“Go Home to Europe!”

In the following video from the European Parliament, Morten Messerschmidt, an MEP for the Danish People’s Party, issues an impassioned denunciation of Helle Thorning-Schmidt, the current Socialist prime minister of Denmark.

Many thanks to Nicolai Sennels for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

9 thoughts on ““Go Home to Europe!”

  1. The sad thing is they couldn’t care less. Oh let’s have a little laugh at someone standing up there and not playing according to the rules of our game. Tomorrow it’ll be business as usual. “Shame on you?” These people have no shame.

  2. Wow. Is this guy for real? I thought this breed of politicians were extinct. Bravo.

  3. We see it all the time don’t we in all types of settings, laughing in the face of reality.
    Their dreamtime is coming to an end soon, there will be no room for actors.

  4. Shame there were so few people there to hear him.

    Why so many chairs when so few turn up to work?

  5. On behalf of the Anglo-Danish population of England I say God bless you Morten Messerschmidt. It’s just a shame you have a German name that brings back unpleasant memories of World War 2.
    It is without doubt due to the Angles of Angeln in what used to be Denmark, the Danish and Norwegian Vikings, that England inherited that same spirit of angry independence and parliamentary democracy, beginning with the Folcmoots of Anglo-Saxon times. Unfortunately, some Danish Vikings settled in France, became the Normans and carried on raping and pillaging their way through Britain and carried on so doing with the British Empire. The Normans became the British establishment and it is they who have led us down the path to potential genocide. The Anglo-Saxons and the Danish Vikings became the working classes and the Norwegian Vikings became hill farmers. You inspire us with the blood of our Anglo-Saxon and Viking forebears, Morten. All the men of the north will be free again, God willing.

  6. I was so pleased, when I heard his speech. This and other of his actions gives me hope. At least there’s one sane person in the EU parliament.
    As for his name; It’s time that Europe owned it’s 1930es and 40es history. It was what it was, some was good, some was bad. Keeping it tabu is unhealthy.

    Well done Morten.

    From a fellow Dane.

  7. And now England has a Wimbledon champion thanks to Anglo-Danish bonding. Surely it is now time for the English and the Danes to get together to fight the euro/mass immigration/bankers plus Marxists one world menace as well. As for Mr Andy Murray, since he had just said that he would back any team in the Euro 2012 football championships except England and parade himself as a Scottish rather than a British potential champion ( backed by our saltire-flying pm who chooses to be English/Scottish or British ( soon he will find he has Welsh or Irish blood ) when he chooses) I am afraid that some of us English suddenly realised that England’s and Swizerland’s flags are both red and white (as is that of Denmark!!).

  8. The more one becomes aware of the thoroughly organized; colluded corruption, treason, societal decay all toward some sort of perverted sense of “equality” in the minds of those pushing the entire West into some totally bankrupt Socialist cesspool; the more one comes to conclude that this Anders Breivik fellow seemed to be a very passionate fellow up against an entirely perverse society that is guided by a bunch of totalitarian elitist criminals. Perhaps Mr. Breivik was right in the end… Doesn’t “Ends justify the means” in the minds of those leaders guiding the West and polluting our media while dumbing down our educational systems? Well, I guess Mr. Breivik wasn’t the sort of intended “ends” to their treasonous professed “means”. If a multitude of these sorts of passionate people that are brought to the brink by this organized societal decay brought on by these “elitist” criminals, I will certainly not be surprised and any that have ever read Sun Tzu, Machiavelli, Musashi, von Clausewitz or Rommel won’t be either. It has become that corrupt. Looks like ol-Ciccero was right. Keep up the good work there GoV. Kudos to you…

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