Dog Gone

Ezra Levant talks to a Canadian citizen named Allan Eintoss, who was accosted, handcuffed, and threatened with arrest on Saturday for walking his licensed, leashed, well-behaved dog in a public park in Toronto.

The reason? The occasion was the annual anti-Israel Al Quds Day rally, and a group of culture enrichers took exception to having an unclean animal come so close to their women.

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for uploading this video:

16 thoughts on “Dog Gone

  1. The progressive liberals have invaded Canada I see…
    Better buy some prayer rugs you’re gonna need ’em. Maybe even sooner than you think…
    Oops this is Canada, not the USA..

  2. This is absolutely amazing! The rally goers are the ones inciting hatred! (And yet I know of a few Muslims who actually have dogs as pets).

  3. I suppose the arresting officer was Muslim. That’s the only explanation I can see to him shaking so much he had to pass his notebook to a fellow officer.

    There was almost zero violence beforehand, no gory events, so it had to be the mere sight of the dog. The offence felt at seeing someone walking a big dog right in the middle of a muslim meeting.

  4. One of the cultural enrichers at that event was also waving a Hezbollah flag.

    I believe Toronto recently started allowing female Muslim police officers to wear hijabs on the job. Feh!

  5. The police in North America are out of control, fueled by Federal dollars that they want to keep coming.

    To say that I no longer trust the police and that in fact I fear them would be an accurate statement.

    I own two pit bulls. A police officer came to my house a year ago while I was in the shower with the TV on. When I came out of the bathroom the police officer had his gun drawn and was in the process of shooting my dog that had a ball in his mouth!

    Thank God I didn’t decide to brush my teeth. My dog would be dead.

  6. Muzzies think dogs are dirty, dogs almost certainly think muzzies are dirty so they are made for each other really. What’s the prob?

  7. This is basically Sharia law being enforced by the infidel police of Canada, from direct orders of their politicised senior officers, this kinds crap is happening here in Scotland with the enforcers of law and throughout the Western democracies of the world.. Question is, how and WHEN do we turn this round and put a STOP to it???

  8. We need a lot more “incidents” like this for people to understand what we are up against!

  9. “When I came out of the bathroom the police officer had his gun drawn and was in the process of shooting my dog that had a ball in his mouth!”

    Not one of the policeman’s I hope. I mean, I can see why he would go for his gun …

  10. Anonymous at 8/21/2012 12:58 PM said:

    “Question is, how and WHEN do we turn this round and put a STOP to it???”

    That’s not going to happen. Other than about 2% of the population who stands against the tyranny that is engulfing the West there’s no evidence that the remainder are willing to do anything to stop it. The rot is too deep.

    Get a map, a compass and set a course. Hope to see you on the other side.

  11. How is it that a licensed dog is a “provocation”, but anti-semtic signs are not a provocation?

    If the police officer was so unnerved, then he needs training. There is nothing more dangerous than a nervous man with a gun. If training doesn’t work, then he needs to find a new occupation.

  12. The hateful crowd has a long memory. Spanish Indigenes, the Christians, used mastiffs with great effectiveness against their enemies, the Moors.
    The man was shaking because he was frightened.
    I have no sympathy. The Christian with a dog is as effective as the AQ terrorist with a bomb.
    Fair is fair, even in Jihad.

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