The Baron Reports: Brussels Process Was A Great Success

The Brussels Process (large)

Y’all have probably been wondering where the Baron has been for the past few days. As it happens he wandered off to Europe again, this time for a large gathering in the European Parliament in Brussels, almost five years after the first one back in October 2007.

The occasion was The International Conference for Free Speech and Human Rights. The event was sponsored by the International Civil Liberties Alliance; it also launched the “Brussels Process”.

You’ll be hearing the details of this ongoing initiative when the Baron returns. This much I know: the members include numerous organizations and individuals, all of them united in their determination to protect free speech in the West from the danger posed by Islamic sharia.

The culmination of the Conference for Free Speech was the actual signing of this document. It will be made public as The Brussels Declaration. When the Baron returns, the document will be presented here in full.

More than a hundred free speech advocates and opponents of sharia were on hand, hailing from Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Egypt, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Sweden, Switzerland, the UK, and the USA. They were there to listen to talks and engage in Q&A with the following speakers:

  • Mark Steyn (Canada), commentator and author of America Alone and After America
  • Lars Hedegaard (Denmark), book author and President of the International Free Press Society
  • Prof. Hans Jansen (Netherlands), retired Professor of Modern Islamic Thought at the University of Utrecht
  • Sabatina James (Germany), apostate from Islam and author of three books
  • Alexandre del Valle, author, co-founder of the “Geopolitical observatory of the Mediterranean Sea”
  • Tommy Robinson (UK), co-founder of the English Defence League and Vice-Chairman of the British Freedom Party
  • Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff (Austria), lecturer on Islamic politics and victim of sharia-compliant “hate speech” laws
  • Magdi Allam (Italy), MEP, apostate from Islam, convert to Catholicism
  • Gavin Boby (UK), Law and Freedom Foundation

… and a number of others. I’m told that the entire conference has been videotaped, and much of it will be made available later on YouTube and MRCTV.

The Baron will be flying home shortly. He’ll give you his own account of this historic event as soon as he recovers from jet lag. [And yes, I’ve been having him take small amounts of melatonin so he’ll be back in gear soon after he arrives.]

Meanwhile, I’m told that Tommy Robinson has already tweeted about the event from inside the Parliament building. I swan, that man is irrepressible. Anyone who does the dangerous work he has taken on would need that quality just to survive.


I cannot tell a lie.

That sentence “the Baron wandered off” is a whopper of his own devising, written before he left. I mean he knows how long it takes me to get a post up so he had to do a work-around.

Well then, if he didn’t ‘wander off’, what actually transpired?

Simply this: Hundreds of hours of teamwork by dozens of people made the Brussels Process a reality. The Baron was part of that team, though by no means the leader. In fact, there aren’t any leaders. Not only that, but they have always had a refreshing absence of drama queens. Thus, the work is distributed among the members, each according to his talents.

What are the Baron’s “talents” in this undertaking? He’s got a gift for logistics and organization, not to mention sheer endurance. I lost track of the late nights.

Over the years the members of this group have learned to mesh well. Think of it: dedicated people scattered all over who have been working together since well before the first Brussels Counterjihad Conference in 2007.

Yes, that  one — the very same event that poor old Chazzer, along with a few people from EXPO and Belgian psy ops tried so hard to smash. The months following were a rough go for everyone, but the team survived. Survived and transcended the attempts to pull them down into the slime with Charles. As Nietzsche said, and the Baron is fond of repeating, “whatever doesn’t kill me makes me stronger”.

The men and women of that Brussels team, though smeared and slammed repeatedly, are a stalwart crew. Not even Bloody Breivik and his handlers could break them, though it wasn’t for lack of trying.

For me, personally, the period following the first Brussels conference was a dark time. I was held up for ridicule by people I had treasured as friends. Others simply dropped us: our blog was a microscopic blip on the radar before 2007. Afterwards, we simply weren’t on the radar anymore.

