The wounded agent remains stable, and he could be operated on soon, because the bullet wound on his shoulder has point of entry and exit, and the doctors are evaluating whether an operation will be needed. The funeral chapel for the murdered agent will be set up in the Palace of Crystals in Villa Square, the old seat of Madrid Town Hall. If the forensic analysis allows it, it will be opened immediately tonight, and be visited by the Mayor of Madrid, Ana Botella, who, after learning of what happened, decided to cancel her holidays and return to the city.

Also: This article confirms the origin of the criminals.

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5 thoughts on “More on the Murder in Madrid

  1. Sad for the dead officer but I can’t say I have much sympathy, we all should know the score by now. Spain has 5 million Spanish unemployed and 4 million foreign workers from North Africa. Nobody likes them and nobody wants them in Spain.Do the maths, get rid of the 4 million and FORCE 4 million Spics to do the vacant jobs. If they won’t, immediately withdraw ANY welfare ad infinitum.And guess what, as a bonus the Spanish economy is bound to pick up.

  2. Agreed don’t have much sympathy for the Spaniards and their welfare state. They voted for these open borders and welfare for everyone types and now they’re drowning.

    Well they can remedy this buy voting for austerity measures and for politicos who support kicking the Muzzie laborers/deadbeats out.

    If the Spaniards want to keep their Leftist politicos, let them rot.

  3. Baron, what is the status with illegal immigration to Spain? Don’t they have a problem with people slipping in across the strait?

  4. Gee, the first two commentors are certainly critical of Spain, and more generally the Spanish.

    I wonder which nations those two commentors come from, and I wonder if their own countries are on the same path, as are ALL Western nations, with Spain.

    62 is too old to be a cop on first response duties, or general duties, as we like to call it here in Oz. 60 old is the cut off date for cops here, and even a fit 60 year old cop is no match for someone a whole lot younger and high on adrenalin or drugs, and with no reservation at all to do whatever it takes to get away.

    My heart goes out to the family of that slain police officer and to the quick recovery, both physically and mentally, of the wounder officer.

  5. Nemesis

    I’m a American and I’m doubly hard on our low life politicos and their destructive agenda here. These people are traitors pure and simple.

    About the cops, Spanish police aren’t equipped or trained to handle Muzzie scum. It’s not their fault, but a result of unlimited immigration policy they have in place and a Leftist government. Prior to that their police were more than up to the job.

    Their police will eventually harden up like ours did (when the Black and Mexican gangs became a major urban threat) if they want to survive. No more mr. nice guy. Body armor will be the norm. See a thug doing something bad, Taser him on the spot and tackle his ass, if he points something at you, empty your Glock into the perp.

    If they don’t then Spain will have “no go zones” like France within a decade that are completely autonomous except for the government welfare checks that go in there.

    I hope the Spanish people have more cajones than us Americans and give those desert buggers the boot they deserve.

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