Destroying Our Miserable House By Our Own Hands

In yesterday’s post marking the anniversary of 7/7 — those horrific London Bombings in 2005 — I raised a question about how the Muslim Brotherhood operates in the various theatres of war it has created in the West. Jihad is not just bombs, wombs, and beheadings. It has far more depth and discipline than those crude tactics would lead you to believe. In fact, if the Muslim Brotherhood can keep us focused on the blood and gore ‘over there’, or the one-off killings over here, why then it becomes much easier to subvert us by our own inattention.

As I said in that post:

If terrorism is a tactic, so is subversion a tactic. And if the Muslim Brotherhood can more effectively tunnel from within at the highest levels of government, why would they use the cruder tactic of bloody opportunity? The murder and mayhem may have to come later, in aid of subduing some of the holdouts. Right now terrorism as a tactic isn’t necessary when there are so many more effective arrows in their quiver.

Which brings me to a long-delayed mission of my own: to encourage our readers to move beyond the gory surface of Islam’s blood-letting; it is by now little more than jihad porn. We must grasp the imperative nature of the problem if we want to survive as a genuine constitutional republic.

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The Center for Security Policy has produced a ten-lesson course on the Muslim Brotherhood. I haven’t watched all ten lessons yet, but I will. However, today’s email brought a reminder from one of the ACT! for America chapters that those lessons are still up at the YouTube site, ready for viewing.

[NOTE:I seldom read a non-fiction book in the order it was written: I usually begin with the conclusion, peruse the index and bibliography, and then look at the Table of Contents to choose whatever chapter looks most interesting. To some extent, that’s the method I’ve employed here. What I’ve chosen to present first is the Lesson that particularly disturbs me because of its implications for the future direction of America’s political system.]

Lesson #7 is a testament to how much damage one man can do if he has the money, motivation and connections to carry out Brotherhood directives.Frank Gaffney, the director of Center for Security Policy, is the narrator here:

This isn’t a glitzy, high-tech, grab-you-by-the-lapels Hollywood presentation. It’s the truth, spoken simply and to the point.

Washington insiders grasp the David/Goliath aspects of Mr. Gaffney’s undertaking to expose Grover Norquist’s real mission. Hiding behind his reputation as a “conservative” anti-taxation leader…

…Norquist has managed to place many Muslim Brotherhood operatives into sensitive positions within the federal and state bureaucracies. Norquist has enough clout to cow many so-called conservative legislators who value their own power over the safety of the country they took an oath to serve.

By telling the truth that no one else will touch Mr. Gaffney has made himself a pariah inside the Beltway; it is a price he is willing to pay. This rare courage is admirable and he deserves our gratitude.

I remember Frank Gaffney’s newspaper essays from the old days before the internet. The Baron and I were both fans back then, long before jihad was even a blip on the horizon.

[To be continued, after the storms pass!]

7 thoughts on “Destroying Our Miserable House By Our Own Hands

  1. UK “conservatives” have moved markedly to the left and are committed to diversity. I mean i’m a mulitculturalist, which I believe is informed by being egalitarian. But while equality says we’re all equal, diversity teaches the opposite: that under certain conditions, which we the people are powerless to specify, some are more equal than others. I reckon some in the Conservative Party in the UK are at the service of Islamism.

  2. I haven’t viewed Mr. Gaffney’s presentation but I’m aware of Grover Norquist’s role as Islamic sympathizer and worse. There is much talk that he is indeed a Muslim given that he’s married to a Muslima. That isn’t possible unless he’s converted.

    That said, if Norquist is a agent of Islam, it would explain the rather tepid response the Islamic threat gets from Republicans as the man wields tremendous clout even before Bush42.

    Look how the GOP is stone silent on securing our borders, ports, restricting immigration from Islamic countries known to harbor/train terrorists. Two of the things that could put a serious dent in the number of Muslims in this country.

    Instead the GOP/Romney looks how to win over the Mexican vote by pandering to the illegal alien set. While at the same time stick a knife in the back of the American working class.

  3. Norquist is a traitor to the US and
    essentially the West. This type of
    dangerous revert needs to be taken out. He is a fantastic find and asset
    for evil-intentioned Islam in North America, but he is a virulent cancer for the American Dreamers.

  4. There is much talk that he is indeed a Muslim given that he’s married to a Muslima. That isn’t possible unless he’s converted.

    I believe this meets with silence (rather than the threat of honor killing) if the muslima is seen as actively furthering the cause of Islam. This has been said to explain the allowance of Huma Abedin (Hilary’s personal assistant) to marry the Jewish congressman Anthony Weiner, even though Huma is no less than the daughter of two Saudi Wahabi activists!

    Norquist’s situation is either one or the other. A treacherous global jihad asset indeed.

  5. Why are you a multiculturalist, Joe? Don’t you actually read the articles and other commentators’ posts in GoV?

  6. Parts 8 and 9 are by far the most depressing, documenting as they do the Omega administration’s far more vigorous courtship of Islam. It’s so bad that I found myself trying to see if they had humps between their shoulder blades.

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