Yeah, it’s an old story by now. But the accumulation of silence on the one hand and mean-spirited ridicule on the other, were damaging. Not for the Baron though — he’s amazingly resilient. I wish I could say I was as sanguine as he in the aftermath. The personal attacks and betrayals by people I’d trusted took a heavy toll. My old friend, PTSD, returned with a vengance — seemingly to stay, since its’ been dogging me ever since. The joy I had for writing was badly crippled back then and I’ve never quite recovered. [“Just get over it” is an easy thing to say but when your hippocampus has other plans, good luck with that.]

As far as I know, only ONE American writer did due diligence on the subject of the first Conference in 2007. James Lewis managed to see through the murk well enough to connect the dots and to exonerate Paul Belien, a man who had long suffered at the hands of Belgium’s psy ops. He and Vlaams Belang were their real target; we were simply collateral damage. I will be forever grateful to Mr. Lewis — though he wasn’t thinking about us particularly — for his willingness to state plainly what was plain to see had anyone bothered to do the work he did. What he discerned was the basic innocence and integrity of Paul Belien and the demonizing of Vlaams Belang by bad people.

The Big Bloggers on the Right simply went on their way, not even bothering to respond to the carefully assembled refutations of each of Chazzer’s scurrilous accusations. I doubt they ever opened the document sent to each of them. After all, they’re the Bigs and besides they get so much mail, you know. And it wasn’t their fight…at least it wasn’t theirs until Chaz crumbled enough to begin coming after them, too. Chaz got their attention, indeed he did.

One of the ironies of all the smears against us was that nary a one of them originated in Chazzer’s fevered brain. As Mr. Lewis pointed out in his essay, LGF was merely a useful tool for EXPO in Sweden and government intel in Belgium. Too bad for them – their tool broke and they dumped him.

Whenever I think of that period of our shunning (except for Michelle Malkin’s continued willingness to link to us), I am reminded of Auden’s poem, “Musée des Beaux Arts”:

About suffering they were never wrong,
The Old Masters; how well, they understood
Its human position; how it takes place
While someone else is eating or opening a window or just walking dully along
How, when the aged are reverently, passionately waiting For the miraculous birth, there always must be
Children who did not specially want it to happen, skating
On a pond at the edge of the wood:
They never forgot
That even the dreadful martyrdom must run its course
Anyhow in a corner, some untidy spot
Where the dogs go on with their doggy life and the torturer’s horse
Scratches its innocent behind on a tree.

In Breughel’s Icarus, for instance: how everything turns away
Quite leisurely from the disaster; the ploughman man may
Have heard the splash, the forsaken cry,
But for him it was not an important failure; the sun shone
As it had to on the white legs disappearing into the green
Water; and the expensive delicate ship that must have seen
Something amazing, a boy falling out of the sky, had somewhere to get to and sailed calmly on.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

So I await the Baron’s return. I’m sure he’ll have wonderful stories. When I spoke to him briefly on someone else’s phone today, I was touched to hear that Mark Steyn asked after me. What a nice surprise!

While I’m waiting, I’ll go contemplate poor Icarus and notice once again we had those same waxen wings. He and I both know that reliving the moment allows one to let another piece of it go.

17 thoughts on “The Baron Reports: Brussels Process Was A Great Success

  1. “Not even Bloody Breivik and his handlers could break them, though it wasn’t for lack of trying.”

    Dymphna no teasing, whom do you have in mind as Breivik’s handlers?

    Jolie Rouge

  2. Why would I *tease* about something like that, Jolie Rogue?

    I will say it’s a bit discouraging to get your question, though, since I’ve written about this a number of times, asking the same questions…

    I’m not certain of the time frame since I didn’t pay any attention to the Wiki Leaks mess, but I was told that after they splattered every which where, the many three-letter American staff assigned to the US embassy in Norway suddenly remembered important engagements elsewhere and left the country. Did they leave anyone behind to mind ABB?? Or did they think he was too dumb to be a danger?

