An Afterthought on “Femme de la Rue”

This follow-up to the documentary about sexual harassment in Brussels was written by Prometheus. Many thanks to Vederso for sending it to us.

An afterthought on “Femme de la rue”, a documentary by Sofie Peeters

(Terzake — Canvas — 26/07/2012)

by Prometheus

“It seems as if the clock is turned back 100 years. I was really shocked how demeaning and sexist these men did. Do they really have no daughters or wives or sisters for whom they have respect? Or do they just behave this way against me? Against the Western white woman? Am I naïve in that case? Because I still believe in multicultural Brussels,” said Peeters in the film.

Yes, Miss Peeters, you are naïve, to put it politely, indoctrinated by a socialist education system, where the truth is called a lie or a hate crime. Where the naïve young minds are molded into new universal socialist mocha men-sheep, stripped of any critical or dissident thought. Joseph Stalin said, “Who owns the youth, owns the future.” This is the main reason why socialists always want to have the education portfolio.

Miss Peeters comes to the upsetting realization that “Sofie’s World” — and the perception of reality in which she was brainwashed — does not correspond exactly with reality. That the Marxist indoctrination has done its work is also proven by her graduation project. A seemingly objective documentary, it was even pathetic to hear at the end of the film the despair about the blessings of a multicultural society, but appearances are deceiving. There was a Muslima (with scarf) shown, who apparently suffers from ‘sexism’, this to cover up the predominantly anti-white racism/sexism. “It does not come with Islam, I think, I think it is with them purely cultural,” says the Muslima. And culture is relative, right?

However, the misogynistic sides of the culture-enrichers are not related to culture or skin color, but to the religion of peace. Because all infidel woman or those who do not wear an Islamic headscarf are regarded and treated as kafir whores. The women of the infidels are just booty and so they are sex slaves. Well, it’s their culture, it’s all relative, so get used to it. If it is said that they are mostly men from ethnic minorities, we go and nuance and downplay this directly: “They are not all like this, but the few ruin it for the group.” This record and song we have known for decades. Yet, it is still the Muslim community which continues to cause problems. Or have you noticed any rise in crime rates among Tibetan Buddhists in Brussels?

Miss Sofie, in Bruxlamabad, the Mecca upon the Zenne, you became acquainted with the hypocritical sexual morality of Islam, where the Muslim woman goes honorably and virginal into marriage, but not the man, who may do some messing around with stupid white kafir-girls. And finally, according to leftist sociologists, it’s only normal for native white girls to adapt to the customs and manners of the newcomers.

Then the film shows a self-examination and Peeters’ attention in class, because according to the old Marxist adage, the West is the cause of all misery, with its decadent macho culture, where capitalism portrays the woman as a sex object, which leaves the “noble imported savage” totally confused in the degenerate sexualised western society.

Well, of course, the “sexist phenomenon” plays no role in Islam, the Koran or the North African culture. Marxists explain this by socio-economic causes all the time. As in Pakistan, where men, if they are rejected by Pakistani women, throw hydrochloric acid in their faces, which indeed has nothing to do with Islam or with culture, but of course everything with socio-economic conditions. Which again also creates jobs for other future Marxist university rubbish: sociologists and social welfare workers. Also NGOs and other unnecessary money-hungry organizations that assist in ‘global solidarity’, or the senseless money transfers from north to south, will benefit from such reasoning. Where the European working and productive class must bear this financial picture and has already for more than forty years.

One may wonder whether lefties are so willfully blind that if their daughter will be raped before their eyes, they would totally deny this fact. The current reality is that inhumanly hard, and the kept politically correct multicultural lie is so great that in confrontation with the terrifying reality one observes self-deception, denial and escapism to make life livable. Until the bomb explodes…

Finally Miss Peeters, some advice:

  • Make a documentary about the cause and purpose of the gang rapes on Tahrir Square.
  • Or the rape epidemic in Oslo, and by extension, the whole of Scandinavia, where the police admit that 100% of the perpetrators are Muslims and indigenous girls are the victims. Scandinavia, where women in fear of rape dye their blond hair black and only go out in groups.
  • Do make a film about the pedophile gang-rapes of white British adolescent girls in the UK by what the mainstream media euphemistically call “Asians” to refer to Pakistani Muslim men. Group rapes known to government officials, but concealed by them out of fear for being labeled as racists.

We could continue for a while, but we conclude with a quote from Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff, a woman who really stands up for women’s rights and free speech: ”It has become clear that saying the truth about Islam is considered ‘insulting a religious doctrine.’ If we fearfully accept these (EU) rules, then we tolerate the installation of Sharia law in our own nation. And I, for myself, will not sit still while this happens. I do not want my daughter to live under Sharia.”

Dear Miss Peeters: Wake up and smell the coffee!


2 thoughts on “An Afterthought on “Femme de la Rue”

  1. The deliberate power advantage
    enshried in Islam, giving men an
    unequal and unfair amount of control
    in Moslem societies, permanently
    traps women and girls in a servile
    role.To address this inequality and
    therefore create a healthy balance,
    would destroy Islam.

  2. “It seems as if the clock is turned back 100 years. I was really shocked how demeaning and sexist these men did.”

    What a ridiculous piece of propaganda. One hundred years ago in the West, men were infinitely more courteous to women than the Muslim pigs in that film.

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