    I’m not normally paranoid – or I wasn’t until five years ago – but the questions I ask I don’t see asked or answered elsewhere. Admittedly, I didn’t do much searching after the first month though, so maybe someone has a nice summary somewhere. Cyberspace is a huge place…


    1. Why has NO Norwegian agency or police authority had that ludicruous “Manifesto” analyzed? Or why haven’t they expressed any curiosity about it? I mean ALL of the parts that are supposed to have been written by him? It needs a thorough going-over by a linguistic forensic team to see if any of “his” stuff is actually from the keyboard of a native English speaker.

    Don’t hold your breath waiting for due diligence on that one.

    2. Why have we seen no evidence of how he managed to support himself for all that time plus buy that truck and the explosive supplies? If they can grab Fjordman’s bank acccount and put it in the newspaper, how come we haven’t seen ABB’s banking history??

    3. Who supplied him with steroids while he spent his year being weaponized via his computer games?? He says at one point he’s in withdrawal.

    4. How did he manage to accumulate 1,000 email addresses in the US and Europe in order to send his manifesto and how did he actually manage the logistics of sending a thousand emails in a very short period?

    5.(a) Why did he focus on American conservative and neo-conservative writers and blogs in the Manifesto? These are mostly ppl no regular person in Norway would ever have heard of, but are very familiar names to Americans??

    5(b) Why are there no European sites to speak of in that turgid mess? (Hey maybe he wrote ObamaCare? All 2,700 pages?)

    6. Why, in the trial, did he suddenly go all Al-Qeda on them? Do you see any Muzzie love in that manifesto? I may have missed it.

    7. IMHO, he was originally to be just another lonewhiterightwingextremistkiller – the kind Hillary was warning the world against right about then. Amusing coincidence, hmmm?

    8. Also IMHO, the original plan may have been to prime the pump, send him out in the truck to Oslo, and then just as he emerged from the front seat, BINGO! grab him and roll up *that* operation before it could start.

    [So did he go a day early and then put his own long-planned private Utoya Revenge into operation as soon as he hit the button on the truck?]

    9.Someone convinced him he was being groomed as the Fearless Leader for a bunch of other crusaders or whatever they were. He seemed to be sure these others, being trained like he was, would come out of the woodwork when he struck the first blow…and then that “delusion” kind of faded…and became strictly delusion when he found out he was on his lonesome ownsome.

    Keystone Kops squared – except the corrupt shadow ppl didn’t know their own kids would die for their sins.

    I still want to know why the TV crew that followed ABB down the shoreline as he finished off his victims have not been brought up on charges as accessories to his crimes.

    The whole thing is evil and it smells. When something “smells” you know it is regressive.

  3. I began visiting GOV around the time that
    ‘Chas’ from LGF began sledging your site.

    I remember thinking at the time what all the fuss from LGF was about as I found the articles at GOV to be factual, topical and presented most professionally.

    I only visited LGF once and that was enough for me to realize his agenda.

    And on Breivik; you have obviously given this atrocity much thought. Your questions raised are valid and need to be answered. Maybe in time they will be, however, the answers required are also reliant on certain people coming forward who can provide the information necessary in order to join the dots in this most heinous of massacres.

    Personally, I do not believe Breivik acted alone. There was too much planning and organizing for one person to accomplish. You may also recall at least two seperate incidents in Sweden a few years ago, where ‘lone’ gunmen took to shooting ‘foreigners’ and a number of them were wounded or killed outright before the shooters were caught.

    I believe those incidents are somehow connected with the subsequent Breivik massacre and that what Breivik did will not be the last we will see of this kind of mass murder being carried out by disturbed ‘natives’.

  4. Alexandre de Valle has convincingly argued that the USA uses Islam, especially Salafi Islam, against Europe. This would mean that Europe should retaliate by replacing Salafi mosques by Shia mosques, and support Shi’ites and Mexicans against the USA. Alexandre de Valle, and other Nationalists in Europe, argue that Europe should ally with Russia; the axis Paris-Berlin-Moscow. Russia is allied to Iran. Iran has severe demographic problems, and unlike Europe, can’t solve them by euthanasia under the current religious regime. This means change of religion is necessary.

  5. Regarding the comment above, the Gates of Vienna people must be sleeping not to have picked up on the news from London today. Or were they too late to catch it before the D notice closed down any further news coverage. It would appear that the target of the six muslim terrorists just arrested by police here was to be the EDL, not sure if it was Tommy himself. This must have put the Marxist coalition government into a real spin as, had it not have been prevented, then civil war could indeed have broken out on the 100th anniversary of Enoch Powell’s birth, something he continued to predict until his death. Among the six was an English convert; these people must be very weak to actually want to “submit”. The peoples of Northern Europe with their Viking blood do not willingly submit to anything or anybody. Predictably the EDL are described by the BBC as extreme right wing. Since Churchill was opposed to the multiracialisation/multiculturalisation of Britain then he must now be deemed extreme right wing by the Marxist revisionists, especially since he said the next fascism would be anti-facism i.e. Marxism. Soon he will be confined to the same rogues gallery as Hitler and Mussolini, just you wait and see. Please get more info on the Muslim EDL assassination project, possibly through your contacts in the EDL.

  6. @Anon3:34pm, who said:

    Regarding the comment above, the Gates of Vienna people must be sleeping not to have picked up on the news from London today.

    Which “comment above”? There are a number of them ahead of yours.

    What’s with that “Gates of Vienna people” remark?? The only ‘people’ here is singular: me; ain’t nobody else around.

    And yes, I am often sleeping whether I want to or not. Given the limits of Chronic Fatigue and Fibromyalgia a good day for me is one post.

    As for the REAL GoV people, Himself is enroute from Brussels with an unfortunate five-hour layover in Philadelphia. Next time we’ll have to fire up the tele-transporter.


    Or were they too late to catch it before the D notice closed down any further news coverage.

    What is a “D notice” and how is it able to shut down news? I’m a dumb American, as are many of our readers, so please be kind enough to explain what you’re on about here.

    It would appear that the target of the six muslim terrorists just arrested by police here was to be the EDL.

    Yes, I heard that several days ago but since I didn’t have a link to it I didn’t post it. The police are constantly telling Tommy Robinson about the threats against him. A brave man who full well knows he and his people may die for their efforts. They all know that.

    The Baron will have some Tommy Tales to tell when he does get home. As I said earlier, TR is irrepressible. That’s a good character trait when one has to live under the kind of strain he does.

    “Gates of Vienna people”?? I swan…next thing you know we’ll be a cabal…oh, wait. We already are – and in the pay of Mossad, too. Don’t forget that one.

  7. @ Columnist:
    Alexandre de Valle has convincingly argued that the USA uses Islam, especially Salafi Islam, against Europe.

    Surely you jest.

    Saudi money by the billions has been poured into our universities, our prisons, our media, and our government.

    Whoever Alexandre de Valle is, he needs to do some firsthand research here to see how risible such an idea is. Maybe the first stop ought to be Dearborn Michigan.

    I recommend for your edification the ten-part series on the infiltration of our country accomplished so far by the Muslim Brotherhood. In fact, I recently published Lesson Seven a few days ago:

    Destroying Our House by Our Miserable House By Our Own Hand

    So tell me, was the US responsible for the hordes of Muslim immigrants that were invited into Europe? Did we create Londonistan? Cui bono, hmmm?

    Besides, Bar Ye’Or established with robust evidence that the destruction of Europe was self-inflicted by its elites. She did not title her book or revelations AmeriEurabia. Such a tome would be a fairy tale.

    Besides, our own crony capitalists are doing the same thing here as was done to Europe, but that silly old Constitution is slowing things up.

    Lots of blame to go around on each continent without attempting to outsource our problems – that is, unless you want to pin them on the Middle East hellholes, Turkey, North Africa, et al. The OIC works overtime on this project, worldwide.

    Oh – and take a look at US Muslim immigrants: not a pretty sight. The ones in Dearborn are well-off, but the ones few see (except the towns they are inflicted on) are the dregs sent here as slaves, though no one calls them that.

    This evil collusion smong Big govt in cahoots with Big Meat and Catholic Charities & its Lutheran counterpart acting as the go-betweens:

    Refugee Resettlement Watch

    You could spend fruitful hours perusing her evidence, gathered meticulously over the years.

    With the current administration breathlessly trying to turn us into Europe, I think you have that shoe on the wrong foot.

    Project much?

  8. And finally, to De Capo –

    Your comment had to be removed because of your unfortunate first link. That man has done inestimable damage to people in the UK that I care deeply about.

    However, this part was fine:

    Regarding the 2012 Brussels Declaration:

    To Safeguard Individual Liberties and Human Rights
    International Conference for Free Speech & Human Rights

    Someone has quickly risen through the ranks:

    “Among the speakers were in addition to Mark Steyn and Lars Hedegaard, a number of international celebrities, including Tommy Robinson from English Defence League.”

    I was supposed to have put up that link myself but am now too fatigued to do so…got caught up in the comments.

    I would add to what you say that when he rose to speak, I’m told Tommy Robinson got a standing ovation – and this was from Europeans across the continent who recognized his worth and his sacrifice.

    See y’all later. Fatigue will not be ignored.

  9. The comment above was the one immediately above my posting. I just thought you might have the latest info from the EDL. As you say, the Baron might. A D notice is a device used by the British Government to gag the press when they feel that something might be too hot and actually stir the comotose, X factor and Facebook besotted British populace up i.e. it might prove that the whole one world borderless, multicultural project is a recipe for disaster, which the British public of 60 years ago knew. The current generation have been so brainwashed that they think the borderless one world is just and humane and just as Jesus would have liked; bar of course Tommy Robinson et al.who are of course “extreme right wing” fascist pariahs and counter-revolutionaries. Sorry, I thought the Gates of Vienna people all lived in a glass skyscraper in New York from where they could keep a careful eye on the one world satanists, especially Goldman Sachs whose non-executive director just happens to be the United Nations commissioner on global migration. Funny that.

  10. I saw that story in the British press when it came out, about the suspects of Islamic persuasion picked up by the English bobbies carrying bomb making materials in their car possibly trying to set up an IED at an English Defence League protest – I took a snapshot of the headline with my mobile & sent it to Dymphna (since at that time the Baron was on his travels.)

    So it was picked up – & it’s an interesting story. Raises lots of interesting questions.

    Were the press trying to set up the EDL as responsible, although they would have been the victims? You know, treat them the way they treat Israel?

    As in: go back to sleep everyone, ignore those “far right” EDL lot, they’re just stirring up trouble, look what they’ve made those peace loving Muslims do now. Go back to sleep, people, and all will be well …

  11. What Planet are some people on ?

    Anonymous is claiming that the ‘news item’ about the 7 Islamic Jihadists who are now being accused of attempting to attack an EDL rally in Dewsbury with guns, machetes and an IED is being restricted under a ‘D Notice’. Rubbish. A ‘D Notice’ is an official restriction on the publication of certain material and is usually invoked on grounds such as ‘National Security’. No D Notice has been issued. The Press, including online editions, and blogs are reporting the matter without any restrictions. Try blogs such as ‘musings of a durotrigan’ to see current reports on this item.

    Some people must prefer fantasy to the truth !

    Ivan Winters
    West Yorks UK

  12. Thanks for the feedback, y’all.

    Yeah, I did see that photo! It came in sideways and I was bemoaning my inability to use the Baron’s software to fix up the resolution, turn it around, and post it.

    Way back when he worked full time away from home, we had just the one coomputer upstairs and I used it in his absence. He built some image software that we both used. But now machine is old & creaky and is his alone. It has all his subsequent configurations on it – like the news feed gizmo.

    So I saved that pic, hoping it might be of use. But I wrote my 7/7 memorial post sans photo & sad that no one seemed to be officially commemorating those 54 Brits who never got home that awful day.

    Is it only we Yanks who do the 9/11 tear-jerking productions?? I could no more pass 9/11 by unremarked upon than I could July 4th.

    Ah, for a D notice here. The New York Times regularly leaks harmful, supposedly secret documents with impunity. A free press ought not to be a press with license to print whatever it thinks will harm others. IMAO.

    Of course, our too-limitless free press here was born in the midst the exigencies of our experience as colonials reacting to the King’s throttling of our penny pamphlets calling for Rebellion.

    Not for nothing did Benjamin Franklin own his own printing business in Philadelphia.

  13. Mmmm. The comments have gone slightly OT. The people arrested in connection with the car stop on the motorway are reported to have been intending to target the EDL rally in Dewsbury later that day. I think we shall have to await the full trial to discover the truth (if one can believe that the truth will, indeed, “out”). The car was actually travelling south – that is away from Dewsbury.
    In the meantime I happen to believe that some D notices really are in operation.
    Why? Well two groups were arrested a week or so before, including two convert associates of Andy Choudhary. The initial press reports suggested that the Olympics may have been a target. Since then? Nothing, Zilch, in the MSM.
    Normally we would hear that those arrested had been “released without charge”, or remanded in custody, or bailed, or that an order had been sought to extend the time they could be held in police custody without any of those things happening.
    We have been told nothing since the original arrests. Indeed the MSM haven’t even been mentioning the matter or publcily clamouring for answers – as is their normal wont.The MSM have I think been gagged and something big is afoot and likely a national security issue.

  14. It was an interesting story; apparently the bobbies stopped a car because of a broken light or something, and when they gave the car the once- over, they found all sorts of explosive goodies in the boot. Unfortunately they’d already let the driver go, so a swift round up of potential ISLAMIC TERRORISTS in the UK followed.

    Course it was somehow going to be the EDL’s fault, and normal, non-“far right” people who lookmdown on the EDL like the papers & politicians in our country, have nothing to fear, because according to the British press, “radicalised Asian youths” only see the EDL as “the foe”.

    I mean it’s not as if there are any precedents of ISLAMIC TERRORISTS murdering masses of innocent people, now, is there? Go back to sleep, people, go back to sleep …

    (It may be the anniversary of 7/7 but no one mention that because obviously, that would contradict the official narrative … and no one in the press must ever, ever discuss what the EDL are actually saying, or what they actually stand for … that too would undermine the official narrative, and by the by, it would expose the press for what they really are, so wemobviously can’t go there … go back to sleep everyone, and don’t even try to pay attention to what’s going on around you. Simon Cowell will return to your screens shortly …)

  15. hah hah. I spoke too soon. One of the 14 arrested over the last week or so appears in court on Friday. Orders have been granted to allow a further period of police sustody and questioning of a further two – including one of the converts Richard Dart. No word yet on the rest.

  16. Thank you Dymphna, no need to be discouraged.

    Elsewhere this from the Telegraph

    British Pakistanis. We’ve known them since they were babies and

    they’ve always seemed pretty westernised.”

    Another neighbour said police had searched the house in at least two

    previous occasions, most recently in November.

    In 1995, Timothy McVeigh, the Oklahoma bomber who killed 168 people in a terror blast, was caught after a routine stop by a state trooper for driving without a licence plate.

    British Pakistanis and the lonewhiterightwingextremistkiller mind bending journalistic linkage.

    Jolie Rouge

  17. Sorry if I got it wrong about the D notice. I think it was a case of Chinese whispers. I heard it from another source. I am sure that the British government is desperate to ban the EDL and I thought I heard they had already closed down their website – another Chinese whisper perhaps ( I am a bit deaf ).
    The next great fight will be between the Jewish Defence League or whoever and the education authorities who are thinking of banning teaching of the holocaust because it offends Muslims who deny it. I don’t think anybody cares what the pesky English think any more. It was our country but anybody can take it now. I suppose we are meant to head for the hills.

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